Psychology-India’s Messiah & Saviour.

I have been living in this country for 24 years.

The world has changed, so has my country.

Economics. Politics. Technology.

Everything is so dynamically changing that it’s hard to keep a track of it.


As we all know, India’s growth has been steady.

Still, issues like population explosion, social exploitation, discrimination and gender insensitivity have been an issue.

We all hear about all the schemes that government has launched from Swacch Bharat to Digital India to Make in India.

But, at the ground level.

They don’t seem to be far-reaching and to the point.

There must be a solution?

Isn’t it.

Well, there is.

But, do we know what’s the problem in real.

What you call a person who looks for happiness in external objects.

To be honest, Bhagavad Gita calls him to be a fool.

So, how about a person who looks for problems in the society, but forgets that he is the problem.

India is blessed with everything.

Britishers did a lot of damage.

But, all isn’t that bad, After all.

We have a good location in the world having a peninsula, having few strategic islands (Andaman & Nicobar) and also a favourable climate.

Most important we have a great demographic dividend.

And, also a stable economy.

Even having all this.

Some issues certainly plague our country.

Why does that happen?

Why even having so sound and good policies we are not able to help ourselves?

Is the government missing something?



If today we look at our schemes, policies and institutions.

There’s one thing in common and that’s people.

We have people in them.

Without people policies, institution or schemes are powerless.


What drives people?

Emotions, Thoughts, Habits, Desires.

So, if you’re making a policy don’t you think you should add how people would react or how people would use it.

As we all know that, in policies or institutional setup, Finances, administration, location everything is dealt with precision.

But, what about people who are going to use them.

Will they use it or not?

Will their habits change or not?

Will that policy changes people so that they apply positive habits.

A few days back.

I was watching a movie and in beginning, there was an advertisement of government it talked about giving some money to poor women who are pregnant

So, I want to ask you a question?

Will you find poor women in a multiplex?

And that too watching an English Movie.

That’s gross misuse of public money.

Awareness should be created at places where it’s needed.

That’s just a miniscule part.

Water issues. Corruption. Floods. Pollution.

These are major issues.


These issues can’t be implemented properly.

Until and Unless they don’t people.

If you don’t know how you’re people are going to react.

If you don’t know what are their stereotypes.

If you don’t know their habits.

Then. I’m really sorry those policies will look good only on paper.

I will take a few examples.

I generally indulge in random conversations when I’m travelling.

And, in Delhi.

You can talk to people from different backgrounds and cultures with different professions.

Once I sat in a cycle rickshaw.

So I asked the rickshaw puller, asked him why he’s taking a wrong way on road?

He said that the next cut to the road is five kilometres ahead.

I nodded.

Thinking who’s fault is that.

So, these days Open Mobility is a real issue that’s going on.

Government is building a lot of Skywalks.

Recently a made near Supreme Court, it’s Beautifully lit up and world class.

With modern facilities like Escalators and Elevators.


Today I saw a BBC video on it.


They asked one person why he’s crossing the road when there’s a skywalk.

He said that skywalk is designed in a way that it takes him too much Time.

Im not saying that it’s not made with proper guidelines or thought.

But, why you don’t you hear people’s opinion, yourself?


Moreover, the issue of open defecation is also an issue.

So, one day.

One of my friends, why he was urinating in an open field.

I asked why don’t you control a Toilet comes by.

He said that there’s no urinal in 5km radius and he can’t control till that time.

I said.

Well, do then. (Maybe he’s right)

There are people who want to use the toilets.

But, where are the toilets?

I won’t blame the present government for this because they’re making a lot of them and it’s in their agenda to remove this menace.

But, I would certainly blame them for.

Having too many schemes.

If you see newspapers.

There are so many schemes that are launched that I guarantee you would need a 300-page notebook to note all of them.

Innovation is yes good.

But, indiscriminate innovation leads to nothing.

The approach of Improving older schemes and innovating subparts of it is the right thing.

Just because no ones is perfect.

No scheme would be perfect.

If constant improvement of those policies is done coupled with innovation then that’s good.

Analogy :

Human Being.

So if you fail one day in an exam, will it mean that you will change the course you are enrolled in?

Like you failed in a Commerce subject, so will you take Science subject the next day.

Absolutely No.

You would improve.

And, analyze your mistakes and shortcomings, moreover also innovate in areas where innovation is necessary.

Now here we come to stereotypes and materialistic life.

I always said Indian philosophy and psychology it has its best in the world.

All knowledge is there you don’t have to search anywhere.

But, the opposite is happening.

We’re trying to emulate the Western Countries.


Western countries are trying to emulate our psychology.

You can see yourself.

Yoga. Vedanta.

All these are so loved by them.

But instead of learning from the mistakes that the Western countries regarding Materialistic ideas our country is doing the same.

Why don’t we learn from their mistakes?

Instead, we want to commit a mistake and then learn.

It will waste so much of time. (Decades)

This was regarding materialism.

Then there’s stereotypes and attitudes.

Breaking laws.

Jumping Traffic light.

Rapes and Molestation.

Importance to Survival rather than happiness.

Well, there are too many.

Law Breaking and Traffic light jumping are most common.

Yes, we do have police officials and a system of fines.

But, what if no one’s watching.

You’ll certainly see people breaking rules.

Because they care for rules only if there are police officials.

Why don’t we instil that law-abiding behaviour as a result of a person’s thinking rather than his fear?

How do you do that?

Well, education and awareness.

Teaching them from the beginning.

Just see how the Japanese are doing it.


Just implement.

Change their behaviour by making them appreciate the fact that they did right by not jumping red light or following rules.

Make them understand why rules are there and how useful they are.

People are not dumb.

They’ll understand.

But, there should be a will from the government on such areas of concern.

Then there’s come too much importance to Survival rather than happiness.

People are too concerned about earning a bread rather than happiness.

Yes. I too agree with that.

Survival is necessary.

Food, Housing is necessary.

