Quantum Love.

You know I like to connect things.

Like connecting psychology with physics.

Geography with history.

Economics with politics.


Today I’ve connected two really different things and that’s Quantum physics and Love.

Now, a tip for you all.

I will make this writing look like a conversation and I will ask a lot of questions to you.

If you like, do answer them.

I would like to hear your viewpoints.

Now, coming to the topic.

So, how come I came up to this idea?

Well someday I was doing morphological Analysis, which means breaking things into small components and then analysing them and connecting each other.

So, an idea came, it was.

If humans are comprised of particles then are we attracted to each other like moon and earth are?

Then I started to research and found something really useful to study.

That was Quantum Entanglement.
Certainly an image will make it clear.

So I found a definition, it’s by shasha azri.

In layman’s terms I would say it quantum entanglement means particles that interact with each other becomes permanently correlated, they are dependent on each other in terms of properties and what states they are in. For example two electrons that are produced together are separated by a large distance, their behaviour still affects each other (nonlocality) so if one moves up the other will move down. They lose their sense of individuality and are permanently entangled to each other.

So, if someone is made for you and you’re made for him/her.

Then whether you’re in Antarctica or Maybe Africa.

You’ll be attracted and entangled to him.

That’s really fabulous idea isn’t it?

Do you believe in such idea?

I ask you.

Do you?

If you don’t.

Then I would like to ask what’s the composition of human body.

It’s made up of six elements namely fire, water, sand, air etc.

Your bones have calcium.

So, don’t you think you’re no different than what our planets, asteroids or even what moon are made up of.

It’s upto you to think.


I also believe in Astral Love.

Well, now you would relate.

Doctor Strange.

How about the movie!

Did you see it?

Astral projection was done in that.

So, what really is Astral projection?

In astral projection you dream consciously kind of lucid dreaming and then your astral body gets separated from your physical body.

Again images will explain better.

So, how about including love in this.

Then it will look like this.

I know that these ideas seem to be impossible and awkward to you.

But, these are ideas.

Maybe these can be true too.

Now let’s come again to some Quantum Physics.

I think a poem will justify my thoughts.

Some attractive force is there

Don’t know what it is.

Something my mind can’t perceive and intellect can’t reason, but I think it’s there.

I dont know how to believe in it.

But, I feel drawn towards it.

The Universe does plays games, today we meet and then for years we get separated and again we meet.

Feels like attractive force is always working, trying to bring me and you back.

I don’t know.

If I can enter your body and you can enter mine.

But. Feels like.

We don’t need to.

Because our souls have entered each other and has produced that quantum entanglement forever.


Whether you leave, fly to a different planet or even die.

I know that we always will be attracted to each other.

Even if those other particles(other people) don’t let us live together

We will stay in touch with one another and that too forever.

Well. That was a masterpiece isn’t it? 😂😂

Coming to another idea.

Nuclear Fusion.

So you saw what it means?

Don’t you think Physical / Sexual Intimacy is like that?

Where male and female bodies align and get fused with each other and then suddenly huge amount of energy is released.

And what’s that energy?

Well that’s a small boy or girl.

Born to you both.

And also the energy which is releases is higher intimacy between you and your partner.

Again an image will show how the fusion of energies occur.

Do you see that circle?

Connecting each other.

Then that’s the real fusion.


= Child + Higher Connection.


That’s alot of science, philosophy and love.


That’s what I like.

I really to play with ideas.

But, most importantly.

Ideas are individuals perspective and also his beliefs.

A man or woman makes his own ideas and when he or she dies ideas still remain and so the memory of that man who created them.

lastly, do you belive in my ideas.

Or if I rephrase it.

Do you believe in such ideas?

If you do.

Then I also believe in you.


I know what I’ve written doesn’t have any coherence or literary work, but these are ideas which I was playing with.

Image credits : Google Images.

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Essence of Will Power.

Let me tell you about something important in my life.

And, why always I used to be depressed state or anxiety or anything.

Lack of will.

Certainly yes.

Now, right now.

I’m having a 103 degree fever, cough and could moreover yesterday I lifted weights under this condition and also got a elbow injury.

Moreover chest pain, body pain etc etc are there.

So, as today is Wednesday thank god my schedule doesn’t allow me to go gym.

But, I missed my schedule of studies and work.

And, today morning my partner left me forever.

So, all in these days I’ve gone through most of trauma, pain and all.

I’ve overcome them.

