What you feed? 


I’m not going to talk about feeding you. 

Or any burger session is not going to take place.  (will do give you examples related to it:P) 

So what you feed is somewhat related to our mind. 

Feed as we all think as eating,  isn’t it. 

Yeah so the same goes what you eat with your mind. 

Certainly examples will make this post very clear. 


What examples should i give? 

Related to my life. Okay(i think you guys are those who haven’t met me and still know everything about me :P) 

So keeping the privacy issues behind and national development in front. 

I will certainly give you alot examples 😁😇


Well we all have heard about that famous quote. (if you haven’t here it is) 

-What you think. That you become. 

Simple enough.


Today these days with proliferation of internet. 

Things like social media which includes whatsapp, facebook and youtube have taken majority of our time. (don’t worry I’m not going to give you a ted talk on its harmful effects) 

Okay. Phew. 

Now. Some examples. 

First. Related to our ego and fears. 

You know everyone fears something. 

Means, things which I fear can mean nothing to you or vice versa. 

So first example. 

When I was in college. 

I feared that what will happen if i fail(exams) 

So. This was just a thought. 


What really happened? 

I was extremely attached to the notion of success and failure. 

It was like my whole life was dependent upon that exam (university exam) 

I was fearful. I was emotionally overwhelmed. My cognitive ability became nil. 

Now. Lets get to the root cause. 

You know when there is truth there is no fear. 

And fear generally derives its food from our wrong desires. 

So, what was my desire?? 

Were they wrong or right. 

Let’s see. 

So. Here i am. 

Wanting to score very good marks. Why marks? 

Umm. To show off maybe. To derive satisfaction or maybe you can say people will accept me if i have good marks. 


You can say. Maybe to derive my identity from them

(how stupid i was, I derived my identity from those two digits written in red pen thinking that they can weigh my qualities) 

So. The idea of success and failures has been ingrained in our minds so much that we feel that there is nothing beyond marks and nothing will be beyond it. 

Now. Lets come to my example. 

You know I used to study day and night when I was in class 8. (my parents told me to take a break, you know i didn’t cared of heat or cold) 

And people used to say that I work hard. 

I laughed at their ignorance even at that age. It’s just because I never considered studying “HARD WORK”. 

For me it was all natural. 

Then how come in college i changed. 


This is what I fed my mind. 

I fed it that marks means comfort. Marks mean acceptance. Marks mean good life partner. 

My mother used to say “Agar marks nhi ayenge toh acchi ladki nhi milegi.” 

I understand now why she said so. 

I was reading some newspaper and read matrimony section there. 

Advertisements there were making a mockery of true love. As if its some business deal is going on. 

Look here is an example. 

Name: ABC(Fair and handsome) 

Package:12 Lpa(for MBA) 

Job: IAS(for government service) 

Family:well respected and dignified family. (i dont think so) 

Now. See their condition. 

Only fair and beautiful IAS/IIM/IPS girl may apply. 

I thought for once. (i laughed at their ad) 

I just couldn’t digest this advertisement. 

Now. This is what society does. It will feed you with things which you won’t believe. But still when you remain so engrossed or constantly with them then you will become like that. 

But i have a simple idea that you can apply  and even in dirt you will be flawless (but it’s tough not impossible) 

I will give you that formula (:P). Later. 

So few more examples. 


 The crimes like Rape, Eve teasing or Molestation. 


With onset of Internet. 

There are some websites which show sex in utterly disgusting way. (more of a selfish pleasure) 

I will make you understand don’t worry. 


When we are engrossed in those websites. We believe that this is the only pleasure worth living for. 

I don’t know of girls(you know why) 

But i do know of boys (you still know why :P, because I’m a boy) 


When we see those images or movies. We feel like that this the only thing. 

You know. Tendency to feel attracted. Tendency to have sex these are very natural things like breathing or eating food. 

But what happens. When you aren’t hungry? 

Do you still eat food. No. 

But you may eat when depressed. (am i right :P) 


 when you don’t have to have children or dont feel any intimate connection(true love) for your partner then still why do you want to have it. (I’m talking  about everything related to sense pleasure) 

To feel relieved or has it become your habit. 