But, Im not talking about basic necessities.

I’m talking about Ego Survival.

People don’t leave jobs they hate just because they believe that they won’t be able to do well in things they love.

Parents are overly attached to their children and indeed influence each and every decision for their children.


That’s where all problem starts.

Careers. Marriages.

Everything gets spoilt.

Just because they don’t know what they’re the child is good at.

They just want to see what the society is doing and what will get job and spouse for their child as soon as possible.

I think DNA that of Early Man’s survival instinct is still embedded in us till now.



Government and Policymakers can do their bit.

Role models.

If you make aware of the Indian athletes, actors or people who did well in their respective fields.

Certainly, their attitudes will change.

In, India engineering and medical are seen as the only courses which can derive economic benefits.

But, they miss something.

They don’t know that each and every talent itself can be an economically prosperous vocation.

Just see, Cristiano Ronaldo. Roger Federer.

How much they earn from just playing.

Then there are Sponsors and Advertisements and what not.

A vision is necessary.

Maybe I can’t dictate anything to anyone.

But, yes Government of India should start taking Psychology seriously.

Even setting up a psychology department and integrating with other ministries and then advising them on how to make schemes and policies.

This would be a great step.

But,. Still.

Who am I?

That’s a decision they have to think and take.

If they have to Make India what she really was in ancient times and also save her from present challenges.

Then Psychology would be her Messiah and saviour at the same time.


Why tantric intimacy is better?

To be frankly speaking our understanding and curiosity should not have any barriers.

If it’s anything.

There has always been barriers to free and real conversations regarding tabooed things.


One of them is Sexual intimacy.


I always had a question in my mind.

Moreover I used to believe in something.

And I could never find answers.

But, when I did.

I found that, I used to believe in something correct.

Today. I would certainly share my knowledge with you about something we all would indulge in but we hardly have guts to talk.

But certainly I can’t censor myself, my beliefs for what the world thinks its taboo to talk on.

In India, for sure having a billion population and still it’s a taboo to talk.

Let’s see what can i offer.


Here’s the doubt I always had.

I always believed that a man and woman who marries have a lot of universal magic.

I’m not talking about those break up, patch up relationships, I’m also not talking about relationships based on feeling of lack.

I will scratch your back and you will scratch mine.

This is a typical phrase which depicts selfish love.


Other love is I love you because I love you.

If you don’t love me still I will love you.

Then that’s unconditional.

So, yes the doubt.

I always thought that a man and woman can align on various platforms.

Be it intellectual, be it serving the society, be it making their children great, and even on physical platform.


Yes. Physical intimacy is one of those platforms that a man and woman can align.

But, is having sex the only intimacy?

Few years back I used to read Vedanta, there it was written that man and woman have a very potent energy that’s ojas.

I may narrate What Shiva(Indian God) has to say on it.

I [Shiva] am the semen, Sakti [the Goddess] is the generative fluid; when they are [perfectly] combined in the body [through this practice], then the body of the Yogi becomes divine [immortal].

Ejaculation of semen [orgasm] brings death, preserving it within brings life. Therefore, one should make sure to retain the semen within.

One is born and dies through semen; in this there is no doubt. Knowing this, the Yogi must always preserve his semen.

When the precious jewel of semen is mastered, anything on earth can be mastered. Through the grace of its preservation, one becomes as great as me [Shiva].

The use of semen determines the happiness or pain of all beings living in the world, who are deluded [by desire] and are subject to death and decay.

This is the ultimate Yoga . Even though immersed in the world of the senses, one can reach perfection through its practice.

Without a doubt, through this practice the Yogi will acquire all kinds of powers, while at the same time enjoying the ecstasies of the world.

This Yoga can be practiced along with much enjoyment; therefore the Yogi should practice it.


I [Shiva] have revealed this Yoga because of love for my devotees. It should be guarded well [kept pure] with the greatest care, and not be given to everybody.

It is the most secret of all secrets that ever were or shall be [because misuse of it can create a demon]; therefore let the prudent Yogi guard it carefully [from becoming degenerated.

This is what Shiva has to say.

Then there’s Vedanta Texts and Swami Vivekanada has to say.
Now this Ojas is stored up in the brain, and the more Ojas is in a man’s head, the more powerful he is, the more intellectual, the more spiritually strong. One man may speak beautiful language and beautiful thoughts, but they, do not impress people; another man speaks neither beautiful language nor beautiful thoughts, yet his words charm. Every movement of his is powerful. That is the power of Ojas.
Now in every man there is more or less of this Ojas stored up. All the forces that are working in the body in their highest become Ojas. You must remember that it is only a question of transformation. The same force which is working outside as electricity or magnetism will become changed into inner force; the same forces that are working as muscular energy will be changed into Ojas. The Yogis say that that part of the human energy which is expressed as sex energy, in sexual thought, when checked and controlled, easily becomes changed into Ojas, and as the Muladhara guides these, the Yogi pays particular attention to that centre. He tries to take up all his sexual energy and convert it into Ojas. It is only the chaste man or woman who can make the Ojas rise and store it in the brain; that is why chastity has always been considered the highest virtue. A man feels that if he is unchaste, spirituality goes away, he loses mental vigour and moral stamina. That is why in all the religious orders in the world which have produced spiritual giants you will always find absolute chastity insisted upon. There must be perfect chastity in thought, word, and deed; without it the practice of Raja-Yoga is dangerous, and may lead to insanity. If people practice Raja-Yoga and at the same time lead an impure life, how can they expect to become Yogis?

Now, after reading all this you’re aware what really your sexual energy can do.

But, after reading all this.

I was in doubts.

A lot of doubts.

I thought having children is the great service you can do for the world and to love them would be the best gift.


Other doubt was that.

Can’t a man and woman align physically without dissipation of this vital energy?

Just because, I consider marriage to be a powerful institution.


Then and there.

I got my answers.

Tantric Intimacy was the answer.