You know what.

I always had one thing in me.

The obsession.

Obsession to do what you believe in no matter what.

So, all these months I haven’t missed my gym or work even for a single day, but today was that day for work.

But, Im sad about it.


Enough of personal sufferings and all.

Let’s come to something I learned lately in August.

When I was in college, my girlfriend left me and I was very alone and was overthinking alot, I went into lot of things.

And then even it was junk food, I used to eat without thinking about its consequences.

And if i go more deeply.

Then, when we study or do something we have wandering thoughts, thoughts about your partner leaving you, thoughts about your future, thoughts about insecurities and you keep thinking and thinking.

But, how you overcome all this.


Is the only word.

And, similarly how do you go beyond your physical limits.

Like if your elbow is sprained and having 103 degree fever.

Will you go to gym?

Like just do cardio.

Even you can think and think, even if your eyes get strained your mind gives up.

Still you have the power of the will.

Go beyond your limits.

People call me stupid and that i dont care about myself.

My father calls me crazy.

I’m crazy.


what can I do?

I’ve nothing else in life except my body and mind which I can improve.

I have my thinking and physique which I can improve and keep me occupied.

Because if I don’t get occupied myself.

I will die of overthinking.

I will die.

My mind won’t let me be at peace.

I have to do this.

This is truth of my life.

Because people can hurt me.

God can give me challenges.

Situations can make me anxious.

But, Your will power is everything which will you help to overcome any odds.

Whether its your overthinking.

Whether its fever.

Whatever it is.

You have to do it.

Maybe you can die.

But, how about dying with peace knowing that you lived with your own principles.

And, trust me.

There’s no better death than dying like a hero.

Tu kuja man kuja (Where are you, Where am I)

Tu kuja man kuja..
Tu kuja man kuja..
Tu kahaan.. main kahan..
Tu kahan.. main kahaan..
Where are you, where am I?
Where are you, where am I?

Kirpa (kripa) drishti mujh pe bhi ho maharaja
Anginat chintaon ne gheraa
Aastha hai jo vyatha hai wo harega tu
Sun meri bhi koi na mera
O Lord, have sight of your mercy on me too,
uncountable worries have covered me..
I have faith that whatever my problem is, you’d end it..
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..

Tu kuja man kuja..

Hain bhay bhyankar
Path mein kankar Maharaja
Mujh adham se kyon tune mukh phera
Main dharaatal se pukaarun haath de apna
Sun meri bhi koi na mera..
I have great fears,
and there are obstacles in my path, O Lord,
Why have you turned your face away from lowly me..
I call from the earth, give me your hand,
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..

Nirdhanon ka dheer tu hai
Nirbalon ka bal
Sun meri bhi koi na mera..
Main jagat mein laapata
Mera tu pata..
Main kahaan batla..
Main ekaaki de dayaa ki bheekh raja
Hai adhar mein shvaas bhi mera
You’re the patience of the poor,
the strength of the weak..
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..
I am lost in the world,
you are my address..
Tell me where I am..
I am alone, give me the alms of mercy, O Lord,
Even my breath is stuck midway..

Tu kuja man kuja..

Main Kahan kahaan
Main Kahaan kahaan
Ghanghor hain andhiyare
Sab roothe hai ujiyaare
Tan toote, man haare
Kismat ke doobe taare
Koi kiran dikhla re
Hain soone path saare
Main ekaaki de daya ki bheekh raja
Kya tujhe aabhaas bhi mera..
Where, where am I,
Where, where am I..
The darkness is dense,
all lights are angry with me
My body is breaking, and my heart loses (faith)
The stars of my luck are drowned..
Show me some ray (of hope)
All the paths are lonely..
I am alone, give me the alms of mercy, O Lord,
Do you even have an idea of me (that is, my existence, or have you made and completely forgotten me)..

Video : Highway Movie (Imtiaz Ali)

A Result.

Well it’s 1: 30 am and I am not able to sleep.

The reason being that I’m thinking too much these days and that’s why Acid Reflux.

So, not a big problem.

But, if I’m not able to sleep now, so I think I should write something.


We all think about ourselves.

Maybe in some form or the other.

Like doing things which we can’t do now.

Living our life which we can’t live now.

And, all this creates a conflict.

Maybe Anxiety.

If there is a difference between my actions and intentions then it creates anxiety in me.

Same must be true for you.

And, that’s natural.

We all are ambitious.

