Hello, everyone.

Today I was in bit egoic mood. (maybe looking at the topic)

So. I was thinking that I have great intelligence .(quite egoic 😂)

So enough of sarcasm. I will get to the topic.

Okay. Intelligence .

Hmmm, intelligence.

What we really mean by intelligence. Is it to remember thousands of facts or is it something else.

Okay. Today do one thing read your college /school book. Then just after reading, think that does it really help you in something. I know most of you might say that it will give me employment, money, secured life and marriage. (i know why marriage,😂 a legal way of getting sex)

So. Leaving all these things behind.


I have heard people saying “That he or she is intelligent”.

I always thought what it really means to be intelligent.

Is it storage of unwanted material. If it is so. Then I don’t want to be intelligent.

Now. So what really is intelligence

What I believe intelligence is.

It’s not just learning science, maths, or physics. It’s the concentration of your mind’s faculties and then with its help, we should gather information.

Okay. I will get deep into this.

You all know that everyone tells us to focus.

Two years back, when I was going through a tough time academically. My friend told me

She told, “Siddharth you should focus”.

Siddharth, please focus.

Sometimes I heard the same thing from my mom. FOCUS.

I was like. What focus?

What do they mean by focus?

Though I don’t know whether they themselves know the meaning of focus and if they do then they really know how to do it. (Not judging 😛 but it’s common as large number of people are ignorant of this fact and maybe I can be)

So how to be intelligent practically and not to be just intelligent in rote learning.

See our mind has two faculties one is of reasoning.

Have you heard your voice in the head?

If it’s so then you have reasoning power.

Have you imagined of anything in images in your head?

If it’s so. Great, we are all the same.  We have great minds.

So where does the difference comes from?

It’s Right Thinking and knowledge.

Free thinking is great but right thinking is phenomenal.

How to cultivate right thinking?

See. First of all, you need to develop Concentration (though my mind also wanders, still I try to bring it back)

See. The natural tendency of the mind is to wander. From football to your girlfriend to pizza to your favourite movie.

I know how much mind wanders.

And to be honest our mind wanders to things to which we are ( deeply) emotionally connected (that’s why that’s why we have to be detached read my article on attachment)

Okay. Now suppose you are reading a book and if your mind goes somewhere. Please bring it back. Otherwise, you are gone. Read my article on Mind Control there’s a great video of Bhagavad Gita.

So. Now. We know we can bring our mind back. But how to keep it situated on something for a longer period.

Great question (a pat on my back with my own hand :P)

Okay. (First, let me feel my emotions of self-boasting )


The answer. As I told you that we have two faculties one is of reasoning (which some call critical ability) and second is imagination(which is same as mental imagery)


Let’s take an example.

India produces the largest amount of wheat in the world (please it’s an example don’t google it for its credibility because it’s not a correct statement)

Okay. We have got our line.

So when you read don’t just read.

Now I will show you how much knowledge we can gather by just one line.

So India. Largest producer. Wheat.

Okay. Wheat is a crop. So crop needs water and a favorable temperature. So India must have good water supply and weather conditions. Water supply where does it comes from maybe rivers or rains. So if rains are there rivers will also be there. Now soil, India must have great soil and this also confirms our fact that India has a good number of rivers because without river there is no good soil. Now the largest producer, For who India is producing so much? It’s population or exports. So India has a good amount of population or has a good trade with other countries.

See. With just one line I converted into one paragraph. This is just reasoning now if you connect this reasoning with imagination it will do wonders.

Okay. Did you get it?

Now. People say. You also need to memorise. Absolutely but do you need to memorize by learning it in a deeper way or just to grasp it like a parrot.

You decide.

Moreover. See intelligence is not everything. If you are intelligent and a very egoic or cunning person who might have large reserves of cash or thousands of servants under you.

Then I don’t know of others but I won’t consider you as my idol or someone to look up to.

It’s just. It’s just.

Character >>>>>>> Intelligence.

So. If you need to have intelligence develop character first.

It’s because even if you are intelligent and have a bad character then the same intelligence will make a mockery out of you.

It’s because you will live your whole life in fear, comparisons, acquiring temporary pleasures and you will never be happy.

So if you want to attain money or anything else.

Always have the right reason and the right method.

At last. I want to say. Don’t believe that you are inferior in intelligence to anyone else. Just believe that you have low concentration and knowledge. That’s it.

Knowledge and Concentration are things which anyone can develop. You don’t require money or tuitions for it.

It’s just a desire to improve.


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