Tantra is one of the most important systems of Indian philosophy and spiritual practice


In movies, Internet or anything even in the world.

They have a very degrading way of showing this intimacy.

What i mean its hardly any love.

What they show is that.

Just the result.

The result of releasing your seminal fluid in others body.

I want to ask.

Where’s the pleasure?

Is touching each other’s nerves and releasing seminal fluid tantamount to love.

Is love that.

I could never believe in such idea.


Is love the pure bliss and purity.

The tranquility and calmness you derive when being with your partner.

Certainly it’s upto you to decide.

Well. Moving in tantra.

The idea of sexual intimacy is not that of focusing on the result.

In ordinary sex, people think that just releasing your fluid is sex and the pleasure you derive in releasing the fluid is the best possible happiness they can have.

But, you know what can happen when you lose your fluid.

You lose your energy you stored all these months.


How about aligning physically and not releasing the energy.

Isn’t it that a great thing.

Well. That’s the only love.

Just because lust needs an outlet to get removed from the body, it needs something.

But, love there’s no Need of outlet or anything else.


Tantra shows you that.

In tantra man and woman can align for hours and it’s the real love because to love is a process not a result.

If you want nerve tickling, pleasure from releasing your fluids then tantra is not for you.

Tantra itself requires lot of chastity and self control.

A man or woman who knows what love is will understand the way of tantra.

Here I would Quote one author’s views regarding tantra and yoga.

She’s Sharon Ganon.

How then can sex be moved from something exploitative which perceives the physical as separate from the spiritual? It begins by recognizing another being as more than their genitals and more than existing to service us. It begins by changing the question, “what can they do for me?” into “what can I do for them-how can I enhance their life-what can I do to make them feel better, happier, more cherished?” It begins by putting a face on the other and asking “Who are you, who am I, who are we? What are we doing and why?” Those are powerful questions.

What we see out there in the world is a projection of what is inside us. Yoga means connecting; sex means separation. Yoga means to see yourself in another, to see so deeply that otherness disappears, and when otherness disappears, sex dissolves and oneness remains, and that is Love.


These are powerful ideas.

That can really change your life.

Yes, you should get married and have kids and yes you can align physically but by not wasting your ojas.

But, Afterall.

Mostly it depends upon your nature.

The type of love you have, and.

And when you decide.

Then that will be your future.

Either you’ll rise or you’ll fall.

Depending on the path you take.

But, just observe what I’m saying and reason this thing in your own life.

Moreover don’t fall in the trap of the good. (sinister motives behind generous actions), there will be people who will want to access your pockets so that they can Sell their products for the sake of teaching you what tantra is all about.

But, I would say searching on internet is better.


Challenge your beliefs.

Challenge the taboos the world has set.

There’s alot of knowledge in our Indian philosophy, make sure you use them for your own personal happiness.


Tantra is not any moral or ethical code, it believes in happiness and vigor.

Think for yourself.

Do align physically but let it be out of love and peace not of lust and stress.

Foreign Policy- The New Imperialism.

You know about Russia and America.


These two countries seems to be pole apart if you see on a flat world map but are very near if you see on a globe.

Thanks to the round shape.


Eventually there’s has been a lot of history between them.

Cold War. Afghan Invasion. Now, it’s Syria and ISIS.

Recently America issued sanctions on Russian firms and businessmen.


They issued sanctions on countries dealing with Russia.

Yes, The CATSAA.

The reasoning the White House spokesperson gave regarding it was that, America doesn’t want to hurt its strategic allies but to disorganize Russia’s trade.

I paused for a minute.

I said “What”.

That’s a very stupid thing.

Why I thought like that is because recently India bought the S-400 system from Russia.


Americans are now contemplating to issue sanctions in accordance with CATSAA on India which is one of its most important ally in South East Asia.


America is trying to disorganize Russia’s trade by compromising its relationship with India.


Eventually America is going to be hurt.

I really don’t understand.



Who makes such Acts Like CATSAA.

If Russia is your enemy it doesn’t mean It has to be enemy of India.

If Iran is your enemy it doesn’t mean It has to be enemy of India.


When you try to force your disappointments or your conflicts globally.

Then that’s new form of imperialism.

You can’t force anyone to do anything just because you want it.

It’s highly selfish to think that way.

That’s not things work.


Foreign Policy never works that way.

It’s highly diplomatic.


Involves lot of Compromises.

Here it’s Sanctions on Russia and Iran and their trade partners.

Now comes.

The Middle East.

Syria. Iraq. Yemen. Afghanistan.

Countries have been destroyed because of war.

If someone is really good at sending its troops anywhere in world for the motive to set up Proxy Government then I would surely give America a medal.

The American government says that it believes in democracy and Human Rights.


What about Saudi Arabia then?


Here they know that Saudis have money and oil.

And they buy lot of American Products.

Maybe that’s why the values of democracy become less important.

Well, one thing about Saudi Arabia can be appreciated that’s its intolerance regarding Terrorism.

But, Its policy in Yemen and Human rights in its own country are issues which need to be dealt seriously and urgently.

I was happy when Donald Trump announced that he would punish Saudi Arabia if they have had a hand in Khashoggi’s killing.

But, I don’t know his intentions really.


To be frankly speaking, I have no grudges against America as a country, I really like Hollywood movie,and have interacted with lot of American citizens , who really are great.

But, what I really don’t like is The American Government’s foreign policy.

Which is other form of Imperialism.


I will take another country.

It’s China.

A communist country which believes in capitalism.

Certainly that’s the most funny thing I would ever hear.

But, that’s true.

Communism can’t survive in today’s world.

Venezuela. Cuba.

These are few examples.

These countries really lost of money because of their socialist principles.

The problem with Socialist countries is that they forget that Men and Women need basic necessities to live like money, food and home.


Money can be generated by innovating your economy.

So having thousand of licneses and no trade or foreign investment makes you poor economically and if your country is poor then there’s hunger, poverty, riots etc etc.


