Skipping the Experience.

Everyone says that experience makes you wise.

I found it to be quite true.

Indeed experience makes us wise.


Then few days back I had an idea.

Which came out of the blue.

It was like.

If you keep experiencing things and then become wise.

Then it would take hundred of years.

Why don’t you skip the experience and still learn.

I wasn’t able to understand what my mind was saying.

But, it was a good idea.

Then I started to think.

How to skip experiences and become wise.

For example.

I had many relationships but every time I was felt misunderstood and unconnected (yes that’s what my last post was πŸ˜…)

Moreover with respect to career also I took few bad decisions and then learned.


If I look back at these experiences then the common thing in them was that I always learnt after experiencing failures or maybe heartbreaks.

I never understood before them.

Well, now the problem is that I’m a mortal human being.

I don’t have that time to experience everything and then fall on right track.

This may take years maybe two or three lifetimes.

Then what should I do.

How to make mind understand things without experiencing?

Isn’t this a valid question.

Anyways leave me.

Think about yourself.

Didn’t you face failures, heartbreaks, illness and then realised what’s wrong for you.


What about that situation where you can assess everything and don’t have to face all this drama and still make brilliant decisions.

Well. The solution to this one is bit complicated and unorthodox.

Experience taught us how to light fire, how to hunt animals and how to make tools.

The trial and error method.

But, now our minds are developed we have evolved from that early man age.

Yes, animals do use trial and error method.

But, that’s why we’re humans we are more evolved animals.

Now, the solution.

Which I feel is a better way to apply.

I think the most important thing is to know ourselves and everything which is in us.

Like our mind and body.

I’ve read countless books on psychology and philosophy.

That’s why I assume that I follow those teachings really well.

If we know our minds and bodies.

If we know our desires and passions.

Then only we can overcome them

So, these will only come from thinking, observing and questioning your own mind.

If you know yourself then you’ve won the half battle.

I’ll give you an example.

Well. I don’t eat outside food that much but whenever I do, I get sick.

That’s my body.

I know about it.

So, today I was going through a street and there was delicious food being made.

And, most of the students were eating.

At that moment my passions did rise.

But, then I got reminded that this is outside food.

And I learned that outside food isn’t good for my body.

So, instead of experiencing that sickness I still made a rational choice just because I knew about my body.

Now, if we come to our work.

Then we should also know that what we’re good at.

If we don’t know this.

Then alot of bad experiences can waste our considerable time and energy.

So, to avoid it.

Know your talent.

And then try to make that talent your profession with lot of obsession towards it.

That’s the best way to achieve greatness in short amount of time.

And the second thing which comes is to know your enviornment.

So, wherever you go do some research.

If its a monument or for a date.

I used to always research and plan bit in mind wherever I used to go.

But, yes sometimes everything doesn’t go according to plan(because people would be late or change their mindsπŸ˜‚) but you can still improvise rationally.

If you know whom you’re meeting, if you know what type of person they are by observing their habits and gestures then you can make a choice whether to stay with that person or not, instead of talking so much with him or her and wasting your time and then releasing that he/she was an absolute jerk.

That’s why I meet people in person.

I get to know them better.


Obviously I don’t like chatting on the phone. πŸ˜…

So, If I sum up this article.

Then I would say.

Rational Thinking.

Knowledge of yourself.

Knowledge of enviornment.

These three things are which can save your time, energy, money and most importantly your life from all the drama that experience through experiences.

I know our minds will revolt.

It would say that you’vent experienced things then how can you change.

First experience then make a decision.

But, be aware of this fallacy.

There’s a wise saying that to experience death, you don’t have to die, you learn from your world.

The same thing I would say.

To make good choices you don’t have to experience unpleasant situations, failures and heartbreaks, you learn from yourself and your enviornment.

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26 thoughts on “Skipping the Experience.

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  1. You know we take so many decisions in our daily life, and that’s pretty right too,
    we don’t need to experience things first and then take decisions,
    but it’s just, we always take a decision first and then get an experience of brilliance or failures, out of it. πŸ™‚
    We get to learn so much from our surroundings, the people we meet everyday, the things we face every time are itself an experience, that we can’t skip, obviously.
    Because to skip an experience you said you need to be rationally strong, improve your knowledge, and know yourself, but how would you do that? until and unless you don’t try and make yourself experience the things? How would you judge that you have improved in all aspects? and
    Coming to the food, how did you decide not take that delicious food, how did you know that it won’t suit your body and you will fall sick if you take that?
    Unfortunately it was a former experience that led you to this judgement and then decision of not taking the food. right?
    correct me if i’m wrong? πŸ™‚

