The last lesson. 


Don’t cry. Please. I’m not going forever just few years. (maybe 2)


At the end. 

I would give you a last bit of experience which I have (already given you all everything :P) 

You know I always had a choice to live a life without any ambition without any relationships without any thinking or without any activity. 

But i didn’t choose that monk life to be peaceful. 

I always wanted to be the person who I am and it took me 23 years to find myself. 

It’s just I have found myself. 

Now the task is even tougher. It’s to photocopy that person into my mind which is a storehouse of past desires, emotions and thoughts. 

And I believe this path is same for everyone whether a girl or boy, Indian or foreigner. 

At the end we are all the same. 

I have written till now around 21 blogs and friends i have never planned them its just that i opened the wordpress app and started writing. 

Even now I’m doing the same. (this is confidence :P) 


Today i dont have any topic to write. 

But still. 

I will still write hoping that you all may gain some knowledge and you don’t do the same mistakes. I know you will still do but then you will understand and then take my blog seriously 😛 


The main thing. 

O my friend you are not that car. 

O my friend you are not that beautiful face. 

O my friend you are not that job. 

O my friend neither you are that money. 

My friend you are phenomenal being. 

You are here to be at peace and love the world not to hate it. 

My friend you are not your thoughts and emotions but you are certainly the knowledge of your soul. 

The day will come when you will realize that the society which teaches us everything doesn’t mean that it teaches us all the right things. 

At the end it’s only you and your experiences which are real and permanent. 

There is no use of that house or car or that bank balance if you are not happy. 

There is no use of living that life which you don’t want to live. 

But. I know 

There is a life which you believe. 

There is a life. 

Which someone really wants you to live. 

And that’s your spirit. 

Live a life according to that. 

I know its tough and I also fail but i dont leave that life. 

Because at the end it’s the only life that i believe in. 

(slow clapping) 😛

Well friends this is where I leave. 

And frankly speaking if you require any help there’s a contact section do use that. 

Good luck 🙂 


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