That’s why China had to change its course.

Today its one of the most important country in the world because of its trade and manufacturing sector.

One belt road.

Financing new ports.

Building industries in Africa.

China is really expanding,because it needs market for its products.

But,at what cost?

What China is doing these days that its making huge investments and finances in other countries generally poor African countries.


If those countries aren’t able to repay the loans which China gave, then yes.

They will buy your ports and land and use for their own purpose.

Maybe anything they want to do.

This is Really great way to capture someone’s land.

Moreover issues Like community displacement, enviornment pollution human rights are also issues which China really don’t care when it’s in other country.

It has one motive and that’s for having global presence and increase its assets.


I talked about how foreign policy is becoming a tool for new age imperialism.

During the 18 & 19 century it was European empires who used to deal in imperialism, now its global economic powers

I don’t know.


Someday, if India becomes a global power.

Will we do the same?

The country who itself was a colony.

I think that time would tell.

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Seduction – The perfect guilt.

Seduction in general has been always thought as a pervert term.

Generally used in sexual conduct.

But, there’s more to it.

A lot more.

We generally are getting seduced by everything we come by.


If believe that it’s normal.

But, it’s not.

Seduction is ruling our lives.


Maybe I should list the items here, through which we’re getting seduced.


Beautiful scenery.


Beauty products.



Online Videos.


Cigarettes, Tobacco, Drugs.


Monetary gain.

Well, to sum it up these things are our lives.


Getting seduced is to be easy.

The reason being our sense of lack and our lack of power of discrimination.


First look at the power of seduction.

Here seduction comprises of Desires, feelings, temptations etc etc.

What examples should I take?

Maybe from the list would be good.

We know how those items seduces us.

The advertisements are one way.

One day when I was watching a movie I told my friend that there will be an advertisement during the interval which will seduce him.

He said how.

I said just watch it.

So, here comes the advertisement of beverages.

The sound of cola getting poured into an iced glass with fizz sound.

A thirsty woman drinking it with sounds of gulp gulp gulp.

He said you’re right.

So, said I

Then these days advertisements also exploit your seduction in terms of gender.

For males, they do it with female models in advertisement of Deodorants, even in beverages.

As, if we would get pleasure of lifetime buying those products.

Sometimes you think that whether they’re selling products or themselves.

For females it’s more of beauty conscious thing, fairness creams, those acne removal creams etc etc.

They know how different genders have different types of temptations.

It’s really good marketing gimmick.

Why they do that?

Just because you’ve money and they need it.

So, next time you see an advertisement, just critically observe it and apply your mind before getting seduced and end buying a product which is of no use or maybe is destroying your health.

Well. I have already discussed these issues in my earlier posts, like temporary pleasures.

I would take here the concept of seduction.

How it is generated?

Temptations are feelings.

They take place in our heart.

Though the actual ignition starts in the mind.

But, it’s more of related to the blood flow and sensations.

I will certainly enlighten you on this.

One day.

Do this.

Keep yourself infront of something very tempting like a chocolate cake or some online product which you really want to buy.

Then Observe your feelings.

There will be a seduction type of feeling which will rise in your heart.

A very tempting thing.

It’s more of a intoxicated.

A pleasure which feels very tempting.


We fall into that pit again and again.

You know that I’m a chocolate lover.

So, pastries, chocolates tempt me alot.

But, my stomach isn’t that strong.

So, I generally get issues after eating it.

Later I observed that even I have problems eating it, I couldn’t take a rational decision.

Just because of this temptation.

But, I somehow, reduced the quantity after getting some knowledge from my experiences.

Now, I will tell you.

Why we have such feelings?


It’s nothing more but flow of blood.

The blood in you’re body flows to different organs.

Your brain also has blood flow.

So, wherever you want to act on something blood will flow from one part to another to make that action possible.


Have you observed that when we’re seduced.

We just want to have that thing, nothing else matters.

It’s unresistable.


What after that seduction ends?

I mean is that you’ve satisfied your desires, then what next.

So, you don’t feel seduced.

When you eat a burger or chocolate you don’t feel more seducted.

You feel like calmness inside you.

And, chocolate and beverage can’t seduce you anymore.

And with God’s grace you get your rationality again.

And then kick yourself, that why did you do that.

Guilt starts.

Why this happens?


I will tell you.

Whenever there’s seduction believe me there’s good amount of blood flow that will take place.

The blood in your brain flows to other parts of your body so that you can satisfy your desires.

It’s a natural mechanism of the body.

Can be compared to fight and flight.

But, its more of an advanced version.

So, when you’re blood is not in your brain.

Your cognition will fail. Your wisdom will fail just because, you’re not thinking being now.

You have become an animal.

Your desires are more important now.

But, after these desires are satisfied the blood flows normally and your brain works perfectly fine.


Then you’ve all the wisdom in you.

But, the most important question here lies.

Is how do we stop being getting seduced and take good/right decisions?

This is the thing I learnt after thousand of experiences, thousand of failures, thousands of guilt and thousands of tears.

But, it’s the best way to do it.


Is most difficult to do.

Whenever feeling of seduction comes, whenever temptations originates in your mind.

Then and they’re discriminate.

Think about it.

The consequences and the nature of this seduction.

If you do that initially then it’s good.

The seduction is under control.

But, if you’re careless and allow seduction to take root in you.

Then there’s no way going back, just because the demon of seduction has taken over you.

It’s just during the seed form, that you have to eliminate your temptation.

When seduction is just a seed.

This is a practice which is of life.


24*7*365*how many years you live.

But, if you do this.

Yours is the earth and everything is in you.


There’s a small poem which I made while writing this.

Where seduction starts, love ends.

Where seduction ends, love starts.

Where seduction takes root, wisdom gets looted.

But, if you’ve the heart of a warrior and rationality of your spirit behind you.

Then nothing can seduce you.

P. S

This text doesn’t mean that I’m a perfect person.

