Iran and the west.

Here i am.

Somedays back i was watching a documentary on Iran and its relationship with the west.


Seriously i thought.

That some misconceptions if they had been removed then the whole area would have been a better place.

Let’s start with this country of middle east and the relations it had with the west.

Starting from 1979, the shah regime of Iran was fearing something.

Maybe you would think what a country who was rich in oil (still is) and had good relations with America.

What it was fearing?

I know, you might be thinking about some military invasion.


It was fearing the man who was 80 year old.

The man who changed the whole geopolitical structure of that area.

Ayotallah khomeni.


Why there was fear?

Let’s dig deep into this.

Iran as we all know is shia dominated Islamic country having its own ways of rules and regulations and its own way of life.

But,there was a problem.

The shah regime was highly sophisticated and maybe you can say they were the rich guys and quite influenced by the west.

By west you know what i mean. (America)


The whole culture in Iran was imbibing the culture of the west.

Maybe from movies and showing women in a different way.

Or from having a capitalist mindset.

There were more socio economic factors responsible, as I mentioned Iran was and still is rich in oil but what was happening that the money and the policies weren’t reaching to the people.

And we all know.

What happens.

When the rich are eating your money?

When your culture is changing ?

When your economy is crumbling?


You can guess.

A revolution.


The regime was also fearing a revolution.


But what’s the connection between ayotallah khomeni and the revolution.

I think.

You can guess.


Ayotallah knomeni was a cleric who was highly respected and is still respected in Iran. As things were changing he got dissatisfied by the shah regime and its ways of working. He believed in an Iran which was based on Islamic fundamentals.

Well that’s quite right.


This is what belief is.

To be frankly speaking he was guiding the whole revolution.


Moving on, we know that a revolution was going to take place.

And its onset was quite visible on the roads.

Protests.Marches. Slogans.

All were there.

The regime started to fear.

Police and military.

Both under the regime started crushing the people.

Tear gas.

Even, bullets were fired and many protesters were killed.

But, the revolution didn’t stop.

Somehow exiled khomeni returned to Iran from Paris.



It was just the change which was rising.

There waves of people to see their supreme leader.

His speeches were igniting people.

And the west was dumbstruck that how an 80 year old man with no arms and ammunition is making them crazy.


The shah and America went to a meeting.

There were no decisions taken.

Just because the revolution was at its zenith.

As They can’t fire at so many people.

The shah of Iran and his wife fled.

But, the army wasn’t giving up.

Sooner and later.

It too gave up.


The iranian revolution was a success.

Ayotallah khomeni was declared its supreme leader.

Iran formulated it’s own constitution based on its own rules and way of living.

The whole Iran Who was one of the great allys of america was chanting slogans like Death to America.

The change of regime for everyone was hard to digest.

I think the whole episode of deteriorating relations with America started from here.

There were serious lapses from both the sides in maintaining good relations.

Be it hostage taking of American diplomats by iranian students.

Or be it.

America taking hard stance on Iran everytime.

But, there was some good times for both of them.

And you won’t believe they have partnered in various operations.

That time when khatemi (second president of Iran) was incharge of Iran had helped America in gathering intelligence against the sadam hussain government during the Iraq-USA war.

Even after 9/11, the northern alliance a sympathiser of Iran who was present in Afghanistan started giving inputs to American intelligence so that they can eliminate Taliban.

I don’t know even after such goodwill gestures.

What really happened.


Relations could have been better.

I know after 2002.

Iran started its nuclear programme.


Things could have been better.

If both sides had agreed to sit and discuss.

Iran needs sanctions to be removed.

It’s economy needs that.


America wants a stable middle east.


It will only happen when both Iran and America resolve their previous conflicts and improve its relations.

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The meaning.

As if you all know.

That we all live and die.


We will die.

It’s quite a fact.

But, how many realise this that what we are doing is right for us.



This is bit a futuristic poem.

Like consider you are quite old.


It’s time that you will leave for heaven’s abode or hell.

But,heaven and hell are mere concepts.

Now, we should hear a poem which this old man is reciting.

Let’s see.

