Will you still?

Yesterday I watched Vanilla Sky.

It’s a really a mind boggling movie.

Psychological. Tragic. Love story. Dreams. Insecurity.

It’s really hard to predict the storyline at any point of time.

But, I liked the idea of the movie.

And I have combined that idea with my idea, so will probably show that through a poem here.


I will have this poem Gender-free.

Means anyone can realte to it.

I have lost my beautiful face, and its just scars and scars now.

The face which whole world would cling upon now its just synonymous to ugliness.

But, I ask you the question, My love.

Will you still love me?

Will you still kiss that face.

I have lost my arm’s and my leg bone.

I can’t walk properly, I limp every moment I walk.

The man whose walk made whole world jealous of the confidence, is now another, disabled guy.

But I ask you a question, my love.

Will you help me to walk, from bathroom to parks, from hospital to bed.

Will you?

Now, I have lost my intellect, I can’t think properly, I am not intelligent.

The moment when the world went awestruck with my ideas, now I can’t even remain sane.

World calls me Delusional.

But, my love, I’m still sane for you.

I can’t say any beautiful compliments neither I can Crack any joke.

But, I can still say, that I love you.

Even after all this

Will you still love me? ”

So, don’t you all think.

This is the limit and test of the purest love.

If someone stays with you even if all this has happened with you and he/, she still remains with you then that’s everything you’ve got.

There’s nothing in this world beautiful than that man or woman who stays with you even if after all this.

Then I can say, you’ve got True love.

Now, The other idea I want to talk about is.

The double face of the world.

Like, when you’re rich, handsome/beautiful and successful, then everyone wants to talk to you, be with you and maybe do everything with you.

But, suddenly when dices of destiny change and you become the person that’s stated in the poem, then everyone wants to avoid you, backbitch about you and laugh at you.

Don’t you think?

That it’s stupid to even trust such people.


Are they really worth your time and energy.

What i want to say is that.

Follow what you love.

And, choose somebody who is pure from heart, the person who knows what true love is.

And, What about the world where dubious and malicious people live.

I would say.

If the world is that dubious.

If they change that way.

Then just forget this world.


Even if you achieve anything in the world where such malicious people live.

Then certainly, that achievement is worth nothing.


This is my 100th post.

Do congratulate me. (πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚)

Image credits:Vanilla Sky.


4 thoughts on “Will you still?

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  1. congratulations πŸ™‚
    The best path in life is living with reality and living in present. being pure without any expectations from anyone, relying on self, being better regularly.
    we generally want everything very soon, but the best practice is realizing that not everything comes at once rather it’s a state of progression.
    love this post.
    thanks for writing πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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