Unconditional Help. 

I think these days I’m writing too many blogs.

What can I say?

Am I aspiring to be a writer?


So. Why?

I have Increased the number of posts.

I think there are things which I need to share. I think there are experiences which you need to understand and then apply in your life.

Guys. As I told you.

That whatever or whoever you are. Please Learn.

I have faced a painful life.

Like opposition in every sector be it health, career, relationships, and most importantly my own mind emotions.

Even if you guys learn something from me without experiencing the pain.

I will be satisfied.

Satisfied that my blog posts are in the right direction.

But. If you don’t think and don’t analyze yourself.

Then you will only face the consequences.

After all, it’s your life.

So. Now the topic.


A word which is very common.

A word which everyone needs.

A word without which world cannot work.

A word which everyone can give.


Sadly these days.

The world help has become merely a business.

I will certainly give you examples (:P)

From the very beginning. (Today is friendship day, so few examples from the bond)

I made friends. A large number of friends. The best thing is that I never had back – stabbers or competitors as friends.

I had friends who were very very(you cannot imagine :P) naughty, who studied nil and who studied very well.

It’s just my whole criteria of being friends with a person was that it was very natural means as that I got friends without thinking much (as of God’s grace) and just a connection. (whether boys or girls)


Few lines. How these days friendships have been molded into.


I heard a girl.

She said that I need to have friends who study well and get good marks. (Ms businesswoman)


It’s just that she too wanted good marks.


Someone said.

I need to be his friend he had lot of contacts and if I become his friend then I will also excel(the boot licker)

You see.

The criteria.

These are those people who are utterly selfish. (To be frank)

They think friends as business partners.

For them.

Friendship is like a memorandum of understanding. (MOU’s do google the term)

Chanakya too said that No two people can be friends without any personal need.

If he’s right.

Then I have certainly proved him wrong. (i guarantee this)


When I was a child when I came into my society.

I was the new guy.

I didn’t know. What to do?

Then I saw few boys playing. I asked could I play, they said yes.

And I played with them.

Then next day. They started shouting.

“Siddharth Siddharth” as I live on the top floor.

So I went and we played a lot.

Days became months, Months became years and years became a decade.

I think we guys had so much of understanding and bro-code that there wasn’t a single thought of jealousy, even a single word of ego wasn’t there.

We never judged anyone for their marks. (these days you go to a college you will see group of students judging you by your marks)

I had a friend who even failed miserably.

But those were the guys who scored 100/100 in the purity of heart.

And you might be thinking that I have got deviated from the topic?

I haven’t.

See friends do help.

But the sole criteria of friendship shouldn’t be personal development or think of using him /her. (I’m not saying you become friends with robbers or anti-social elements).

But let friendship be guided naturally and just from purity (heart) nothing else is required.

I have seen people saying that make good friends.

And I asked who all to make friends?

They said people who score well, people who are good looking or people who have a good network.

I said.

Great Mentality.

I left that girl /boy that day only.

Seriously. I have seen people who make strategy to win people or make friends (so much of struggle)

I guarantee you if these are your friends then you don’t need enemies.

If you have these friends then I guarantee you will invite so much negativity in your life.

So the friendship topic ends here.

Now going to another form.

Have you heard words like poor and rich?

Certainly, you have.

Now can you tell me the difference?

What happens when a poor family or a rich family enters a shopping complex?

Guys. You know I’m a very great observer (i read people :P)


A woman in saree, boys in slippers and the man of the family also in slippers. Speaking in Hindi.

Just seeing the items in the complex.

Then there is another family. Man in shoes(Nike), children speaking in English and their mother giving instructions only in English(there are some who genuinely talk in English, but there are some who just talk in front of others)


The salesman.

Whom do you think he will entertain or help to find their choice.?

You yourself know the answer.

It’s soul wrenching.

Can you imagine the self-confidence of the poor family who isn’t treated well? (how will that father of two children feel)

Same is with different organization be it private or government.

I won’t go in deep.

But it’s just that if you the capacity to pay or have influence then only you can expect help from others.


One more example.

The showy helpers.

With the advent of social media.

With the advent of recognition.