“When I look at my past.

I used to think my life was a race which I have to run without any grace.

But, now i look, I think that race was a maze.

What it gave me was nothing but a lifetime of ache.

Had I listened to my heart and followed what I loved.

I would have never said these words.”


“I look at this world.

There are creations that have lived for so many years.

Bulb. Computer. Watch. Literature. Books.

And I find no where who made it.

Maybe they didn’t get any fame.


I was wrong, fame was never their aim.


I see my work.

And there’s nothing really to celebrate.”

“There were people who talked to me because of my status.

And I thought they will remain all through my life.

But when I retired.

I found that was a lie created by selfish eyes”

“I was handsome and intelligent .

The girls gave me all the attention.


I rejected a girl who loved me truly just because I wanted to be with many.



I realise one ring (marriage) was better than thousand flings.”

“When I look back at my job it could have been used to improve so many lives.


I look at my house there are lots of earnings.


When I look at my life.

I now realise that it was without any meaning.”

Picture credits : Bhagavad Gita.

Don’t let love turn into lust.

After lot of intellectual simulation.

I realised that there’s a hell lot of difference between love and lust.


Just by mere reasoning and analysis i would like to understand you all the way.

What it really is about.

And how you can be happy even in love.

These days.

Breakups. Patchups.

Then tinder. Random hookups all are easily possible.


There’s a difference.

And there’s a difference that always be.

Between what’s true and what’s not.

I hope you understand.

Because if you have never experienced love or been in love it will help you to make better decisions and even better relationships.


There will be photos also.

Which I really don’t add.

But, they will serve a purpose

A very high purpose.

And here I will take both the gender.

But, being a male.

I would certainly take more male dominated behavior.


I have my three weapons.

The weapons through which I lay maximum damage to any false idea, concepts, dogma and superstitions.

They are.

Investigation. Component analysis. Comparison.


I may say it ICC.

So Men’s first here.


How man’s love can turn into lust?


False notion of body pleasure. Ego. Patriachal mindset.

We will analyze them in detail.

False idea of body pleasure.

Body pleasure is nothing but Sexual pleasure which we all know.

But, this is somewhat taboo and overhyped.

And its seen as a taboo.

Then on the other hand is viewed as extremely pleasurable thing.

I think.

I could never understand.

How could you determine pleasure from someone’s body.

The body which you too have.

Flesh. Blood. Fat.

Where’s the pleasure?


Then what really is pleasure.

Is sensations to nerve really a pleasure.

So it means itching is also a pleasure.

Isn’t it?

Why I’m saying like that?

Just because your own body is nothing but a product of nerves.

Those nerves transmit messages.


If you are touched you will certainly get sensation.


How come sensations became pleasure?

This question you have to ask yourself.

And I know it Will take time you to understand.

There’s one quote which will help you understand.

Seeing the full bosom of young maidens and their navel, do not fall a prey to maddening delusion. This is but a modification of flesh and fat. Think well thus in your mind again and again.

-Adi shankarachrya.

Now lets move to ego and patriarchal mindset.

I don’t know where did patriarchal mindset started from.

In indus valley, they were just quite equal.

I don’t know maybe some pseudo brainy guys did mess few things up here and there.


We have to remove that mess they created.


Its superiority.

Means belittling another person.

To be honest trophy system.

Matrinomial ads are perfect examples.

Fair. Tall. Handsome. Beautiful.

Some adjectives which are widely seen.

These things go for both men and women.

If one man has beautiful wife who is fair and her physice is great.

Then she becomes a trophy.

Others get jealous.

Others think it is a achievement to get her.


Things become utterly stupid then.


I leave that conversation and the person . (this is my ego :P)


Even here some ego to conquer, to achieve is there.

If you don’t have any talent, you can marry a beautiful girl.


Our society will respect you.

That’s what it is.


The implications.

It’s good that I made you understand the reality.

But, what’s use of the reality if it’s if no use.

Certainly valid point.

Have you seen those eve teasers getting beaten up by police?


In delhi, I have even seen police beating people who board women’s metro coach.

