How about a hypothetical situation?

Consider yourself to be locked and smoke in your house.

There are no windows, chimney or exhaust and all windows closed that won’t open.

Yes. I said nothing can open.

So with smoke inside, and no outlet what will happen to you.

Suffocation, right?

How about if I apply this particular analogy to my life.

Means, I have lots of knowledge, creativity and love inside me.

So, if I don’t let it pass through an outlet.

What will happen?

I think.

The same thing.

I will die of suffocation, too.

I think that’s quite relatable isn’t it.

I have a small excerpt cum poem.

When I was a kid, I had a gun in my hand and used to shoot the balloons.

Oh. My father you took that gun away from me.

And. I felt like.

You closed the last window of our burning home.

Leaving me in a suffocated paradise where I couldn’t breathe.

Maybe. I was still breathing without that ventilation.

My ventilation was my gun, father.

Felt anxious and uneasy when it went from me.


Gasping for breath.

I pierced few holes in my lungs so that I could breathe.

I felt like a kid without any dream.

Started to study.

I found new hope.

Books and my thinking.

That’s all I liked.

Felt like someone has opened a window for me.

But, again

Few years later when it was time to decide what’s good for me.

And you gave me other books which I didn’t like

Felt like you closed that window again.

And again I was again back to my suffocation.

I again pierced few holes, but this time in my heart.

Just because this time feelings had to be ventilated.

Then. Without my books which were my air.

I went to the door.

Shouting and crying.


Someone will open and make me free.

Yes. A girl did came onto the door.

I thought she would open that door and make me free.

But, in return she watched me gasping for breath.

Like a person in zoo.

With neither my gun and books.

I sat thinking.

That I don’t have much time left.

With no option left.

I started to breathe tha smoke.

As I inhaled it.

I realised it was something similar.

Never had deja vu so real.

I went to the mirror and saw myself.

Then I realised that I was burning.

My dependencies and insecurities were killing me.

The smoke was from my own body

As my body was transforming into Ash and smoke.

I realised that what I have done to myself.

I burned and burned.

When my last part was just going to turn into Ash.

I decided.

This won’t be it.

And as phoenix rises from its own ashes.

I rose up again by fixing every part of that Ash at the right place and at the right time.

I created myself.

With confidence in my eyes and courage in my heart.

I went to the door and broke it.

Snatched my gun and my books.


Never came back to the place which made me feel suffocated.

Explanation :

Well I think.

You may have hard time understanding it.

So in this poem

There’s a boy who knows what he loves to do, but the society doesn’t let him do what he wants so they snatch his belongings which he loved the most, theraby suffocating him.

The boy then realises the fact that the suffocating enviornment is self created his own body and mind were so dependent on the world that he started to burn because of that.

When he was just going to die the boy realises his mistake.

And started to build himself.

Finally when he made himself.

He finally went to his belongings and left that enviornment which made him feel that.


That boy never came back.

Just because he never wanted to die of suffocation.


The last thing I would say to you all is that, you have that talent inside you.

The talent where you express yourself as someone.

Maybe a dancer, scholar or artist even a fashion model.

And you should never leave this thing.

Otherwise there will be just suffocation left.

Image credits : Google.


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