Beyond Limits. 

Hey. Guys.


These days we hear alot regarding comfort zone, limits and what not.


Every motivational quote search on google has always two quotes

One is that, go beyond your comfort zone and second one is break your limits.

These days every now and then these words our popping everywhere.


I would like to discuss them regarding my personal experience.

When I was in class 9 or 10.

My friend told me, “Zyada maat padh, dimak phat jayega”. (don’t study too much, your mind will blow up)


My father told mae ” itni exercise maat kar,  bimar hojayega” (don’t exercise too much, you will become ill)

Then my mother ” itna maat ambitious ban, pagal hojayega”. (don’t be over zealous, you will become mad)


One one of my adventure-cum-friend “bas bhai, ab rukk jaa (when I insisted to climb one more mountain)

Now. I don’t know.

Whether they are protecting me or limiting?

I think they are limiting me.

They were showing me my limits.

That human body cannot endure too much.

But, I firmly believe that we are capable beyond imagination.

I will give you examples from my life (please think. Yes you all. Do think and relate if they happen in your life or not)

I was into running, so I thought that let’s increase the course.


When I reached the end.

There was an automatic voice which popped in my head. See here.

“Don’t run more, you can’t.

” You are tired stop”

“Stop you fool, you will lose your breath ”

Then what happens.

I gave up.


One more example.

I studied for 3 hours continously one day so i thought to increase 1 more hour.

Then. Then the thoughts popped up. See again.

“Stop. You. Your mind is saturated”

“Take a break. You have done enough”

“please, stop. See go out. You have completed. You cannot study more”

Then again.

I gave up.

So days passed and I became irritated with my process, it’s because that I wasn’t able to grow.

Stagnation filled me.

Growth became zero.


After deep analysis.

I found that it is this voice or mental thought or these feelings only which have made me a prisoner.

A stagnant human being.

I became very angry with myself.

So now.

What happened next. (a hero borns :P)


After completion of the regular path of running when I tried to increase its course.


Here is what I did.

“hey dont do this. You can’t do this. Don’t run more”

Then i said. “Let it be”.

I ignored that thought and kept on running till I completed my new milestone.

Then in studies. (will help you alot)

“hey, stop. Mind has become saturated.”

” You won’t understand anything ”

” stop, you idiot ”

Then again.

I said ” I dont care”.

Again and again these thoughts came.

And again and again i ignored them(hey dont fight with them or entertain them)

Don’t entertain these limiting thoughts. Just live above them. (ignore them and do your work)


The knowledge (most important)

How i came to the conclusion that I can break my limits?

It’s because stagnation is death.

We die every day if we don’t grow.


It’s the one of the great qualities of your spirit.


Guys you are not your thoughts or feelings.

You are a hero/heroine who can do anything for your love(work) .

So find your passion and keep on breaking your limits (its not the conclusion :P)



In the society.

As I said that there are people who will not support you.

Even your parents can decrease your self confidence.

Even your friends or teachers.

And most importantly.

Your thinking can also make you a prisoner of these stupid thoughts.

It’s just you have to live above them.

We don’t fight our demons its just we live above them.(limiting thoughts)

Moreover have knowledge about yourself, believe that you are a hero/heroine associate yourself with those divine qualities and then you will certainly become free.

It’s not easy.

But The view is incredible when you will reach the top.

And how will you reach the top?

By practice. (practice of breaking your limits)

And secondly (but most important)

Knowledge of the hero within you.

If you start to believe in that hero and stop believing in that demon.

You will rise.

You will rise like a phoenix rises from its own ashes.


Finally. (ending quote :P)

From captain america civil war.

This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — “No, YOU move.

Image credit – Furiosa from Mad Max fury road (she nearly died while saving people and those blood spots on her face are her medals)


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