Except the monks, even sometimes they ambitious in achieving enlightenment.

Hahaha, so.

We are like that, can’t help.

So I have a poem or short excerpt.

I know my future is uncertain.

Present Life is burden.

But, what can I do?

Should I give up?

Like giving up my career today.

Then giving up on someone I love the other day.

What will I become doing this?


Yes. I will become Nothing.

I believe that happiness is there.

I know that it’s there.

But, in this darkness of pessimism I can’t see anything.

Few Failures have clouded my judgment.

Few Sad days have outnumbered those thousands of happy days.

What I’m entering into?

A hell?

Everything seems sad and negative.

Why’s that?

Why things in the past which felt beautiful are looking gloomy?

Has my atitude changed towards things?


Just because I couldn’t do something great.

See, how much power I have given to a result?

A result.

Which means nothing to my spirit.

But everything to my mind.

See, how far it has took me from my heart.

Someone loved my struggle and Process.


Someone loved my result.

Well .

The one who loved my struggle I left her because I couldn’t succeed in one result.


The one who loved only my result and not my struggle I went with her just because I succeeded in that result.

What an irony.

What a paradox.

Now days have passed.

The happiness of result is over.

And again the same Uncertainty has started.

Again the mad race for new result has started.

That feeling of inability and inadequacy is there.


What an irony.

What a paradox.

Now the one who loved my result has left me.

And, the one who loved my process has also left me.

One left me because he was wrong.


The other left me because he was right.


The glamour of result is over.


Had I made my peace, process and happiness my result.

Then this day wouldn’t have been there.

Now I know, why process is of 100 days and result of 1 day.

But, I made that 1 day greater than 100 days.

And, the Universe taught me.

What I did wrong.

I can’t change what happened.

But, to be honest Result was just an illusion.

Had I made my process my result.

I would have not lost what I really wanted.

Universe gave me the soul.

And I took the goal.

How stupid I was?

Now after loosing my soul.

I am crying which has no goal.

We’ll. It’s not my story.

It’s just my thoughts regarding results and process.

What I believe is that if your process is incorruptible and great then results don’t matter.

Just because results come and go and they are for the people but process is for ourselves and our loved ones.

Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Escaping A Black Hole.

So, have you guys heard about a black hole.

Ok, let me clear this post is a catharsis.

Now, to be honest, I’m fascinated with black holes, means they are something really different and dark.

I’ll explain to you what is a black hole and its correlation with my life.

Black Hole.

At the center of most galaxies is one of the strangest and deadliest things in the universe: a black hole.

Most black holes, regardless of their size, are born when a giant star runs out of energy. The star implodes, and its center collapses under its own weight. This causes an explosion called a supernova. The giant star is eventually squashed into a supersmall dot you can’t see.

A black hole’s gravity, or attractive force, is so strong that it pulls in anything that gets too close. It can even swallow entire stars. Nothing can move fast enough to escape a black hole’s gravity. This includes light, the fastest thing in the universe. That’s why we can’t see black holes in space—they’ve gobbled up all the light. Though astronomers can’t see black holes, they know they’re there by the effect they have on objects that get too close.

Courtesy: National Geographic

So how does it relate to human life?

In the above explanation, it’s said that black holes form because a star collapses because it runs out of energy and it just goes away.

I think the same happens with humans, Isnit?

Depression and negativity.

Heard about these?

Few are fortunate enough that they have never faced this condition but there are many who certainly go through this many times in ONE life.

Depression is no less than that.

It’s craving like maybe junk food or maybe just a deep desire.

To be honest it’s a desire to be sad.

By the way, no one wants to be sad.

It’s just a tendency that develops because of a situation or something that you lose faith in yourself and start doubting your capabilities and what not.

It’s similar to the star who has no energy left and dies.

Deprssion does that to us, it can deplete our energy and makes us just useless.

Maybe I will tell you a story.

Sometimes we plan and strategize thinking of every possibilty that can go wrong

Just analyzing every move of their opponent , rading their habits, their everything.

Doing everything one can.

From taking care of each single move of that opponent.

So that if he just changes his moves we can play our ways.

Even investing so much energy for a year and going through the ways of mental and physical discipline and just thinking and thinking of every possible situation.

Your opponent WINS.

And you LOSE.

Won’t deprssion be there ?

A guy who just thought and did.

Thought of every outcome and just analyzed things.


Won’t he feel negative ?

Won’t his confidence on his planning and strategy be lost ?