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Svadharma and Happiness

Sva + dharma = Your duty/work

So, finally a equation of abstract terms. 

Maths and abstractness is difficult to maintain but you can if you’re as eclectic as I am. ( some self praise 😂) 

First of all you all might be thinking that what’s wrong with this guy. 

Why doesn’t he start his blog with an appropriate introduction? 


But, but. 

Why should I start my blog post’s introduction as you want.

Why can’t I start the way I like. 

So, if you think like me. 

Then be happy. 

Just because you’re following your svadharma. 


Well. It’s like that. 

Svadharma actually means that you do what you want to do. 


After hearing this thing. 

Many of you will have a doubt

Anything we like?

No. I didn’t say likes or dislikes.

I said you what you want to do not your ego. 

Here you is your soul. 

So. Yes. 

I recently wrote a post on hidden talent. 


Hidden talent in you is your Svadharma. 

But, today I found very good thing. 

That’s svadharma’s connection with happiness. 


Everytime anyone asked me what do you want to become. 

I said I want to be happy. 

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be happy? 

No. One. 

I think happiness is the only thing which has its marginal utility always increasing. (Again eclecticism 😁) 


What’s the connection of Svadharma with happiness? 

Well. Well. 

Svadharma and happiness is like complementary items. 

Like tea and sugar. 

Like Television and remote. 

So. If happiness is there then it means that you must be following your Svadharma. 

And if happiness is not there then it means you aren’t following your svadharma. 


Questions like How to find your Svadharma or hidden talent is in the previous post. 

Do read. 

Here. I’m more of concerned with something we all want. 


Here’s a little situation. 

In hindu mythology. 

It’s called DharamSankat. 

Which means a situation where both the choices are right but you would lose one thing for sure. 

It’s a very hard choice to make. 

Like a dilemma. Which is highly confusing. 

Here it is. 

Consider you are with your father and he’s on his deathbed with last few breaths remaining and he asks you to give him drop and drop of water through your hands. 

At the same time your village has been attacked by dacoits (only 2)and they’re abducting women either to rape or molest them. 

In both the above situations you’re the only person except your father in whole village and ofcourse those women and you have just a sword with you. 

What would you do? 

Would you keep giving water to your father and let those dacoits rape those women 


 Would you take the sword and fight with those dacoits and let your father die without your company. 


Its not a puzzle or riddle. 

It’s a situation where resources are mentioned and who all there are. 

Don’t imagine unnecessary resources and people other than what’s written above. 

This is what it is. 

Well. I won’t give you any answer. 

Just because there’s no right or wrong here. 

But, you do mention your course of action in the comments. 

I will know what’s your disposition. 


That’s svadharma Dilemma. 

Have you heard your parents saying that this is wrong this is right? 

What i mean that our elders teach us values and ethics. 

But, have you questioned those ethics? 

Have you questioned. 

Why shouldn’t I steal? 

Why shouldn’t I fight with him? 

Has your intellect travelled into these unchartered territories. 

If you have. 

Then I think you know what ethics and morality are really. 

If you haven’t. 

Then you should. 


Just because then you would follow ethics and morality because you understand them because you have reasoned them and inferred them as right. 

There will be no fear in you. 

The ethics and morality based on superficial learning is always based on fear. 

You would never think like” that I did good with her and she did wrong with me”. 

If you really know what ethics is, you would know that you did what was good because you know that was good and that was right. 

Not because of what you expect from other person. 

So why I have been suddenly talking about ethics and leaving svadharma behind? 


Well that’s the fallacy with our minds. 

We think ethics and our work doesn’t go  hand in hand. 

Ethics is our work only. 


Our work is ethics only. 

There’s no such thing as ethics and work 

Ethics is nothing but your decisions which you take what you believe is right. 

And your work is also the same thing. 

It’s something you decide what’s right for you. 

So finally changing context . 

How many times you felt really happy? 

I mean continously happy. 

Just think was it because of your work or some actions. 

Was it that you gave something to someone out of selflessness? 

Was it that you liked studying maths? 

If you felt happy just because of that activity then be sure that’s your svadharma. 

Everyday analyse your habits and you’d find that there’s something which makes you happy. 

Not temporarily but permanently. 

For temporary happiness you have junk food, TV series, one night stands, alcohol etc etc. 

But for permanent it’s only your svadharma. 


If you’re following your svadharma neither you have to run after happiness nor you have to run from fear. 

Just because there will be really no fear and what would be left would be only happiness. 


Just fill your whole day with the activities which you love the most, just because you love it and keep doing them leaving everything behind. 

Then surely you would be happy always and if you’re happy then the world around you would be happy as well. 


Do answer that dilemma. 
Image credits : Google /Billy elliot

The Hidden Talent.

Few days back.

I was talking about passion and tiredness.

How it is inevitable.


Many more.

Today, I feel like talking about something really good.



Hidden Talent.

What it means?


It’s something you’re blessed with. It’s a way of expressing yourself. It’s your art and craft. It’s your purpose also and most importantly it’s your life.

To be very clear.

It’s your gift by god.

Some work, Which you are good at.

But, it’s hidden. You haven’t found it yet.

Why I’m talking about it?

Well. Well.

It’s most important thing to talk to.

In this era of insecurity and peer pressure.

We, forget who we really are.

We really want to show the world our accomplishments.

We want to prove them.

Our success.

Our certificates and medals.

But, in due process we forget ourselves.

India to be particular is facing the worst crisis because of this.

Following others.

Our family and societal way of thinking is so insecure in this.

But, things are changing.

Now, let me make you understand the whole idea in a simple way.

Here it is.

“Oh talent. My talent.

Where are you?

The medals and certificates aren’t you.

Who are you? Where are you?

These questions always cry for you.

My life seems boring now.

I don’t know what I’m good at and what I’m not.

My parents and friends advice me to follow a common path.

The path of security and personal gain.

But, Im not that.

I don’t want to follow that.

Oh talent. My talent.