We have interlinked help and recognition together (worst than not helping)

These days you can see people helping or providing help so that they can get recognition from society.

From NGO, government ministers, or even common man(I’m not saying everyone does this, but there are some who do this)


If a guy gives the girl a seat in metro or on the bus.

Do look at his intentions. (not only his actions)

When you will see his action and intentions both then only you will understand that he did it out of morality or selfishness (maybe he want to impress you :P, be ready girls)


One more example. See this example is bit centered to me (somewhat ego centric :P)

So don’t think that I’m good. Just think that I did the right thing

Now. Once I went to write an exam for a blind student.

So when I was writing.

Then one of the staff members came and gave me 100 rupees.

I said “Ye kiss baat ke liye” (what is this for)

He said its given to everyone.

I said ” iss kaam ke mae paise nhi leta” (i don’t take money for this work)

(i know im self-boasting here, but don’t worry i will ridicule myself in the next example :P)

So he said. It’s not for your service. It’s for your travel expenses paid by the government (this is when I took the money being satisfied by the reason)

See guys can you relate??

Can you, the above example should click in your mind??

No. (okay)

This example is related to your work. See when you are doing something.

How good it would be that we do work for the work itself.

Like you are in government and you did someone’s work. So he came and gave you money (corruption).

So what if you say?

That mae iss kaam ke paise nhi leta.

So in the above example, I accepted the money just because it was my travel expense.

How good it is that if you relate your facilities or salary just to satisfy your basic needs (In actual it is like that only, we should do our work without any gain. If the government or any organization is giving you salary or facilities think that it’s just for basic needs, in reality, it is like that)


Today what happened.

I gave my parking ticket to the person who handles the parking facility.

So normally it’s 10 rupees for 6 hours.

So he said that its Rs 20.

I said ” How come”

He said night charge and its 9 pm. (he thought I’m stupid)

I recited the whole government policy (then he understood that he was dealing with the wrong guy)

So he finally said” bhaiya, aaj Sunday hae aur bikri kaam Hoi hae parchi ki toh aap 20 dedo”(today business was bad so give me 20 rupees)

I said “No”(the guy was also not well off, but look at his actions)

I gave him 10 rupees only and went off he said nothing. (see how I’m so selfish :P)

Later I told him. It’s not about 10 rupees or 100

It’s about what you do. (so if today I would have given him 20 rupees he would certainly get motivated to earn the money through wrong ways)
So there are various dimensions to it.

Everywhere help is present.

Somewhere Someone is helping someone.

But why he is helping.

Is what matters the most.

So guys do analyze your actions.

Because I have just written about both of them.

Now it’s up to you what help you give.

I’m sorry that I don’t have trendy conclusion today.

But I have something.

It’s “Happy unconditional friendship day”

(like a small kid)


7 thoughts on “Unconditional Help. ”

  1. Unconditional friendship is hard to find nowadays Siddharth
    Most of the people are friends just to satisfy their needs
    The core meaning of friendship has changed
    Atleast I can say that for my generation the ones born in the 1990’s are that way
    It’s like they have work they entertain you ,if not they won’t entertain you
    Just like mood swings it’s need swings
    You can say I still haven’t experienced the perfect friendship as yet
    I see two best friends and then I find the same best friends bitching for eachother
    What is the use ?
    People making big groups isn’t of any use of during the difficult time , not even one of them is standing with you to understand you

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, sadly there are friends who are like as you stated. But the only thing you can do is to be friends with the ones who are good.
      If it’snt possible then you become your best friend as its better than having people who are bad. 😊


      1. I completely agree with you I have seen many loners who love themselves take themselves out for coffee , on dates , go for movies alone I think being your own best friend it better you end up expecting less because you trust yourself that atleast you won’t be leaving yourself in the worst of the situations
        I don’t find today’s friendship’s worth it ,in very Rare cases

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! I usually don’t comment on posts, but couldn’t help commenting on this one. I loved how you explained your point of view on pure friendships and totally agree as well as relate to it. Just wanted to tell you that I love the uniqueness of your blog and the way you express yourself – direct & to the point. It’s pretty amazing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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