That’s what I am talking about.

See, no one wants to be in this depression or negative state.

But, sometimes when things which were thought that won’t go wrong.

Went wrong.

It’s like breaking out from a prison after planning meticulsoly for an year and at the end the police warden catches you .

Won’t there be depression ?

Yes, Depression will be there.

It’s so intoxicating that you feel drawn towards it.


It becomes too powerful that it can lead to heartbreak.

Quite similar to Black Hole.

A black hole is quite similar to it.

Today, I was also on the verge of entering this black hole.

And to be honest, I may be so independent and mentally tough but sometimes some situations lead you to something that everything looks narrow and just negative.

Even your’e capable and tough and great but this depression can make you weak, negative and useless.

Even if your’e talent is there.

Depression can kill your talent.

Just like the star.

Thank God.

I escaped this black Hole.

I don’t know whether it was my friend or my intution that pulled me back from the verge of it.

But I’m thankful.

That I didn’t enter it.

Yes, to be honest, it’s a craving.

I was also craving today that I should run away and go to some mountains and live for a few days there.

But will depression leave me?

No, because it’s there in my mind and wherever I go it will be there.

I don’t know what to say now in the conclusion.

I just want to say that you are like a star if you choose to shine you’ll shine and show others how beautiful you are but somehow if you just choose to be depressed and negative then you’ll have no energy left and as the star dies and creates a blackhole same will happen with your life and even your talent and goodness won’t escape it, like even light that can’t escape from the black hole.

Thank You.

Image Credits : Artist: Gongkan Image: Gongkan

India’s Talent Issues.

Hahahahha, well you guys must be thinking that this guy is gone, the guy who used to write on any topic possible is now writing only on love.

Well, you got it all wrong guys.

Yes, Love is an important aspect of my life but it’s not my life.

You know I’m eclectic.

Anyways, leaving self-description behind.

Let’s get to the topic.

These days my new found interest is Economics + Finance and it’s the relationship with psychology or maybe philosophy too and as I am an Indian so my country also comes into the picture, now I’m thinking you guys are now bit predisposed to the topic.

Okay and this topic was in my mind for a considerable amount of time.

I just wanted to write someday.

So, where should I begin as im completely lost in the introduction?

Tell me, How many of you are following your heart?

Means doing what you love.

Let me rephrase,

How many of you are not following your heart?

Hmm, negative is the better.

If I say that if you’re not following your heart then you are doing a great disservice to this nation.

Should I call you anti-national?

Hahaha, no I won’t.

But,frankly speaking, you’re( yeah disservice you anti-national :P)

How and Why?

Yes, these two thoughtful questions will come into your heart and also mind.

I will explain.

First, let’s understand the concept of talent.

In Hindu ancient Texts it’s called Svadharma.

Okay, let’s see what ancient texts and philosophers have to say on this.

Swadharma is that action which is in accordance with your nature. It is acting in accordance with your skills and talents, your own nature (svabhava), and that which you are responsible for (karma).

Any action that does not make you feel afraid or restless is Swadharma. That action which you feel compelled to do, without which you feel restless is swadharma.
Now do not misunderstand this and say, ‘I feel restless if I do not drink alcohol’. No! Not at all.

Every time you feel restless, it not always because of Swadharma. But at the same time not following your swadharma always makes you feel restless.

That is why it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah’ (3.35).

When we do something without authenticity, just to show off to another person, that is when we feel fear because such action is not genuine, it does not come from the heart. But when we do something that is authentic and from the heart, then there is no fear.

When someone speaks lies, they definitely feel scared somewhere inside. But someone who speaks the truth does not feel scared at all. In fact, speaking the truth and abiding by it brings so much strength to you, isn’t it? This is what Swadharma is.

When we follow that which comes naturally to us in our life, then it brings abundance and prosperity to us. When we flow in accordance with our nature, we grow from within. Any action that uplifts us is our Swadharma.

Dharma is that which holds the mind, intellect, memory and our inner soul together in harmony. Growth comes when we follow our swadharma.

Okay, some more also.

How many times have we asked ourselves ‘Why do I have to do this? Why am I working so hard? What am I getting out of this?’ Often in life, we simply go through the motions without questioning and if this questioning does occur, it happens too late in life. The problem lies in the fact that we do not pursue what we love.

