The Hero within. 

Last but not the least.

You know guys there comes a stage in everyone’s life where he has to answer his call. (life work)

This is the time when the guy/girl gets ready for the ultimate path.

But the thing is material possessions can cloud our spirit so much that we are never able to answer this call.

Well, we can just get deluded in mere sensory gratifications, emotional support, ego boost or running after success.

When we look around its just that we look for ourselves.

That selfishness goes deep inside and becomes our second nature.

That hatred becomes our source of judgement.

Till now.

I have written many blogs with many many examples.

The blogs talked from materialistic beliefs to capability building and mental process.

Frankly speaking, our life is not much more than that.

And a time really comes when we have to forgo our own comforts, desires and feelings for the cause we have to work upon.

I really need to ask.

What you really live for?

What is that cause that can make you live beyond your own limitations?

So now here I begin my post.

The hero within.

I know that everyone cannot live for others that’s completely understandable.

I know there are people for whom getting the basic necessities in life becomes troublesome.

But about those guys who have enough of everything.

Why they still want to acquire more of those things which they already have.

Like for example if I have a mobile phone of Rs 15000 then why I want to buy a phone of Rs 50000. Why?

Leave this question. It was just to remind you that these desires are unlimited and not worthy to pursue.

From the very beginning, i used to read books on heroes, then used to watch movies on them and how they used to save people, help others and love selflessly.

I used to be very happy whenever the hero saved the girl or protected the poor.

But, when I switch on my television. I want to switch it off. (but I cannot)

I can’t turn it off.

Whenever I watch news regarding women getting raped, acid attacked or son killing parents or leaving them.

I feel very bad deep down.

Yesterday I was watching a video in which there was water contamination(arsenic) and people had got cancer.

At that moment I understood the importance of water.

I understood that how lucky I am that I have got the privilege of pure water.

Then as I was reading some newspaper so it was written that how a woman who was stalked by some miscreants got justice as she was the daughter of some high profile person. (not recent one)

I felt then.

What about those girls whose family isn’t high profile?

Are we really creating a society in which respect, dignity and justice are only for the high profile people?

What about the girls of that vegetable seller or that labour?

Aren’t they entitled to justice? (sadly this happens)

I will give you one example from my life.

One day there was a labour working in my house.

So there were two instances.

One day as he was working on my terrace so he dropped some small pebbles down and cars where parked. Thankfully the pebbles didn’t hit the car.

Later we told our neighbours to park the cars somewhere else.

That guy said to my father.

“sahab, agar uss gaadi par pathar lag jata toh mae toh barbad hojata, meri zindagi bhar ki kamai mae bhi gadi nhi aa pati”

I was listening to him.

Deep down it made me feel very sad.

Then once again.

He asked my father ” Saab, aap government mae kaam krte hae”

My father said “Yes”

Then he said” Saab, Hume bhi kahi lagwa do, bacho aur biwi ki zindagi sudhar jayegi ”

As I wasn’t present my father told me this.

And I didn’t  said anything.

I just felt those words.

Moving on.

There has been alot of news regarding murder or rapes.

I always thought that why I wasn’t present there, I could have stopped it.

But, this is not the case.

Even I could have stopped one then there would be hundreds happening at other places.

The idea I see of my country sometimes makes me sad.

But. At the same time.

I have seen many people doing things so beautifully that I can’t stop praising them.

Yes. There are men and women even children who do things selflessly.

The boy who gives his seat to old man or woman.

The soldier protecting our country even on Siachen glaciers.

Our prime minister(Narendra Modi) working tirelessly to solve basic problems.(i know many won’t agree, but listen to his ideas they are very good if you understand them deeply).

Then teachers teaching poor children without any fee.


Our ancestors (from freedom fighters to intellectuals to spiritual leaders) who gave us so much so that we can live freely and don’t have any problems

To be frankly speaking.

If swami Vivekananda and his teachings would have not been there I could have been living in depression and in midst of all negativity.

I feel that if people these people would have not been here how we could have really lived.

We could have been executed. We could be jailed. Our sisters or mothers could have lost their dignity.

It’s just because of some great men and women who lived and gave everything they could so that everyone remains safe, peaceful and happy.

They didn’t care for their own comfort and life.

It’s just they knew that if they would have also run after things for their own satisfaction.

Then the world would have certainly become a very bad place to live.

I won’t take much time.

And would end this to Let you think that what really matters to you?

I really want you guys to think.

It’s just that from here on.

You have to decide which path you want to take.

And the path only will decide the fate of this great nation and the principles that it stands on.

Here’s a poem from the Indian army.

Which I hear very often.

” I am son/daughter to two mothers one born me but the other my country she made me, she made me the man that I am.

And every time she calls I shall hear and I shall heal.

For she sings for me in my hour of need ((country(India)  is singing for the boy or girl who wants to work for her(country-India)))

___-” Tu hi sab kuch. Tu hi Jaan Meri. Tere hatho ke lakeeron mae taqadeer meri. Tu jo haare(fail) hae haar meri. Uthae saar bhi mera ho jeet teri.

Tu na chalega Akela kabhi ki sang chalegi meri dua(blessing).

Tu na thakega(tired) kabhi ki takat(strength) tujhme hae lakho(lakh or million)ki.

Tu chalta chal. Tu chalta chal.

Tu badhta chal. Tu badhta chal.

Tu ladta chal. Tu ladta chal.

Tujhe janma(born) tha jis din maine ek sukoon sa tha seene(soul)mae mere ki mehfoos(protected)  hoo mae tere hatho mae.

Tu na chalega Akela kabhi”

(I’m sorry for guys who can’t understand hindi as this song was in Hindi and I didn’t want to spoil it by translating it but i have provided English translation to some words which seem to be vague in Hinglish)

This is where I leave you to decide.


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