Family and friends are not only your enemies.

My ego.

Is the biggest culprit.

It shows me images of money, women and power.

It tells me to achieve them.

But, I don’t want to achieve any.

Still, it deludes me and makes me feel that they’re important.


I want to be in a state of happiness, peace and harmony.


I know that it can only happen when you’re my side.

Oh talent. My talent.

How do i find you?

My heart and my soul.

Yearn for you.

(From here The god of talent speaks)

Oh my son.

I have blessed each one of you with a gift.

But, you waste it.

You waste it for few papers (money) and your ego (sense of power).

And remain mediocre all your life.

Then you die.

To find your talent. I advise you to follow an advice.

Observe yourself daily.

There’s something which is extraordinary.

You can’t see because you’re not aware.

Just you have to catch it.

It can be as simple as studying, to as simple as playing or writing.

Just catch it.

I know you’re ego will play games.

Sense of Insecurity and various temptations will be projected in your mind.

But, believe me, that its a trap of your ego.

But, you do only thing which you like.

Forget your family. Forget the society. Forget what’s good and what’s bad. Even, Forget me.

When and When.

You don’t have anything to expect,.

You don’t have anything to achieve.

You don’t have anything to show.


You just love doing something for sake of doing it.

Then that’s your talent.

That’s you.

That’s what you are born for.


That’s your art.

That’s your expression.


Don’t worry about me or your contribution to the society, if you’re following your talent the world is itself becoming a better place to live.

Look around see yourself.

Albert Einstein. Issac Newton. Davinci. Plato. Roger Fedrer. Ronaldo. Sachin Tendulkar. Natalie Portman.

They did what they loved.


If you want to join their league.

The league of hidden talent.

Then this is all you need to do.

Image credits : Lakshya movie.

The tiring passion.

I’m very tired these days.

I’m exhausted to be frank.


This exhaustion has forced me to write a poem.

Not, a poem but something like that. Here it is.

“They say follow your passion.

I said, okay.

I followed it.

Hours became days, days became months and months became year.

I followed my passion.

But, to be honest, my friend.

I too get tired of it.

My muscles get cramped.

My mind gives up.

My body hurts.

Yes. I’m following my passion. As you told me.

But, I get tired.

Days and days of discipline.

Days and days of consistency.

You know boredom sets in.

My will power seems to be depleted.

My heart wants to take a break and go for an outing.

My eyes want some beautiful sceneries.

My mouth wants to taste different delicacies.


You know my friend.

This is a life i chose for myself.

Yes. I’m doing what I love.

But, don’t think,

That a person who loves something don’t get tired.

Yes. I do. We all do.

Maybe that’s why I’m a human not a machine.

But, you know even i know that I’m tired and weak.

That I’m bored and exhausted.

I won’t stop.

Again i say you, I won’t stop.

I know, if I leave my consistency i will lose myself.

If I lose myself to these human weaknesses.

I won’t be able conquer myself.

I know the heart and the mind get tired.

But, If I don’t do what I love then I will lose it and what it means to me.

Then That would be very much painful than this petty tiredness.

Maybe i have to fight all my life with this exhaustion and boredom.


I will keep doing what I love and keep fighting against these bodily affections.

Just because I am the master of my soul. ”

Image credits :Huffpost

The Trap of the good.

Let me share you an incident.

I was travelling in the metro.


A girl was also standing.

So, there was a boy who was sitting.


You may think that either the boy would stand or sit.


Is it that simple.


The boy stood and gave the seat to the girl, but there was something different in his behavior, he stood up and started to look at the girl continously.

Maybe he was doing something malicious.

Maybe he was looking at the girl sensually.

I was watching minutely.

But, then few stations ahead the girl left so did the generosity of the boy.

Who knows.

Whether he wanted to help or something else?

But, the behavior was different from unconditional helping.

I think faking behaviours is the thing only humans can do, not animals or plants.

Maybe politicians also fake behaviors by going into charitable acts and then doing something else in private.

Maybe businessmen can also fake social responsibility and concern for employees with respect to their own interest.

But, why do people fake behaviours?


Certainly because of fear of laws.


Maybe they have some personal interest in the act.

These days love is also faked.

The reason being, they like to play with people.

Or are attracted to sensual pleasures.

How about faking behaviours in friendship?

When you meet someone they will act as if they’re the best friend but when at your back, the back bitching starts.

Even they keep jealously in their hearts.

But, when you’re with them it doesn’t look like that.

These type of friendships you should never enter.

It will disrupt your peace of mind.

So, how about knowing that people are faking behaviours?

How do you know whether they have any ulterior motive behind their generous act?

The simplest way.

Patience and Consistency.

You stay with that person for some days, maybe months.

You’ll find that their acts will become different, they’re integrity would fall.

Their desires will rise and in that they will do the mistake.


They’re you go.

You’ll understand who they really are.

Just you need to have some patience.


Consistently monitor such habits.


You’ll find who’s true and who’s not.

The reason why I call this.

The Trap of the good.

Is that.

Because, people hide their sinister motives behind the generous acts.

If someone gives charity don’t judge that he’s charitable.

If someone says i love you, see the intentions behind it.

If someone says you’re my best friend, just see what he may expect from you.

If someone praises you, see the reason, why he is praising you.

Go beyond the behaviours and find the intent.

If intent is good whatever the behaviour be, you’ll know that person is true to his character.

If not.

You know, what you need to do.

The Process Vs The Result

Let me begin with a personal story.

I always wanted to excel in everything I did, like sports, studies, career and health.

Somehow I couldn’t.


Well to be honest the imagination of the result. The fame. The illusion of those moments entangled me.


I couldn’t excel.


We all have dreams.

We all have ambitions.

We all have choices.


Are we perfect at that?

No, we aren’t.

We still fall short of them.

If our aim is to score 9 grade we score 7,if our aim is to be healthy we are unhealthy.


How about if I say you imagine being healthy, winning and excelling?