We take up career paths depending on the ‘scope for success’ that it has, in other words, the amount of money we can make, rather than following our own calling. But is success merely about money and fame? Or is it something more? Isn’t success about being happy, about being at peace with oneself?

The reason most of us find ourselves unhappy is that we are engaging ourselves in fields of activity that are at loggerheads with what we really want to do. Work must be something that we look forward to. Even to achieve sustainable ‘success’, we need to go about our jobs with passion. The problem is that we don’t have the courage to follow our conviction. We are too worried about how we will ‘live’, another pseudonym for earning money. And in trying to live, we die. We kill our talents by not engaging in fields of activity that require their use. We are too scared about what others might think if we want to become painters, musicians, archaeologists, poets or philosophers.

To really be successful, the first thing we need to do is do some soul-seeking and introspection and find out what our talents and strengths are. Having done this, simply jump into the chosen arena and go about what you love doing. Gandhiji said ‘Find purpose, the means will follow’ and how true it is. Anyone who has put his work before himself and dedicated his talent for some higher purpose has never suffered. In fact, these are the only people who truly ‘live’. Money comes where there is merit and true merit can only be acquired in the field of our talent. The Gita refers to this field of talent as svadharma. In the Gita, Lord Krishna powerfully asserts, ‘Better is svadharma though devoid of merit than paradharma (opposite to one’s own nature and talent) well discharged; better is death in svadharma, paradharma is fraught with fear’. Wayne Dyer says we often know the right thing to do; the hard part is doing it. We often know what our talents are deep down, but we don’t heed their calling. We think success is all about money, name and fame. Ask those who have all of these if they think they are happy and successful. Chances are slim.

The best part of pursuing our svadharma is that it puts us on the spiritual path without even wanting to be there. Only through the field of one’s svadharma can one find what one seeks in life. It’s never too late to switch. For those who think they are too old, make time to pursue svadharmic activity but for those who think they are young enough, go for it, chase your dreams and believe in yourself even if others doubt you. Prove the doubters wrong, create a path for the rest to follow and most importantly, realize that great potential that lies dormant in each one of us. All of us have our talents but we need to uncover and fulfil them. Have the courage, follow your conviction. You will be rewarded, have faith in yourself and God. By doing this, we put ourselves on the Spiritual Highway

Too much attention is paid to the movement of others rather than ourselves, all we need to do is to find our lane, find our speed and move on!

Hmm, so did you understand now.

But, you know our country India was totally on the wrong path, but now yes thanks to the internet and globalization things are changing but still not as the way they should be going.

Well yeah, I’m optimistic and cynical at the same time, can’t help I’m too balanced 😛

So okay now.

How not following your svadharma leads to a national crisis?

First, let’s understand how the economy of the country works.

See, the first idea you must be getting in your mind regarding the economy is money.

Isn’t ?

Hhahaha,well that’s just superficial way to think.

See,money is just a paper created to reduce the disadvantages of barter system.

Nothing more ,Nothing less.

The economy is more of it.

Consider it a cycle of supply and demand and out of this cycle jobs and wealth are created.

Hmm,and finance is a subpart of the economy which deals with money yes only money.

It’s like taking money from my hand and giving it to you or taking money from your hand and giving it to banks or banks giving money to companies .

Its just movement of money from here and there, nothing more.

So,How’s economics and finance related to Svadharma(talent) ?

Oh.No no ,You’re opening a Pandora’s Box.

How many of you have gone to see a Movie or maybe bought a novel or maybe ate a traditional dish at a restaurant?

Don’t you pay ?

Well, there’s everything starts.

These actors, chefs, models, book writers and even army officers or fighter pilots or even dancers and what, not all these people are following their talents isn’t?

They are just following what they love and see now that what impact they have on yours and my life.

Consider for one day all these actors stopped making movies and all these chefs stopped making food and all these fashion designers stopped designing clothes.

How dull our life would be ?

Leave our life.

See the impact on Indian economy.

The whole Bollywood which involves millions of artists from hairstylers, stuntman/woman, directors ,scriptwriters all these people will go jobless and if they go jobless then see their families have no source of income and they’ll starve.

And just think how our economy will fall ?

Now, this is what not following your svadharma does.

But,you know in India even knowing all this we somehow do something which is totally anti-national.

What’s that ?

Forcing our children into careers they don’t have natural disposition too.

Means if I want to be a dancer but in actual my parents want me to be a doctor.

Hhahahah,Poles apart careers.

In India , engineer and doctors are considered professions next to God.

