Parallel Reality.

In every other post I used to write without organising my thoughts and all.

Maybe then someone told me to write bit after thinking.

So. Yes, I think.

I should give importance to my writings now on.

It wouldn’t be an Extempore type thing from now on.

Phew. Quite a lot Justification.

Now, This topic is really close to my heart.

Just because I was researching for quite a long time.


This is one of the most significant studies in my personal renaissance.

Why I chose this topic?

Well. You just see. Where you are going to be now, this will certainly take you into a different world.

You will start questioning your beliefs and thinking.

Maybe I’m too confident about this.

Well, I am.

Now, let’s begin.

What really is parallel reality?

That’s a tough thing to tell.

But, how about a image.

First see it.

Well. I must remind you that I’m not going to take this post to some astronomical or universe thing.

I’m going to relate it hugely with human cognitive psychology.

Means how his mind interpret things and how his perceptions and imagination clouds reality.

Now, the image.

Did you see the lady here?

She’s dreaming.

And, in that dream she’s entering a different set of world.

I must say dreams are one of the most seductive things you’ll ever have.

And at the same time most fearful objects also.

Dreams happen in our sleep.


But, what about day dreaming.

Well this is where my blog post starts.

The imagination power of your brain is the way that you enter parallel reality.

This takes me to the real aspect.

How parallel reality is created?

To be honest.

It’s just practice.

When you start imagining things day and day out, you start associating yourself with it.

As days pass your association starts developing more and more.

With this your subconscious mind starts accepting this imagination to be your reality.

Now, this is tough to understand without examples.

Surely I will have few examples.

So, you’re browsing your favourite clothing brand online.

And. When you see a perfect dress.

You imagine that you’ll look nice.

You’ll look perfect.

Doesn’t that imagination happen?

Then at that moment you’re going to a parallel reality.

Why I say so?

Just because you’vent worn that dress neither you have seen it with your eyes in front of yourself but you still can percieve it in your imagination.

Isn’t it that thing going into different world and then wearing it dress.

Just because in reality your not wearing that dress.

And, when that dress comes you find not upto mark.

This is a daily life example.


Now, There are aspects related to this thing.

And, I would be as electic as possible.

We’ll walk down various paths and will see every thing which we daily do from an open and clear view.

So, let’s hope.

You don’t questioning your reality.

First, comes.


In this aspect, you should never make your career choice based on your imagination.

Just because it will ruin your life.

The more fantasies you have regarding a particular career the more likely you’re going to follow.

Have you read that story?

Where a bagpiper plays his pipe and all rats fall off the cliff just because they thought that music to be enticing.

Same happens regarding career.

You get so enticed with imagining yourself in that particular field that you completely miss yourself.

You forget what you like.

What you are good at.

And, start following a career just because imagination keeps you running on it.

The glamour of authority.

The smell of what things money can buy.


The fallacy that you would be happy after that dream come true.

On this course many students fail, many waste their years and then they realise that’s something they choose it wrongly.

But, it’s quite late.

Isn’t it?

Indian parents and students, I would say are perfect examples here.


Let’s move to Society and Relationships.

Our relationships and the society we live in.


We know that we’re imaginative.

But, don’t you think others are imaginative as well.

Maybe less or more than you.

So, how about their imagination affecting you?

I want to say that how about their parallel reality affecting your life.

Let’s take an example here as well.

An image I have.

(The girl who drew it is Nameera )

Now, I would like to interpret this image. (interpretation is mine 😅)

So, in this image you can see three different things of a single girl.

Initially the girl is getting abused or ridiculed by her parents.

This happens daily.

Her parents feed her with negative thoughts, affirmations and what not.

They abuse her, slap her.

Daily this happens.

But, why her parents do so?

Just because her parents are not satisfied with her.

She can’t keep up with their parallel reality.

The parents want her girl to be studious and smart.

They want her to be extroverted and talented like other girls.

But,she can’t fulfil any of their aspirations.

She can’t fulfil her parents dreams.

And. With this,

In the second side, when she is idle and reflects on it.

Her mind starts accepting all the abuses, all the negative things.

She starts accepting those things.

And, you can see how her brain dynamics change in the third side of image.

You can see how the colours of the brain has changed and how those things have become a burden.

Her heart is taken off and there’s a patch of emptiness there.

And, now her reality is nothing but her parents abuses.

Well, this image reminded me of my personal story.

Where I was ridiculed by my teachers and parents when I was really small.

I still remember those times, when I small boy was lost in thought and imagination.

Reflecting on various aspects of life except studying.

But, somehow I started to study and abuses started to end.

Still, critics are there, but I dont care now.

If I take this concept to Relationships then there’s also some friction.

Where one partner has different imagination and another partner has different thing on mind.

So, when these imaginations collide.

Relationship break.

Body – Shamming. Divorces. Domestic Violence are few examples I can reflect upon.

