The illusion of mind and dreams.

The illusion of mind and dreams.

Yeah,illusion of mind.New thing ?

No.Very old.So old that we aren’t able to figure this truth.

Well through a short story i will be taking you through how our minds is destroying our own lives as well as of others.

There was a girl named Tanya,born in early winters of 1993.Throughout her childhood she was climbing things from trees to walls.She did it for fun.That’s it.

Now just going ahead in times.

Tanya now is 17 years old,and pressure of world to become something has started to grow on her.The conversation between her parents is witness of it.Lets hear whats happening.

Father: ye shukla ji ki ladki ke barre mae sunna, aajkal bahut padh rahi hae.

Mother: haan,wo padhti hae bahut.

Father: aur ye isse dekhlo,poore din khelti rahegi ya internet par rahegi.

Mother: Isko todha aap bolo zarra,ye sunegi nhi ab 12 mae agyi hae agle saal college jana hoga.

Father: isko doctor banyenge.(illusion steps in).sahi rahega ladki hae,ladka bhi accha milega doctor ke baad aur doctor banke koi jhanjhath nhi hoga.

(well in the above  statement ,its pretty sure that tanya’s father wants betterment of his daughter ,he has no self interest attached to it. This is nice,but is it like that ? lets see)

Mother: haan,doctor banegi toh khub naam karegi humara.(now understanding the psychology of this statement we can understand that tanya’s mother is somewhat looking for happiness in her success.)

So tanya arrives after playing.

Father : beta poore din khelti rahegi toh padhegi kab.

Tanya: papa abhi toh vacations shuru hoi hae.

Father : wo dekh ananya nae coaching lagwa li mbbs ki.Tu kab kya karegi ?

Tanya: pehle aap kahi ghumane le chalo kahi,fir sochungi.

Father agrees,thinking that it would help.He decides to take whole family to manali.

During the vacations tanya did a small mountaineering activity ,she was so happy doing it and did it so well that the trainer said to her father” apki beti sahi climb krti hae,ekdum pro ki tarah.”. Father replied,”ab poore din khelegi toh yehi sab sekkhegi”.

When tanya arrived in delhi,she was in different world altogether.She was dreaming about the activity she did and how happy she was in doing that.Instantly she pulled out her laptop and searched for mountaineering.

well in four hours tanya read about mountaneering in such detail that if she would have studied her biology book she would have finished it.

Tanya was still,absolute stillness followed in her mind.Her heart was saying something through emotions and feelings.

Tanya decides that she will pursue mountaineering as a career.Unaware of the implications she goes to her parents and a conversation follows.

Tanya: papa,i want to do…..

Father : what ?

Tanya: papa,this is a mountaineering institute and offers a 2 month course in basic mountaineering. i want to do this.

Father: have you gone mad ?

Tanya: papa,yes this course is one of the privileged course in the country.They teach you about bouldering,ropes,harness and acclimatization and much more .

Father:Are you studying about mountaineering or biology ?

Tanya: papa let me do this after 12 ,please.

Father: No.absolutely not.What will you do there.There is no scope in mountaineering.No one will marry you.What will everybody say.How much will you earn.If you wont become a doctor you wont be nothing.

From this  conversation its evident that tanya’s father was surrounded by fears about his daughters career and was in illusion.



Lets move to the root causes of the questions posed by tanya’s father.


1)What will neighbour’s say ?

This originates from fear of unacceptance from the society,feeling of unworthiness infront of people,a trait of low self confidence and deriving happiness from others acceptance.Great illusion.

2)What will you earn?

Concept of money over work comes in,sense of security gets created from money.Again an illusion.

3)Who will marry you ?

Again unacceptance from society and fear of unknown.(see,how mind works)


Tanya cried ,she cried a lot.She changed the wallpaper of mount everest from her laptop.Well she studied for a year and got admission into a college in dehradun.

Months passed.

One fine day a message pops in on her fathers phone.

hello papa,i hope you will be fine.Papa i tried a lot .I wore that doctors coat,did a lot of to study well but i am not enjoying it,my heart always remain on that mountain range behind our college.i trek it daily and enjoy . i love the beauty of mountains.

All the skeletons in my lab tell me to follow my dreams as they didn’t followed their’s.

I don’t know whether i will be a good daughter or not,whether i will be a good wife or not .But one thing is pretty sure,i will be a good mountaineer.Papa its something i love ,which i can do 24*7*365.

Papa,You gave me everything in life but today if i don’t go after what i love , i will regret it everyday of my life.

Papa,don’t you want your sweet little daughter to be happy.

Please support her. I am leaving this college and going to the institute.

Love you.Bye take care.


This melted her fathers heart. he wrote a message to her

“Beta, I’m sorry i was imposing my dreams on you.I regret it today.Go follow what you love.,Take care”.


Well after years of experience and training.Tanya was at peak of her career.She climbed 15 indian peaks and was doing pretty well.But she had an aim to climb mount everest, she didn’t tell about this aim to her parents to give them a surprise.

15 July 2020.


Tanya’s father takes out rubber band from the newspaper.The side column head line reads.

“20 year old Tanya singh conquers mount everest”.


Tanya’s father ran towards his wife and showed it to her.Both parents cried and that time their illusion of mind ended.The fears,illusion and the orthodox beliefs of the society ended for them.

Today,Tanya is a renowned mountaineer she has opened her own training institute that imparts basic mountaineering course to kids for small amount of money.

Had been her father remained in the illusion of mind,he would have destroyed a great mountaineer.Happily it didn’t happen so.

So in order to live a life less ordinary,we need to break the illusion of our minds.

















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