Why I am saying this ?

The reason is that we give importance to survival more than to happiness.

We think if someone is earning money then he’s everything.

Well,yes earning money and having settled life is a must without it no passion can be followed.

I agree.

But, Why don’t make your passion your vocation?

Like getting paid for something you love to do.

This way you’ll be doing what you love and getting paid for it too .

And, simultaneously doing a great service to the nation by adding money to its taxes.

But, That involves Risk ,Isn’t it ?

Yes ,it involves risk.

The doubt whether your chosen field will generate revenue or not.

Yes, I totally agree.

Okay here’s a solution, get a job which finances your needs and makes you financially independent and when you start earning good in your svadharma then leave that job.

This is my philosophy.

But you know what happens in our society.

Image result for kota suicide

Image result for kota suicide

So if you ask an artist to study science and maths then this will happen.

He/she will never be happy in studying that and will be always in depression.

And with added expectations from their parents and taunt from their society they just hang themselves.

India Ranks 122/140 in Global Happiness Index.

Sad, yes . Statistically sad.

Image result for happiness index india

Now, these are the disadvantages or maybe troubles of not following your svadharma.

Now, The advantages.

Some philosophical thought from artsof living blog.

Give highest priority to ‘Swadhrama’

I was a bit shocked when Rishiji told that “Don’t try to make anyone happy. Your first and foremost duty is to be happy yourself. That is your ‘Swadharma’. Give highest priority to your Swadharma.

I thought, “Is he teaching us to be selfish?”

But after a bit of introspection and little explanation by Rishiji, I realized that whatever he was telling was an irrefutable fact. I don’t even have control over my own mind. How can I have control over others mind? Isn’t it foolish to take responsibility of someone else’s state of mind?

Most of the times, I don’t even take responsibility for my own state of mind. I think that I am happy or sad because of some person, situation or place. I fail to realize that my own mental conditioning and attitude is responsible for the way I respond to outside situation. No person, situation or place can make me happy or sad. If my mind is bitter, I can’t find joy anywhere in the world. If my mind is sweet, I can find joy everywhere. My own internal mental environment is responsible for the way in which I act or react to outside influences. I realized that I am responsible for the state of my own mind and no one else.

It is my duty to see that people near me are comfortable, but I can’t make them happy. If I think that I can make someone happy, it is an illusion. At the most, I can show someone the way to happiness. It is up to them to find their happiness. Usually, we fall in this trap of trying to make others happy and in the process lose our own happiness and also fail miserably in our so-called noble mission of making others happy.

Rishiji gave an apt example of safety instructions which the Air Hostess gives regarding wearing the Oxygen Mask during emergency. First one should wear his/her own Oxygen Mask and then help others to wear their Oxygen Mask. Same is the case with happiness.

Happiness is contagious. The company of a happy person makes others happy. So just be happy! Be happy, because it is our ‘Swadharma’.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji has given a beautiful definition of ‘Swadharma’. He says, “Any action that uplifts us is our Swadharma…..Growth comes when we follow our Swadharma.”

In the Bhagavad Geeta (3.35), Sri Krihna tells that: ‘Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah’ – It is better to die following one’s own ‘Swadharama ‘ than to follow ‘Paradharma’. The path of ‘Paradharma’ is full of unknown dangers.

To be happy in true sense, the first and foremost thing to do is to take responsibility of our own mind. But this is easier said than done. Taking responsibility of our own mind requires extraordinary level of awareness and self-effort. Only with regular Sadhana, Seva & Satsang can one get that heightened level of awareness and energy which can help us to become a true master of our own mind.

Now,my economic and financial thought.

Do you know about GDP?

It’s just the value of the products and services of a country.

Means if steel is produced in my country then what’s its value in dollars or maybe if someone is doing some job then its value in dollars.

In short, its just the concept of that everything can be valued in money.

Image result for gdp of world

The above graph says that USA and China are having great GDP’s , but this doesn’t imply that their people are following their svadharma because they’re may be people who are earning but not doing what they love and this statistic shows that.

See where USA is and where China is ?

Nowhere at the Top.

That’s why our GDP’s should measure happiness also because that’s quality.

Image result for happiness gdp country

So , how’s svadharma connected to GDP ?

Well if you’re adding your invention or maybe service into the market then you are actually increasing GDP of your country.

It’s as simple as that.

And moreover .

The more is the diversified economy the lesser are the chances of it to undergo financial crisis.