That’s easy isn’t.

We all can imagine that way, by manipulating our visuospatial sketchpad by our central executive(psychology grads will understand that)

But, In reality.

What’s happening?


We are just dreaming.

We are creating an illusion that one day we will achieve on which we are setting our eye upon.

Certainly laws of nature doesn’t work that way.

If dreaming was the way, then everyone would have achieved whatever they want.


I will tell you something.

Out of my thinking and ofcourse experiences.

I don’t like revealing my personal life.

But, examples have to be there.


First, is clarity.

What you want to do with your life?

It doesn’t have to be very highfi thing, like climbing Mount Everest or maybe becoming the best in the world in athletics.

It can be that.

But, for me, it’s too simple.

Things which we all do.

So, for me.

Three things matter.

1) Doing something which I love (thinking, reading, and applying in daily life) which serves my value system and things I believe and also gives me bread and butter.

2) Loving the woman i marry and making it a partnership of growth, enlightenment, intellectualism and national development.

3)Raising children so that they become independent, wise, and ofcourse, do what they love.

4) To be healthy all my life by incorporating the best eating, exercise habits.

So, are these things any extraordinary?

It’s just work, love /marriage, kids and health.

These things are my process not the results, means i will do these for years and years till i die.

These aren’t goals.

This is just process.

Sadly i dont have a bucket list which people have.

So, am I boring?

I must say many of you think that its mediocre sounding purpose.

But, Do I care about you all? (sinister music playing in the background)

Well, I know my truth, my purpose and my talent.

So, why should I change because you think differently?

These are things which I want to do.


There are two paths.

One is to day dream and keep imagining the result and the other is doing it.


We come to the process.

The process is the everything I must say.

These days there’s so much focus on the result that we have lost our process.

So here i would like to differentiate what the process is and the result.

I will ask few questions.


Do you want to be the best? Just the title. (This is Result)


Do you want to keep on improving, doing what you really love, doing it everyday and day and day out, even if you are tired you will do it because you love it (This is process)

Do you want to just get married? Just to achieve it like a goal(This is result)


Do you want to enjoy intellectual talks with your wife, investigating, researching about ideas, going on treks, involving in sports, then living in uncertainty, then going to places and doing all these that for years and years and day and day out with the same person. (Then that’s the process)

Do you want to be healthy and beautiful? Be in top shape. (that’s just dreaming)


Do you want to achieve that health after eating healthy food, exercising and resisting temptations of junk food and skipping your work out routine that for years and day and day out. (that’s the process)


Now, you understand.

The Result you know is just a temporary pleasure its just a few days, even months that result can give you happiness.

For example, you achieve some success, so now tell me till how much time will you be able to keep that success with you?

One or two Months. Even less than that.

But, the process is for lifetime, till you die.


If you want to be happy and yes ofcourse achieve some goals, then don’t think about them.

Forget the goal.

Just because goal is nothing but a destination.


Happiness can’t be a destination.

Focus on the process, focus how would you improve and how can you achieve your goals, means you need to constantly work and improve and eventually love that process.

Just, because that’s the only way.

No amount of day dreaming will help you achieve.

But, constantly analysing weakness, thinking about the work and most importantly doing the work should make you happy.

And if you are happy and you are working day and day out and also constantly improving.

Won’t you achieve it?

So at the end i would give you some reading task.

It’s by Swami Vivekanada.


What he thinks about it?

Here you go.

“One of the greatest lessons I have learnt in my life is to pay as much attention to the means of work as to its end. He was a great man from whom I learnt it, and his own life was a practical demonstration of this great principle I have been always learning great lessons from that one principle, and it appears to me that all the secret of success is there; to pay as much attention to the means as to the end.

Our great defect in life is that we are so much drawn to the ideal, the goal is so much more enchanting, so much more alluring, so much bigger in our mental horizon, that we lose sight of the details altogether.

But whenever failure comes, if we analyse it critically, in ninety-nine per cent of cases we shall find that it was because we did not pay attention to the means. Proper attention to the finishing, strengthening, of the means is what we need. With the means all right, the end must come. We forget that it is the cause that produces the effect; the effect cannot come by itself; and unless the causes are exact, proper, and powerful, the effect will not be produced. Once the ideal is chosen and the means determined, we may almost let go the ideal, because we are sure it will be there, when the means are perfected. When the cause is there, there is no more difficulty about the effect, the effect is bound to come. If we take care of the cause, the effect will take care of itself. The realization of the ideal is the effect. The means are the cause: attention to the means, therefore, is the great secret of life. We also read this in the Gita and learn that we have to work, constantly work with all our power; to put our whole mind in the work, whatever it be, that we are doing. At the same time, we must not be attached. That is to say, we must not be drawn away from the work by anything else; still, we must be able to quit the work whenever we like.

If we examine our own lives, we find that the greatest cause of sorrow is this: we take up something, and put our whole energy on it — perhaps it is a failure and yet we cannot give it up. We know that it is hurting us, that any further clinging to it is simply bringing misery on us; still, we cannot tear ourselves away from it. The bee came to sip the honey, but its feet stuck to the honey-pot and it could not get away. Again and again, we are finding ourselves in that state. That is the whole secret of existence. Why are we here? We came here to sip the honey, and we find our hands and feet sticking to it. We are caught, though we came to catch. We came to enjoy; we are being enjoyed. We came to rule; we are being ruled. We came to work; we are being worked. All the time, we find that. And this comes into every detail of our life. We are being worked upon by other minds, and we are always struggling to work on other minds. We want to enjoy the pleasures of life; and they eat into our vitals. We want to get everything from nature, but we find in the long run that nature takes everything from us — depletes us, and casts us aside.

Had it not been for this, life would have been all sunshine. Never mind! With all its failures and successes, with all its joys and sorrows, it can be one succession of sunshine, if only we are not caught.

