Create Yourself.

There has been lot of motivational quotes and youtube videos out there.


Sometimes I wonder whether they serve any purpose.


Motivation is a complex term.

And quite temporary too.



It’s necessary.


There’s a question i ask you?

Have you ever imagined the type of person you want to be?

Maybe everyone.

But, have you created that type of personality in you.

Maybe not.

If yes, then there’s no need to read the following paragraphs. πŸ˜›

It’s okay.

You can read.

Well the problem in creating yourself arises due to your past habits.

We all now.

That habits play an important role and they are very deep.

My post on samskaras will help you know the importance of habits.


How to know which habits support your goal and others don’t?

Quite simple.

Have a mission in life.


A mission.

Maybe that can be helping others, loving someone, personal excellence or whatever you like.

It can be anything.

But, yes be comfortable with it.

It shouldn’t be made out of impulses or society dictating you.

So now you have figured out your mission.

Now, how will you attain that mission?

Quite simple again.

By inculcating the habits which are in tandem with it.


Here’s an example.

There’s a guy who says he wants to win Olympics gold medal in swimming.


What would you or anybody suggest?

To swim daily.


To keep improving in it.

That’s all.


Keep in mind that your mission is like a trunk of the tree and its branches are the ways you can achieve


If your aim is for personal excellence(trunk) .

Then there are various ways like sports, dance, studies or maybe acting. (like branches)

Choose any one branch.


It’s like jumping on a tree, where you choose a branch wisely.

So that it doesn’t break.

It’s like that only.

Choose something that you love.

Now you have got the path also.


What next?



The more obsessed you are with your the habits.

The better you will get.



Here comes the best thing to do.

Whenever there’s a thought in mind that says you do something else which is not related to your purpose.

Ask a question.

Will it serve my purpose?

If yes. Go for it.

If no. Reject it as a poison.

Be it.

Hanging out with people who don’t share similar life values .

Watching TV series which are useless.


You should be merciless.

And you should be merciless in your work also.


Keep on practicing.

Keep on improving.

But only in the those habits which support your goal.


Do have few things only. (there’s a post on few things also, Do read it)

Don’t aspire everything.

Just few habits.

I know emotions, societal backbitching, physical pain, laziness.

Everything will be there.


As i said preserve.

And reject everything as a poison.

And one day you would realize you have become the man or woman that you will always wanted to be.

Go. Create Yourself.

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24 thoughts on “Create Yourself.

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  1. I agree there is a lot of motivation out there but what you really need to do is ‘Do Something’, set goals or as you say mission than work on it until you achieve it!πŸ˜€ Such an awe inspiring post!!πŸ™Œ Good job πŸ‘

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  2. Very true of you saying that motivation is temporary. It’s like even if we have a goal in mind we tend to loose the zest in it. Motivation which nudges a lot comes from people who achieved something because of their determination and did not loose hope after they started. Reminds me of gyming when one wants to come into shape but then just run away after a few days of working out.
    I have been of the same principle in other words of the belief that now that we have landed on planet earth we have a purpose in life which needs to be fulfilled and we should be working on it to achieve it. As you said there are so many YouTube videos recommended and sometimes I find myself getting hanged on those which don’t mean anything or building any type of knowledge so I abandon watching it. That is a minute step to my purpose. We achieve with obsessions and decline with it too, just need to find the right obsession to the right path. This post is actually motivating because it makes my mind straight again to the one track I have to walk rather then balancing on two, like a reminder. Also challenges are a part of us right? After all that what makes us humans because we are filled with different challenges but then we however face it. It’s better not to sit and mourn for the failures but get up again. Easy to say but hard to do but again everything does not comes easy and so we need to take hard parts in life.
    Thank you for such an informative post would love to read more of your write ups. Keep writing and best wishes.

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    1. Perfectly interpreted by you.
      I think you seemed to be confused regarding goals, it’s okay to be.
      But, the thing is do find one or two goals which matter to you and the way you achieve them.
      That’s it. Then reject everything be it people, enjoyment or maybe anything else.
      I know boredom would be there because you would be doing those things only. But, that’s you have to bear. I too face such things, and I do give up sometimes.
      But, you need to do them.
      And one thing, start developing fear of not getting the goal, fear means spiritual fear not materialistic.
      What i do nowdays is, I reject everything whether its thinking, acting and speaking on or about people, situations which aren’t related to my purpose.
      This way, boredom comes but you’ll have a laser like focus.
      In simple terms reject everything which doesn’t matter.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


      1. Yeah you can say that I am confusedπŸ˜‚. Well it doesn’t matter, I guess it is just meant to be. I am figuring out a goal also that I have vast choices so fishing out one is a task but I can go from a broader to a narrower path. This post is quite familiar to me as this is what I have been taught from the very beginning to focus on one and reject the rest. The rest for me is what is called “ittar pravatti”.😁 but then it’s true.
        Yeah I am introduced with consequences and that is the reason I am also inspired by you that boredom or no boredom achieving will lead to ultimate good and fun.
        And I promise I seriously use these techniques and solutions you introduce me to, I really do and I feel much more open and light. This is a big deal for me right now so yeah it is the only thing I have to do so I will get somewhere. Thank you for your humble words they always help me.


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