Just because everyone will be following his or her svadharma and as each other’s svadharma is different it will lead to diversification of economy.

Here’s an Quora answer by sean lee.

Economic diversification refers to the expansion of economic activity into different sectors, often through government directives.

The most evident advantage of doing so would be to increase the resilience of an economy. Just as one does not “put all eggs into one basket”, national economies as a rule of thumb should not be heavily reliant on a particular sector to drive growth. As seen in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, the 2016 plunge in global oil prices through the economies of these oil-dependent nations into disarray. Other Gulf petrostates are attempting to avoid this fate by diversifying into other sectors, such as tourism, financial services and clean energy generation. As such, economic diversification helps ease the effects of cyclical downturns, including cyclical unemployment.

Expanding into other sectors will open up a variety of new jobs as the demand increases, helping to alleviate structural unemployment by “future-proofing” economies. Particularly when the economy is trade-oriented, beckons foreign capital investment to flow into the country, energising businesses and governments to ramp up growth by spending on fixed capital, infrastructure and so on.

Lastly, economic diversification helps improve the economic well-being of citizens, especially when one transitions from primary to secondary to tertiary industries in the process of diversification. Primary industries like mining and agriculture are usually low value since they deal mainly with commodities without much value-adding done. Secondary industries such as manufacturing are higher up on the value chain since it takes expertise and infrastructure to create products in demand from raw materials. Following the same chain of thought, tertiary industries are usually the highest value ones since they require specialized infrastructure, highly skilled individuals that are hard to obtain. Examples include computer programming and international banking, amongst other service-based sectors. Diversification while moving up the value chain will result in higher incomes and further economic growth as an economy transitions into high-value exports, evidently seen in the miraculous growth of the “4 Asian Tigers” in the 60s and 70s as they moved to manufacturing heavy industries when diversification from previous niches.

Now coming to Fiscal deficit.

Expenditure – Revenue= Fiscal deficit(generally government’s expenditure and revenue)

India’s fiscal deficit is 3.4% of GDP means we OWE 3.4 % of our GDP in loans.

Means or government is borrowing money in order to spend on things like defence ,social services etc just because they are not getting enough money from revenue like taxes.

That’s huge amount , isn’t it ?

So today if you start a new venture or maybe do a job which you like the government will take a small part of it in form of taxes and there and then if you’re doing anything in this world but paying your taxes then you are asset to this nation.

Now just see the benefits of following your svadharma.

You will be happy.

Everyone around you will be happy because you are happy.

You are earning means you are improving economy of your country.

And if economy of your country is improving then many people are getting jobs and thus they are coming out of poverty.

Just see the service you are doing the universe.

Great .Keep it up.

And always follow your SVADHARMA.


Not Always Strong.

You know the biggest drawback of writing blogs and that too on psychology, philosophy is that people think that I’m some sort of superhuman or someone who ain’t human.

Please guys don’t judge me so positively.

Hahaha, I really like when you compliment me for my wisdom or thoughts.

But, please if you compliment so much that you forget that the person who is writing these blogs ain’t a human then that’s my failure.

So, I have bit of an opinion.

I do feel negative when nothing is positive.

My eyes do yearn for my love.

But, can’t I just feel more?

Yes, I feel more.

When I fail.

When I get tired.

When I lose my mind.

I need that pampering and attention when I’m ill.

I do need love when I’m lonely.

Loneliness haunts, yes it’s lonely at the top and it hurts

I do feel for my future.

Oh. My body.

The most sensitive thing.

I cry many times when my fever doesn’t subsidize and vomit doesn’t stop.

Oh, I’ve seen that before.

Then why you all call wise?

Just because I don’t show you my life.

Stay with me.

Not hours.


Not days but weeks.

Then you’ll understand.

That I’m more human than you.

And then you’ll understand controlling yourself is easy for some time.

But, controlling yourself every second is tough.

Oh yes.

But I do need that kiss, that hug.

But, I don’t ask.

It has become my nature not to ask.

I have become too selfless.

But, still I want something .

So, I change the topic.

I change my mind and concentrate on something else.

Now it has become a habit.

I don’t know till when these things will continue.

But still not to ask, is the right thing

It makes you giver.

The philosophy which I believe in.

But, still I ask something from you.

That give me love.

Sometimes. Sometimes.

Because no one loves the strong guy.

And the irony is that sometimes strong guy gets weak.

