My Visionary Leader.

These days we have elections everywhere.

USA had Senate and Congress Mid-terms then we had Brazil elections and in 2019 we’ve Indian Elections.


We always get mesmerised with the fact that there are elections but we don’t know who’s gonna be our leader.

Have we ever had a vision about this?


A vision.

Something different.

That who should really win the elections.

Who should be my leader.

The man or woman who can really lead.

Not just lead elections. Okay.

Well, I have a dream.

That one day there will be a leader in our country who will bring India the greatest glory it has ever had.

Maybe a small paragraph describing him or her would certainly justify my vision.

I dream of a leader.

Who knows what’s right and what’s wrong even no body around him knows it.

A leader who could speak empathetically to the people even when there are no cameras.

I dream of leader.

Who doesn’t fear elections but fear the anguish in the eyes of the poorest of the poor and wicked smile in richest of the rich.

I see a leader who could talk intellectually with the intelligenstia and empathetically with the common man.

I also dream of a leader who would stop his motorcade when an ambulance passes by just because he knows that someone’s life is more important than his meeting.

There’s a leader who could handle variety of subjects from agriculture, internal security, diplomacy, economics and make everyone praise his vision for his country.

I see a leader who could travel standing in a public bus and sitting in his private jet without any difference.

I also see in him the charm and gentleman behavior that make world believe in love even more.

I could also see a leader who doesn’t hesitate to take right decisions if majority of the world feels its wrong.

A leader who does right with right people and right with wrong people as well.

I could see a leader who not only visits poor households when elections are near but also when he wants to really be with them.

Yes. I see that there’s a leader who would treat his country’s women like he treats his wife and mother.

A leader who knows about his country and people more than he knows about his insecurities.

I also dream of a leader who not only knows what ethics are but also follows it and set an example for his younger brother and sisters living in his country.

I also dream of a leader whose speeches hardly criticize his opposition but instead gives a hope and a dream to the common man of better India.


I also dream of a leader who believes that he’s an idea not a man, because he knows that a man can fail, caught, lost and killed but hundred years later an idea can still change the world.


Is that the leader you want?

If you do.

Then whereever he is and at whatever situation he is.

Always support him.


All women and LGBTQ people out there my posts are gender-free so you can change the gender as per your choice.

Image credits : Google Images.


9 thoughts on “My Visionary Leader.

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  1. Sometimes the simplest of the qualities lile honesty, leaves lasting impact on the other person.
    The way you put across your honest opinion is so much valued…
    Thanks you for inspiring me.
    Keep exploring and keep sharing. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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