I used to feel for them.

So eve teasing is bit more dangerous.


Leaving this superficial implication behind.

Let’s move deep.

You know the constant rush in your mind.

The all hard work you do to obtain a women.

Then she says no.

Because she knows you better than you know yourself.

She can look through your intentions.


Then you drink.

Post breakup photos.


What not.

Then other girl enters.

Same thing happens.


Eventually you destroy yourself.

Careers. Friends. Family.

More important.

You develop.

Fear. Jealousy. Hatred.


Then you lose your mental peace.

Which is most important.

Just understand.

If you had been in love.

Then there was no need to be sad or maybe getting consumed by hatred.

Just because you wouldn’t feel sad.

Here you want love.

That’s why you are sad.

You want something.

If you would just wanted to give.

Nothing would have hurt you.


In all this what you sacrifice?

Divorces. Incompatiblity. Daily fights(biggerones) . Adultery

Then you sacrifice having a stable family.

The smile of your love and children.

Well these are those photos.

Every photo has deep meaning.


You see I have saved these photos for a long time.

Whevener the world tries to force it’s wrong notion on me.

I go through them.


Then I know what i really want.


When you will go through these.

You will understand that there’s something higher.

And yes.

How to avoid the false ideas?

Just don’t imagine.

And not think.

Anything related to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Just because imagination and thinking creates desire, even if you desire right things the ego comes like a snake and you will never know when you got attached to person.

And when you get attached wrong things happen.

I have discussed in my posts earlier.

Just do.

Just love unconditionally.

Whenever you get married, just love.

Don’t expect.

Don’t imagine.

And you will rise above these false ideas.

This time.


I want you to share my post to most number of people.

Not because I want it.

Just the time has come to make this idea alive

It’s the truth.

It’s time to rise above all materialsim.

Image credits.

Unesco. – motherhood.

Otherperspectives. – universe family and deep conversation image

Sherif arafa.-illusion of woman and broom

Google images-anatomy family.


There’s a small poem which I would like to tell you all.

It’s hypothetical.

But, do hear it out.

Maybe you would realize what sacrifice is.

What it’s meaning is.


Why its necessary after a point of time.

There are things which you can sacrifice but there are things which you can’t.

Let’s resolve this issue.

“Mom, I do remember you.

Your words and the love you gave me.

But, you know there’s something I was born to do, something which is deep inside my soul, which I can’t hide, which I can’t sacrifice.

I know I don’t want to leave you.

But, I have to my mother.

To fulfill my purpose.

To make my life meaningful.

Let me go. ”

I know my love, you were there for me always.

I do love you.

But, I don’t know whether I will be able to again meet you.

There’s one thing i promise you girl, that I will make our love live forever.

Even if we never meet.

You will be there always.

I have to go now.

I have to.

Let me go.

I know there’s lot of entertaining things in the world.

Who doesn’t want to relax.

But, God.

This relax isn’t going to serve any purpose.

This desires won’t make the man that I always wanted to my God.

I have to leave them.

I have to go.

Family. Friends. Love. Children.

I don’t know how many people realise this state.

But, I have seen those men and women.

Who really are worth admiring.

To them something more matters.

Just because they know what’s true to their lives.

And eventually.

They leave.

They run away.

Many think.

They are selfish.

Many think they are ambitious.

Many even call him a villain

But the man or woman know that whats right.


Whatever the truth the world believe in, but the man never leaves his truth.

In actual, he’s the real hero.

Image credits : Dark knight rises.

What have I become.

I don’t know.

Why few individuals are good and few bad.

What i mean is that.

There are people who are really good in mindset and positivity.

You can feel the way they carry themselves and the charm that radiates from them.

And there are some from whom we get negative and bad vibes as generally people say.


Both are individuals right?


What makes them that.

I may explain through a poem.

“I used to be a loving child my parents.

Going out with you was my first fun.


I have no time for you and for your old days ahead.

What i have become my parents?

I used to be a toddler my mother.

Crying in your arms and loving your gentle face.


I objectify women and their body.

What i have become mother.

I used to be a selfless child my heart.