Well, here I would say how you overcome their’s imagination.

Just because they’re comparing you with an imaginative female body where everything is fine.

Where you have zero spots on face.

No hair on body.

Perfect figure.

Tall and sleek.

They create a parallel reality of women.


That parallel reality when stands face to face with Real reality.

Then you have abuses.

That’s what I can say.

Now, third aspect.

It’s that of Sexuality and Romance.

Now, the trouble is here.

I’ve been researching about Male Sexual Behavior for the last few days.


I came upto this thing.

What i observed that Tina when she’s on my retina she’s a normal woman, a woman who is human like I am, she has same skin as mine, she has same hair as mine but the moment she is away from retina and goes to my imagination she becomes something else, she becomes an object, something perfect, something enticing.

(this is a excerpt from a story)

Why this happens?

That’s the whole topic.

Parallel reality.

Our imaginations are deceptive.

They create a different version of everything.

That’s why I tell you all that never imagine people and associate themselves in that imagination.

You would create a different story out of it.

Objectification starts.

And, just see how companies earn money through your parallel reality.

But, even if I know that I’m imagining.

I find it addictive.

I find it seductive.


Dopamine is the answer.

It is called the pleasure chemical.

When you start taking pleasure in your imagination then this chemical starts to rise and you fall in the trap.

You start having fantasies which are so different and away from reality that.

There’s no away to get you back on track.

This pleasure chemical is what creates objectification and lust.

I don’t want to blame dopamine because it’s necessary, but the mind which pairs this chemical with body of a human.

Pornography is the perfect way of deluding you.

A 2 dimensional video makes this dopamine crazy.


These days Instagram and Facebook images have taken you to parallel reality as well.

Now, question here arises.

If imagination and its advancement to Parallel reality is that negative.

Is it bad to have imagination?

Absolutely not.

Imagination is something which brings creativity.

And creativity is that thing which differentiates between you and me.

Everyone is different in his/her imagination.

All these Movie directors, painters, poets are imaginative people.

It’s because of imagination only that you can forsee things.


What really should we do?

This is a great confusion.

Because imagination is necessary and but it creates a parallel reality which isn’t good.

I think imagination should always be kept under control of intellect.

Under always the influence of thinking.

The pros and cons.

I will show you how.

Whenever imagination comes think whether it leads to fantasies or fears.

If it leads then, stop there.

If you don’t stop you’ll enter a parallel reality which is really seductive and disrupting.

Why this contradiction?

Why reality and imagination.

Are poles apart.

See this photo.

Leandro da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Meditate her on smile.

She’s the western perspective of Yin and yang.

Her smile is seductive and compassionate at same time.

She bears hope and fear at same time.

That’s also reality.

Reality is nothing but present time.

And what adds dimension of time to it is your parallel reality.

Reality is nothing but ambiguity and uncertainty.

And what hope to your reality is not imagination but your work.

There is no dream which can satisfy you, there’s only work that can.

Yes. You use your imagination for your work.

Create mind maps, create graphs in your mind.

Calculate visually.

Remember visually.

Write poems.

Make stories and documentaries.

Yes, be creative.

But, don’t create fantasies and fears.

That’s what Parallel reality does.

It will entice you, keep you in suffering and misery.

The day you break it.

Then you really are free.


I Have a Questionnaire.

1)What are your fantasies (dark/light) ?

2)What are your fears?

3)Do you question your parallel reality ?

4)Have you noted your feelings when you imagine?

And last question.

5) In, which reality are you living? (Real/Parallel)

These questions are for reflection towards your life.

Think about them.

Image credits : Google Images.


32 thoughts on “Parallel Reality.

Add yours

  1. 1)What are your fantasies (dark/light) ?

    I have both dark & light ones. Fantasies are a crazy part of my imagination.

    2)What are your fears?

    Sometimes, I fear that I don’t know what my fears are or that I’m not fearful enough of God. It’s weird, I know. But I think it has to be stagnancy. I prefer change.

    3)Do you question your parallel reality ?

    My parallel reality is a strange & dark place. It just is. I’ve never questioned it because I know & understand why it is that way. I don’t expect people to comprehend any of it though I hate when they jump to conclusions about my state of mind. I’m not depressed. I just like sadness. Which is again a weird thing to say but eh.

    4)Have you noted your feelings when you imagine?

    I think I remember how I feel. I’m excited, pensive, mostly reflective I guess. I haven’t made a detailed analysis of it though but that’s how it feels roughly.

    And last question.

    5) In, which reality are you living? (Real/Parallel)

    Real. Definitely real.

    Also your interpretation of the painting was almost similar to how I felt while making it. I was desperate to be understood without ever questioning my need for dependency on others for their validation about my choices. And contrary to this I was (am, sort of) a secretive person. Sometimes, people end up telling me all about their life without knowing even a little about me. This baffles them but I just need a lot of time to open up with people. After a few wrong friendships I realized that being understood is a waste of time. I can still enjoy life by cracking lame jokes & making people laugh. That’s literally how I make friends although my blog posts make some people think I’m depressed or something. I’m not.

