What his Mother told him.

This Prose is being said by a child to his mom.

The marks on my answer sheets can show me my grades, but mom, how will they show, who I really am?

Mom, you know everyone cheats in my class and they get marks.

But, mom, I don’t get them.

Those teachers tell me and give me the example of those who cheated and tell me to get marks like them.

I keep, quiet. Mom.

I don’t know, what to do.

I know Father will be angry with me for not getting marks.

What should I do, mom.

Papa, will beat me.

Don’t worry my son.

You’re the boy who is the best man I have seen.

But, you know today your honesty is really great.

When you grow up.

The world will open yourself to you.

And you will also get older.

There will numerous times.

When lure of money and glamour of success will be there.

There will be people who will stereotype other religions and instill hate in you.


There will be times when things will open to you.

Maybe at times, even the top most people will tell you to lie and do something wrong.

It can be also there that movies, advertisements will tell you to objectify the very gender your mother is from.

Maybe you might be in dire need of something but don’t cheat my son.


Always keep love in your heart.

And be always be vigilant and observant.

The people in this world can kill your honesty but you be like this my son.

You be like this.

Even if you don’t get anything.

Someday through Someway this honesty will reap its dividends.

Maybe your purity one day will give you that intelligence what you’re seeking today.


Even, if you become the most intelligent person.

Never let this purity go away from you my son.

Let you be alone.

Let it be you don’t earn enough money.

But, when you’ll come back to your home and to me and if you look at my eyes.

I’ll know that the real man has arrived.


There’s isn’t much to say.

But, I would just say never forget who you really are.

Bye, Good luck.

Image credits : Google Images.


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  1. You know what, this reminded me of the thing I’d written long back, but you have framed the words more perfectly. Mothers will always be mothers. ❀️ encouraging for right, wiping our tears, saving us from wrong and pushing us towards being us, being ourselves. Thankyou so much for shaping It such amazing Way☺️🌸

    Liked by 1 person

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