Just adding a “Name” to it.


Good Morning to those who live in same time zone.

So, I had an incident to share.

Maybe why I thought of writing a post on it was just the commonality of it.



Once upon a time.

I and my friend had gone to some place and as we’re walking through the lush green roads.

She asked me a thing.

She said ” What’s our relationship like“?

I asked ” What do you mean”?

Now, what she said I got bit worried about her thinking.

She asked “what’s our status.

Are we friends or are we in love?

It’s just I don’t want to be confused.”


I was bit confused.

What type of question is that.

And, I found it to a very shallow thing to answer.

But, still I said.

Whatever we have done in the past, whatever talks we had and how much time we must have spent talking and moving around.

Will all these change.

If you add just a name to our relationship.

Will all the learnings.

Will all the deep conversations.

Will all these things change if I just change the status or name of our relationship.

Will saying that we’re friends or saying we’re in love.

Will things change?

And whatever between you and me is there will it also change.

Why are you adding a “tag” to something which is beyond our comprehension.

Then after all these philosophical words from my side.

She became silent.

I know I’ve made my point.

But, it was not about making a point or proving I’m wise.

It was just removing her from the shackles of doubt.

Where she can accept things as they are and let her flow through it, but not getting entangled in it.

Well then she accepted it.

And, I was happy.

The reason I wrote this post.

Will just adding a name to some relationship.

Will it change everything.


Do we really mean those things.


Does just adding a name to something makes it that.

There have been so many marriages and so many divorces with so many breakups and patch ups.

Even my relationship with this girl ended and today we’re totally away from each other.

Did you notice the unpredictability.

Did these change whatever thing you had with your partner.

So, tomorrow if I change my name to Alexander or To some god.

Will it change me completely?

Will it change my whole personality and whatever the characteristics I have since my birth.

Similarly adding names or tags to relationships only complicates them.

Whether you say you’re best friends, married or say you are girlfriend/boyfriend.

These things may sound good in ears.

But, they also depict out ignorance.

The reason because relationships or marriages are made in the deepest corners of universe.

No one knows what will happen next.

So, it’s better to accept whatever form of relationship we are in today without covering it with sheets of our ignorance.

And then you’ll find yourself more free.

Image credits : Google Images.


13 thoughts on “Just adding a “Name” to it.

Add yours

    1. Yes, friendship does that. But, don’t you think labelling someone friend or not is also not the right thing, for example if you meet someone and you are stranger to him, but there’s something which attracts you to him, you know there’s an attraction. But, still days later you ask yourself to be friends with him, and comfort yourself he’s your friend. But, in real he’s your soulmate or twin flame. Didn’t you misinterpret the relation? (well, here soulmate or twin flame is also names, but what I mean is that, have you heard that moon and earth both are attracted to each other because of gravitational force and all objects on earth are also attracted to earth’s core, similarly we humans are also made of particles, so if someone is very far but he would still attract you, it’s like that, but the degree of attraction depends upon your neural wirings) Well, I wrote too much abstract thing, πŸ˜‚but what just imagine having no names to relationships, and see how free you would be.


      1. Though it’s not related to the post, but You have a dark personality. (it’s not criticizing you, but I wanted to tell you someday, I observed that in you because I also have it)


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