Saving toffee for my friend .


I’m just showing off my status and money to him.

What i have become my heart.

I used to be a loving boy my girl.

Giving you love was my duty.


I want to own you because of my ego.

What have I become my girl?

I used to be a patriotic man my motherland.

Doing what’s right for you was my life.


I break rules and throw garbage on you.

What i have become my motherland?

I used to be a truthful adult my God.

Justice. Equality. Empathy were my life.


I belittle the poor man and kill the virtues of righteousness with my foul language.

What i have become my God?

You see the contradiction here.”

The person who was so good initially.

He has both of them.



What he has become.


He’s crying.

Seeing those days.

The dreams in his eyes.

The love in his heart.


He just changed into a completely different man.

The man he never wanted to be.


Still he became that.

You can blame the circumstances.


I would blame the world.

I would blame the faulty perception of materialism through which our society thrives.

I would blame the man’s lack of discrimination between the good and pleasing,the temporary and the permanent.

Virtue. Values. Love. Justice.

They will never be materially rewarding.


The mistake that we all commit.

It’s just that we become narrow sighted.

We feel that temporary is permanent.


The only thing which becomes permanent is the pain.

The pain of the death of the man/woman that you always wanted to be.

Create Yourself.

There has been lot of motivational quotes and youtube videos out there.


Sometimes I wonder whether they serve any purpose.


Motivation is a complex term.

And quite temporary too.



It’s necessary.


There’s a question i ask you?

Have you ever imagined the type of person you want to be?

Maybe everyone.

But, have you created that type of personality in you.

Maybe not.

If yes, then there’s no need to read the following paragraphs. 😛

It’s okay.

You can read.

Well the problem in creating yourself arises due to your past habits.

We all now.

That habits play an important role and they are very deep.

My post on samskaras will help you know the importance of habits.


How to know which habits support your goal and others don’t?

Quite simple.

Have a mission in life.


A mission.

Maybe that can be helping others, loving someone, personal excellence or whatever you like.

It can be anything.

But, yes be comfortable with it.

It shouldn’t be made out of impulses or society dictating you.

So now you have figured out your mission.

Now, how will you attain that mission?

Quite simple again.

By inculcating the habits which are in tandem with it.


Here’s an example.

There’s a guy who says he wants to win Olympics gold medal in swimming.


What would you or anybody suggest?

To swim daily.


To keep improving in it.

That’s all.


Keep in mind that your mission is like a trunk of the tree and its branches are the ways you can achieve


If your aim is for personal excellence(trunk) .

Then there are various ways like sports, dance, studies or maybe acting. (like branches)

Choose any one branch.


It’s like jumping on a tree, where you choose a branch wisely.

So that it doesn’t break.

It’s like that only.

Choose something that you love.

Now you have got the path also.


What next?



The more obsessed you are with your the habits.

The better you will get.



Here comes the best thing to do.

Whenever there’s a thought in mind that says you do something else which is not related to your purpose.

Ask a question.

Will it serve my purpose?

If yes. Go for it.

If no. Reject it as a poison.

Be it.

Hanging out with people who don’t share similar life values .

Watching TV series which are useless.


You should be merciless.

And you should be merciless in your work also.


Keep on practicing.

Keep on improving.

But only in the those habits which support your goal.


Do have few things only. (there’s a post on few things also, Do read it)

Don’t aspire everything.

Just few habits.

I know emotions, societal backbitching, physical pain, laziness.

Everything will be there.


As i said preserve.

And reject everything as a poison.

And one day you would realize you have become the man or woman that you will always wanted to be.

Go. Create Yourself.

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Personality – Type Test

Hey there.


Not a post (maybe its helpful, but has less knowledge)


How many of you know about mbti personality test?


Initially I thought this to be not good.

But, then I found that it really helps.

Like the type of person i am.

And why I behave like that.

Certainly helped me and I got to know about myself.

So I will give you a link.


Just follow it and give that test.

Give those answers which you feel are right about yourself and you will get an idea.

But the catch is don’t fake yourself in the test.

The test


Do share the results and i will share what I got.