How we treat our women? 



Well looking on to both the words, I am able to figure out that they  are quite inclusive.

Being similar words why dissimilar treatment is given to one gender from another. I don’t know why? Let’s move on.

Well being a admirer for equations. I will present you with a simple equation.

Body + Spirit =Men

Body + Spirit =Women

__-__-_____-_____ Subtraction

Men =Women.

Hence proved (a term we all are aware of and how we use it in maths,:P)

This is the basic truth, if there would have been ‘something more’.

Then equations would have been

Men=Body+Spirit +’Something more ‘

Women =Body +Spirit

_-_____-____-______ Again Subtraction

Equation becomes,

Men-Women=’ Something extra ‘

This’ something extra’ I am not able to grasp, neither my intellect is able to perceive it right niether my soul is okay with it. Leave myself, I don’t think till date someone has given definition to this ‘something extra’.

If there is nothing as something extra, then why we have preconceived notions in our mind that women are not good for some jobs, why they are not allowed to do everything as men are able to do.

Well I had a friend, both of us were eager to join army and both of us have a passion for shooting, jungle warfare, and counter insurgency. But our defence forces doesn’t allow women to be part in this particular domain, for her it’s dream shattered without her fault.

Thank God, that our present defence minister is aware of this bias and likewise we have got newly commissioned fighter pilots into our air force he promises that in near future women will also be in action with men shoulder to shoulder.

Lady officer’s  with wings on their chest.

Even the corporate sector of developed nations are in grip of preconceived notions. Some days before I was reading an article on ‘Glass ceiling’ a term commonly used to describe difference between men and women in corporate sector. The basis of this just that childbirth, family responsibility and low stamina will affect corporate work.

Still my intellect and soul are not able to grasp this.

Well these were on domain of equality, now there is another something which is I say evilish. Yeah evilish.

Lust – According to me this is a state of mind on illusion and this illusion becomes disastrous for that person, women and culture of our great nation and ethics of God.

The main cause of those headlines in newspapers and channels of rape, molestation and eve teasing is this lust. This is applicable for every gender.

And how is this generating, we all know.

But advertisements on channels and Bollywood, are also promoting this. Those item songs to deodorant advertisements. There are glimpses of  objectification  women.

I don’t feel angry for directors, producers, actors and actress that for sake of fame and money they are going below the level of animals but rather sad for their low level of morality.

Animals, well today animals have become more behaved. I won’t go into equations this time, but hence proved I have to look into.

Man/Woman – Animal= Intellect.

Yes this is something extra, this is where we can use our intelligence. But instead of positive intellectualism we are making it negative just because of pleasure hormones of our mind.

I think we have forgotten the love relationship between lord Rama and Sita, Lord shiva and paravati. These were the purest relationships, why they were pure because there minds were pure. Well love is still prevalent today, but until and unless we are not removing these dirty things we are bound to suffer. This ‘lust’ can prevail in anybody irrespective of gender. Until and unless we are not aware of the divinity of ourselves we are bound to get into this thing.

Thus inequality and lust are somewhat which are making lives of our women is not good.

Lastly, introspect yourself. 

Find the truth.


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