I don’t know you decide. 

Now. When you will constantly feed your mind with images, movies, words and then analyse and imagine. 

Then you will start believing that this is the only pleasure to live for. 

Isn’t it?? 

Do you know it’s harmful effects? 

What type of person you are becoming. 

When you will constantly analyse or imagine that thing. Then those images will certainly go in your real life. 

Then you will start imagining any girl with that pleasures only. 

And when pleasures aren’t satisfied. You know what happens. 

Destruction of society. 


You become a demon. 

You lose your power of discrimination between true love and lust. 

You desire someone’s body. 

Then Rape. Murder and Molestation become right things for you. 

Now I have talked about feeding through external things (like marks or bodies or sense pleasures) 

Here i will talk about internal feeding.(examples will be there don’t worry :P) 

Well internal feeding means. 

Things you imagine or things you keep on overthinking. 

Well in above examples also thinking and imagining were present but they derived there source from external things like marks and all. 

Here thinking and imagination will derive there source from thoughts. 

Have you guys planted a tree? 

I had. 

I had planted a tree of negativity in my mind. 

How i did this? 

You know. 

When I was in college. 

Some random thoughts kept on coming. Maybe they were from others insecurities or other’s desires or just any thought. 

So i kept on thinking them

And later i found that other’s insecurity have become mine also. 

Means one day i didn’t feared what he said. But later i started to fear like him. 


Thinking and imagining. 


What was that thought/word? 

“bhai Agar padhega nhi toh kuch nhi hoga”. 

Quite similar to first example.

 Isn’t it. 


So How feeding this thought made me cry? 

At presently. I left three job offers (i told you earlier) (not showing off :P) 

Just to do what I believe in, I believe I can really do well so that this country benefits. (Hope so) 


The sad part. 

Sometimes i too feel. 

That had I did the right thing of leaving those offers. 

When you don’t work and choose to study. The whole society thinks that you are inferior or mediocre. 

Those taunts from family and relatives become your every day news. 

Those comparisons with others become your constant conversation. 

When you see others. 

You start to feel vulnerable. Thoughts like below become your constant partner. 

What if you fail. What if you don’t get that. What if. 

You feel that it was better to get that temporary pleasure of job. 

But then, Had I taken that job. (it was foreign) 

I would have never got an opportunity to work for the place where I was born. 

The place which gave me everything from a great college to such a great heritage. 

The place where my people seems in pain. 

The place where my friends and family and even strangers helped me without getting anything in return. 


I didn’t thought anything.

I knew that I if i dont answer my call to serve. I knew I will never be happy. I knew that I won’t be that guy that I always wanted to be. 


I stopped feeding that demon of fear. 

I stopped thinking about it. 

I told that demon on his face. 

I don’t want your money. I don’t want any reputation. I don’t want any thing which you make me fearful of. 

And then that demon vanished. 

That demon arises. It can arise from anywhere. Whether it’s from your mind or your relatives mind or your friends mind. 

It’s then and then. 

You say no that demon. You make a wall so strong in your mind so that demon cannot enter it. 


Don’t worry I’m going to end this shortly (:P) 

As I have stated above that I choose my life’s calling. 

So here i want you that you choose a calling that’s inherent in you and which isn’t affected by other’s opinion and even your ego(most important) 

So it can be anything. 

From musician to artist. 

From civil servant to corporate manager. 

All work are equal. 

Even if i aspire to work for my country that doesn’t mean that someone who is a musician is inferior to me. 

It’s completely wrong to make such distinction. 

As everyone’s call is personal. 


Always. Always. 

Do check what you are thinking, seeing or talking. 

If you are constantly feeding all the wrong things then I’m sorry that you are on wrong path. 

And if you are constantly feeding what you believe in. 

I believe that you will be the person who you really are and one day we will certainly meet. 


This is upto you what you believe in. 

And at last its completely upto you that what you really feed in. 

It’s just. 

What you think. That you become. 


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