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    1. The point you raised is absolutely right, and you know the question you asked, I had this thing in my mind while I was writing.
      Same doubt.
      But, what I wanted to write more was decreasing your experiences not totally eliminate them.
      For eg, I realized that I am not able to eat pizzas and all. But, then I thought, why my stomach couldn’t I feel good after eating then I realized because of the flour, then with this experience I eliminated all flour foods, so can you understand that, with one experience I took it to other foods like chole bhature, etc etc. I’m not for eliminating every experience but learn from others experience and our similar experiences. That’s what I meant, but really that was really a good question for a table conversation. 😊😊

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  2. Well, I wonder that experiences can’t really be skipped, if we live we experience, we are dead if we don’t experience. In case of skipping experiences for one to become wiser and find an alternative to it is by knowing yourself but yet I feel it is a sub category of steps to become wiser, it can’t entirely replace experience. It can make a person take precautions. When we say that precaution is better than cure it applies mentally too. One can also never entirely know yourself but ain’t contradicting your view it’s completely valid, just a thought that popped up. Yes we know in our sane state what to do and what not because of what we have experienced ourselves and others. Experience is a vital part of our life.
    I always have learned from my elders to think ten times before you speak, does that fit your perspective?
    To avoid certain type of food is being wiser and controlling your Conscience or craving. It’s something we have experienced. We read that it would harm us or we were harmed before and are thus avoiding it or maybe we are avoiding because nothing ever happened and we know that it is harmful. Does all of it count in as experience?
    Isn’t then thinking before you do something is a smaller but major catagory?

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    1. You’re absolutely right about that we can’t skip experiences, to judge something in future is something which is based on past only. Yes, that’s right.
      But, I’m for skipping, the repitive and known experiences which can happen in future. I just want that we keep something important infront of our eyes and whether it’s something new or old we ought to reject it,just because it doesn’t serve our purpose. It’s just taking a decision what’s good or not.


  3. I was thinking the same a few minutes back, and coincidentally I stumbled upon this writing. You are right that rational thinking is important and we must try to learn from either other people’s mistakes or by extrapolation. But you know what my friend, easier said than done! Really.

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    1. Well, yes maybe you’re right that it isn’t easy as it sounds.
      But I think you haven’t read my previous posts, it shows my timeline of experiences. So, what I mean to say that we’re very attached to experiences, we don’t look them or think about as something, we suggest think that experiences happen and we’ve to learn, so I innovated a bit. For example consider this.
      Experiences – – – > (leads to) Learning.

      So. I broke this equation and replaced experiences with rational thinking and knowledge. Just because these two things are the entities which are responsible for learning, so instead getting blows by nature everyday and making those blows your experience and wasting your time on crying, it’s better to understand the nature and use your mind so that you can live your life better and achieve your goals in less time and wastage of energy.
      I hope this explains your doubt. 😊

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      1. That was I telling you. This is really abstract that’s why it’s tough to understand, but I can’t explain you in comments, but yes think like that experiences are like thoughts, they happen everyday but hardly we question them and look at them from bird’s eye View.

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  4. I find this post interesting. I like these kind of wonderings and I like to think about such matters myself. I try to imagine myself in a situation where I use my mind rather than experience, in other words, predict, right? And I’m really a lover of predicting. My mind usually can’t settle down and stay calm, especially when it comes to something unknown. But those times when I tried to predict grounding my predictions on rational knowledge were complete failures. It might work with the food case or similar ones but when it comes to human relation or even knowing myself better it’s just completely wild. Usually I get to know myself better just in some particular situations. And that’s experience. Also when you want to avoid the experience and rather predict, it’s a wish to control the situation. And that’s a lot of responsibility for one person. But maybe that’s the question of the type of personality each of us is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well. I got your point, prediction as you say.,and moreover you’re also saying that prediction has lead to bad experiences and you got experience from it. I hope I’m right?
      Now, you see, what is experience? Is is just a feeling or a learning?
      It’s learning isn’t it, maybe if I give you an example like you may encounter a lot of toxic relationships, then after so many such experiences you say its enough and learn that people should not be trusted.
      This is learning, you learned from multiple experiences. Isn’t so?
      Now, how about a situation where I tell you before only that we should not get attached with people, but will you accept this without experiencing? I think this is the fallacy in our minds that we try to use hit and trial method and then learn, but this way it would take lot of time.
      Moreover, you talked about prediction, see, I’m not telling you to predict things like a coin toss, No, that would be dangerous.
      How about prediction coupled with knowledge, for example, if you encounter someone attractive and think he can be a good partner, then you can do bit research about him, what type of person he is or maybe go out few times with him and then find his habits and thinking, maybe you can predict after that.
      So, prediction when it has knowledge then it can be of great help, but if you predict just like a coin toss it will be fatal. 😊


      1. No, I rather predicted and it turned to be a bullshit, this my prediction πŸ˜€ my experience helps me to know about myself rather than others. 10 times burnt I would trust again. Cause I cannot draw conclusions about every and each case. I can draw conclusions just about myself. The rest is a mystery 😊 even if I’m a Megamind

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