    (So sorry for such a long comment…I mean a rant hehe. Hope you won’t mind! 😀)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, your sketch, I won’t lie, but that was something which touched my mind, I wanted to ask more of your sketches and i would have used in my posts, but felt like we don’t know each other well. I just like your creativity alot, whether it’s your poems or sketches, and I wanted to ask you questions about the place you earlier lived, Saudi Arabia. I am very interested in international relations, but same reason.
      I hope someday we would talk about darkness, sadness and parallel reality. Anyways, thank you for the answers, Subject 01(A tag on whom I conduct experiments)😂😂.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You could’ve (can) mailed me anytime you wanted! I’m always looking forward to mindful conversations, that’s what I live for.
    No need to mention! It was fun answering them 😀 Oh I see, so I’m your subject now lol. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I would have. But, don’t really like conversations on phone or chat, I’m bit old school, monuments, empty streets, green parks. I’m bit choosy, well. That’s what my new blog post is all about 😂.
      Well, yes subject. 😂 That’s right.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know right! It’s much better to talk face to face rather than online. You can never express yourself properly & neither be sure if the other person is genuine. However, I’m okay with texting.
        That’s an interesting topic to write on, I look forward to reading it!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, then be my guest.😊
      Yes, gestures tell us about whether the person is faking or not. You know words can be constructed by mind, but eyes, lips and hand movements they don’t seem to lie that often. You’re an ISTJ, well then you’ve that – Sensing thing too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m an ENTP. Yeah, I always notice all these things when talking to people. I used to look up articles on physiognomy few years back, it’s an interesting field. You should check it out if you haven’t already!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, yes it is, a chemical. Certainly the pleasure chemical of which are addictions are attached, but you know oxytocin is also a chemical, and its called love hormone, I don’t know whether love is oxytocin or whether oxytocin is love,I don’t believe it, maybe someday I would get my answers. Well, then that’s a dark experiment I’m suggesting you, you can perform on your friends 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lol I guess I might try it out! 😁 I read a really interesting blog post about oxytocin & love on WP. I could send you the link if you like, though I’ll have to look for it. I can’t remember the bloggers name.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I read it, it’s really good. But, I have doubts also. I believe in unconditional love, which is certainly different from attached love, but in attached love you know there are dualities for eg, if I’m attached to you and you’re attached to me, then we’ll have pain and suffering but in unconditional it’s not the case. Maybe it can be that oxytocin release is higher in unconditional that’s why feel it so good, this is really a controversial topic. 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It sure is!
        I don’t even know what I believe in yet. I guess I’m just trying to shove aside the whole idea of love until I’ve done stuff for myself. Love alone is never enough. And strangely, at times all we need is love. Nothing else matters. It’s a paradox in itself.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Absolutely, I think whatever we are doing for ourselves it’s somewhat necessary, yes love can’t buy you food. And, these days society is so externally oriented that, finding true love is also a task. And, no one wants to waste his or her time in that when there are so many things to do.
        Either we can find love which isn’t sure or we can enhance our talent. But, also the great paradox you said,that when we find the true love, then our lives, jobs, beauty and money, status hardly matter and we can sacrifice each of them without any regret. I really agree with you.


      7. Yeah, like at this point I feel that I can never compromise for someone else. But it’s a well known fact that love can make us do crazy things. Sometimes, even ego can’t withstand it. But I believe that it’s important to accept each other’s flaws rather than trying to change them. Rather than finding someone who’s exactly like me, I’d prefer someone who’s flaws complete me as a human being.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Yeah, these days this idea is quite prelevant. Well everyone has flaws. I think it’s also that case which flaws you’re going to accept, for example if someone has attention seeking tendencies or maybe is shallow in thinking, you won’t say that, he’s having flaws and everyone has flaws, so it’s okay he can be my partner. I think that would be not a good idea, but if someone doesn’t know English but is devoid of such bad qualities then you can accept him.
        I think, there’s a categorization in flaws also, there are some flaws which can be accepted and some which can’t.


      9. Well, I obviously meant a different category of flaws otherwise it would become impossible to tolerate human beings if we accepted them for being shallow or a people-pleaser. Ah well, we never know what we’re going to end up until it actually happens. It’s nearly impossible to love with our mind.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Certainly. I get you now, and I’m really sorry nameera, I’ve been engaging you in a conversation so long, I really lost the track of time taking to you, it’s quite a time and you’ve been a lady all through this, replying each comment with equanimity and poise.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to answer them. I did seem them, will get back to you as soon as I’m free! I hope you understand & they’re not personal, I’ll be more than glad to answer them (:

        Liked by 1 person

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