That is the one cause of misery: we are attached, we are being caught. Therefore says the Gita: Work constantly; work, but be not attached; be not caught. Reserve unto yourself the power of detaching yourself from everything, however beloved, however much the soul might yearn for it, however great the pangs of misery you feel if you were going to leave it; still, reserve the power of leaving it whenever you want. The weak have no place here, in this life or in any other life. Weakness leads to slavery. Weakness leads to all kinds of misery, physical and mental. Weakness is death. There are hundreds of thousands of microbes surrounding us, but they cannot harm us unless we become weak, until the body is ready and predisposed to receive them. There may be a million microbes of misery, floating about us. Never mind! They dare not approach us, they have no power to get a hold on us, until the mind is weakened. This is the great fact: strength is life, weakness is death. Strength is felicity, life eternal, immortal; weakness is constant strain and misery: weakness is death.

Attachment is the source of all our pleasures now. We are attached to our friends, to our relatives; we are attached to our intellectual and spiritual works; we are attached to external objects, so that we get pleasure from them. What, again, brings misery but this very attachment? We have to detach ourselves to earn joy. If only we had power to detach ourselves at will, there would not be any misery. That man alone will be able to get the best of nature, who, having the power of attaching himself to a thing with all his energy, has also the power to detach himself when he should do so. The difficulty is that there must be as much power of attachment as that of detachment. There are men who are never attracted by anything. They can never love, they are hard-hearted and apathetic; they escape most of the miseries of life. But the wall never feels misery, the wall never loves, is never hurt; but it is the wall, after all. Surely it is better to be attached and caught, than to be a wall. Therefore the man who never loves, who is hard and stony, escaping most of the miseries of life, escapes also its joys. We do not want that. That is weakness, that is death. That soul has not been awakened that never feels weakness, never feels misery. That is a callous state. We do not want that.

At the same time, we not only want this mighty power of love, this mighty power of attachment, the power of throwing our whole soul upon a single object, losing ourselves and letting ourselves be annihilated, as it were, for other souls — which is the power of the gods — but we want to be higher even than the gods. The perfect man can put his whole soul upon that one point of love, yet he is unattached. How comes this? There is another secret to learn.

The beggar is never happy. The beggar only gets a dole with pity and scorn behind it, at least with the thought behind that the beggar is a low object. He never really enjoys what he gets.

We are all beggars. Whatever we do, we want a return. We are all traders. We are traders in life, we are traders in virtue, we are traders in religion. And alas! we are also traders in love.

If you come to trade, if it is a question of give-and-take, if it is a question of buy-and-sell, abide by the laws of buying and selling. There is a bad time and there is a good time; there is a rise and a fall in prices: always you expect the blow to come. It is like looking at the mirrors Your face is reflected: you make a grimace — there is one in the mirror; if you laugh, the mirror laughs. This is buying and selling, giving and taking.

We get caught. How? Not by what we give, but by what we expect. We get misery in return for our love; not from the fact that we love, but from the fact that we want love in return. There is no misery where there is no want. Desire, want, is the father of all misery. Desires are bound by the laws of success and failure. Desires must bring misery.

The great secret of true success, of true happiness, then, is this: the man who asks for no return, the perfectlyunselfish man, is the most successful. It seems to be a paradox. Do we not know that every man who is unselfish in life gets cheated, gets hurt? Apparently, yes. “Christ was unselfish, and yet he was crucified.” True, but we know that his unselfishness is the reason, the cause of a great victory — the crowning of millions upon millions of lives with the blessings of true success.

Ask nothing; want nothing in return. Give what you have to give; it will come back to you — but do not think of that now, it will come back multiplied a thousandfold — but the attention must not be on that. Yet have the power to give: give, and there it ends. Learn that the whole of life is giving, that nature will force you to give. So, give willingly. Sooner or later you will have to give up. You come into life to accumulate. With clenched hands, you want to take. But nature puts a hand on your throat and makes your hands open. Whether you will it or not, you have to give. The moment you say, “I will not”, the blow comes; you are hurt. None is there but will be compelled, in the long run, to give up everything. And the more one struggles against this law, the more miserable one feels. It is because we dare not give, because we are not resigned enough to accede to this grand demand of nature, that we are miserable. The forest is gone, but we get heat in return. The sun is taking up water from the ocean, to return it in showers. You are a machine for taking and giving: you take, in order to give. Ask, therefore, nothing in return; but the more you give, the more will come to you. The quicker you can empty the air out of this room, the quicker it will be filled up by the external air; and if you close all the doors and every aperture, that which is within will remain, but that which is outside will never come in, and that which is within will stagnate, degenerate, and become poisoned. A river is continually emptying itself into the ocean and is continually filling up again. Bar not the exit into the ocean. The moment you do that, death seizes you.

Be, therefore, not a beggar; be unattached This is the most terrible task of life! You do not calculate the dangers on the path. Even by intellectually recognising the difficulties, we really do not know them until we feel them. From a distance we may get a general view of a park: well, what of that? We feel and really know it when we are in it. Even if our every attempt is a failure, and we bleed and are torn asunder, yet, through all this, we have to preserve our heart — we must assert our Godhead in the midst of all these difficulties. Nature wants us to react, to return blow for blow, cheating for cheating, lie for lie, to hit back with all our might. Then it requires a superdivine power not to hit back, to keep control, to be unattached.

Every day we renew our determination to be unattached. We cast our eyes back and look at the past objects of our love and attachment, and feel how every one of them made us miserable. We went down into the depths of despondency because of our “love”! We found ourselves mere slaves in the hands of others, we were dragged down and down! And we make a fresh determination: “Henceforth, I will be master of myself; henceforth, I will have control over myself.” But the time comes, and the same story once more! Again the soul is caught and cannot get out. The bird is in a net, struggling and fluttering. This is our life. “


This is the knowledge i have. I have given everything I had. Now its time to take a break. Will certainly come back with new experiences and thinking.

Arrivederci (Italian which means, goodbye until we meet)

Image credits : James clear.

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