A life less ordinary. 

Hey, guys.

I know you all might be thinking that how come this guy is talking about his web page address? (Poor question though :P)

What he is up to?

Something related to the internet or has he gone mad.


So friends today I would like to talk about a lot of things.

Mainly about means and the work you want to do in life.

Your life in particular.

In simple words, Your passion.

You know I will tell you something about an experience I had in life (don’t share with anyone=Chutzpah level infinite :P)

So please read it with great attention.I have no purpose to write blogs other than that people read it and analyze it.

So here it goes.

I was in Class 8. My mom went out of the station and my father usually comes late in the evening so i was all alone.

Most importantly. I had an exam next day.

But as usual, i was tension free. I never had any intention of coming first or passing the exam or any lust for success.

So. Still, i studied that day for around 8-9 hours without any pain.

I didn’t know that it could be a big thing. It wasn’t for me. It’s just I was doing what I liked doing. No pressure from inside or outside.

Then. In the evening my father came.

So in a conversation.

He told my mother that “Siddharth has gone mad, he is not leaving his books”.

I ignored him and went on doing what I did.

Then at that age. I used to play so much that my mother use to come down and take me home at 9 pm.(i was at my best :p)

During whole my life up to now. I have done a lot of things from paragliding to rafting to trekking to rappelling and finally lots of sports. (hey, I’m not boasting :P)

So. Yeah.

Why I’m showing off all my hobbies or interests?

Okay. So this is the topic.

Now. I entered college.

A complete shutdown.

Learning deteriorated due to rote learning culture and the lust of getting marks prevailed.

Physical fitness deteriorated due to my lust for junk food and laziness.

Character degraded due to attachment to temporary pleasures.

In midst of all this.

I was very disturbed.

I was confused that what I was doing.

Now. When I used to study I found that I was studying for marks.

When I slept for more hours or ate junk food I knew I was eating for the pleasure of taste.

When I flirted with girls and wasted time without any purpose I knew I was making myself a very stupid person.

With time pain grew. With time guilt grew.

I looked at myself one day.

I asked is this Who I am?

Is this the person I want to become?

Is this the person who would stay determined on truth every time?

Is this the person India needs?

My conscience and mind were in a conversation.


I gathered myself. I was determined that I will become the person that I want to be.

But due to my past habits and emotional baggage I was uncomfortable at first.

But. I knew.

That only person can help me.

And the person is “ME”

I remember I studied day and day out regarding everything.

From. Self-help books to constantly analyzing my habits.

How to overcome fears?

How to be physically fit?

How to increase concentration?

How to increase stamina?

How to overcome desires?

How to improve?

What to eat?

What not to eat?

How to face emotions?

This was my google search history for entire day and most importantly every day.

Then as time passed.

I started to read Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta, Swami Vivekananda books, Eckhart Tolle, gentleman etiquettes and various other articles.

Most importantly.

I analyzed myself. I started to think that what are those things which make me happy (not temporary but permanent)

I gathered a lot of things.

And I came to the fact.

Studying. Physical fitness. Conscience awakening (eternal knowledge) were the things which I wanted to pursue.

But here is a catch.

These things should not be made a means to get something temporary because you will make a mockery out of yourself.


It’s just you will be under the constant influence of struggle Mindset.

So please Develop a Higher taste.

Now. The understanding part. Why I gave this example.

How many you of know people like Virat Kohli, Cristiano Ronaldo, Albert Einstein, Sachin Tendulkar, Newton, Nikola Tesla?

Did you Think what they are doing or did?

Just because for the pleasure of fame. Girls talking to them or salary.

Could they have reached such a height of human excellence if they would have bounded by physical relationships (I’m not against marriage 😛 or love) or money?

Nope. It’s just they loved doing what they did.

So I would like to ask you a question?

Do you want to be mediocre all your life?

With poor concentration. With degraded character. With poor health

Do you want to live a life where you work for just to earn some salary?

Do you want your life to end in the mere struggle for your own attachment?

Do you want to live a life where you tell your children that money and fame are the only things to aspire for?


Do you want to solve problems lighting quick?

Do you want to love your partner unconditionally?

Do you want to take your children and wife on Treks so that they learn from nature and instill courage in them?

Do you want to see yourself at the peak of your physical fitness?

Do you want to do what is right even it’s difficult?
I have stated many questions.

I want you to think.

Is this the life I want to live.
If yes. Then whether you are 80 years old or 20 years old.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s just finding out who you are.

How will you do this?

See. First is my blog where you will get firsthand information ( this is how marketing is done :P)

I’m sorry for random humor.

So yes.

How will you do it?

Constant analysis. Constant knowledge. Constant actions.

These are the most important things.

The constant analysis is the analysis of yourself.

For example. Whenever you act, think that was this something I did for temporary satisfaction or for love.

Keep on analyzing. Keep on thinking. Keep on reading. Keep on improving.

This is how transformation is done.

Read self-help books. Exercise. Eat good food. Develop your character. Help others.

Think what will make you happy even there’s nothing you will get in return.

This is the only way you can change.

This is the only way that you won’t be that average guy.

That’s how Change happens.

That’s how complete Metamorphosis of the human being happens.

This is how you live a life less ordinary.


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