And he needs that affection.

——– Written by A human not Wise not strong but a man with normal life with normal emotions.


Image credits :Tantric Therapy

What’s wrong with me?

Hey, how are you guys.

You know I need a catharsis.

There’s too much of energy inside me and I can’t sleep right even working for more than 14 hours.

I’m just really tired and dissatisfied and dispassionate.

I don’t know, what’s this life is all about.

I had a mix of emotions and thoughts.

I just can’t figure out, what’s wrong.

But, still I will speak.

First of all I like less populated places, so many people going in a metro station really makes me feel really awack.

Yeah, awack.

It pisses my mind.

The reason for this is not that I hate people.

But, I hate their frustration and the manipulative behavior and the jealousy and the all stupid ideas about life.

I’m not saying everyone is like that.

Maybe I’m judging too much.

But I just like frank, simple and truthful people.

I don’t want people adultering truth with words.

I just don’t want that.

Thank God, I’ve a partner who’s been always frank and honest.

And, I have got few friends who are like that.

But, the world?

I don’t care.

I am bit rebellious, carefree, childish or kiddish, simple.

Even i become a billionaire, I’m gonna travel in public transport.

Even i act like a child and do stupid stuff like eating lollipop aur maybe crack few jokes in not gonna be serious guy.

Sorry, I’m an individual with varied interests and varied ways to be happy.

If I behave like a child and feel happy I will be.

Please. Stop telling me, I’m wrong.

Stop categorizing me with a job, money or the vehicles I own.



Talk to me, look at me and be with me.

That’s enough.

I just have lost interest in everything that this world is offering me.

But, still I’m ambitious.

I want to grow. I want to be more wise.

I want to work like hell.

I want to exercise.

I want to love.

And I want to do everything which I want to.

Please stop giving me certificates and advisories I don’t need them.

I’m being me.

I don’t need a certificate to know who I am.

But, still telling this world this again and again.

They bound me with their rules and procedures.

They bound me with their stereotypes and prejudices.

Oh see that guy he sits at the back chair, he’s dumb and stupid.

And, I would say.

Oh, common.

Just leave me alone.

What will you do in life?

That’s a question my chemistry teacher asked me when I couldn’t answer a question.

Will a question decide what will i do?

And this incident happened 7 years back.

Still ingrained.

I don’t know.

If I talk about love and romance, people tell me that am I trying to impress girls?

I said. Yes.

They kept quiet.

That’s not what they wanted to hear.

They wanted to see my hesitation so they could have a upper hand on me and they win this argument.

Certainly they lost this.


I’m clever and pure from heart.

And who said a clever person can’t be a good one?

I’m clever and I’m good.

Don’t judge me.


I’m clever and love really well.

Again take this.

The mind you’re living with and the society you’re enduring both hardly matters.

But, daily and yearly.

These two entities adulterate our lives so much that we end up far-away from truth of our lives.

Living like a corpse with no individuality of our own.

Do I want to live this way?

Never ever.

Skipping the Experience.

Everyone says that experience makes you wise.

I found it to be quite true.

Indeed experience makes us wise.


Then few days back I had an idea.

Which came out of the blue.

It was like.

If you keep experiencing things and then become wise.

Then it would take hundred of years.

Why don’t you skip the experience and still learn.

I wasn’t able to understand what my mind was saying.

But, it was a good idea.

Then I started to think.

How to skip experiences and become wise.

For example.

I had many relationships but every time I was felt misunderstood and unconnected (yes that’s what my last post was 😅)

Moreover with respect to career also I took few bad decisions and then learned.


If I look back at these experiences then the common thing in them was that I always learnt after experiencing failures or maybe heartbreaks.

I never understood before them.

Well, now the problem is that I’m a mortal human being.

I don’t have that time to experience everything and then fall on right track.

This may take years maybe two or three lifetimes.

Then what should I do.

How to make mind understand things without experiencing?

Isn’t this a valid question.

Anyways leave me.

Think about yourself.

Didn’t you face failures, heartbreaks, illness and then realised what’s wrong for you.


What about that situation where you can assess everything and don’t have to face all this drama and still make brilliant decisions.

Well. The solution to this one is bit complicated and unorthodox.

Experience taught us how to light fire, how to hunt animals and how to make tools.

The trial and error method.

But, now our minds are developed we have evolved from that early man age.

Yes, animals do use trial and error method.

But, that’s why we’re humans we are more evolved animals.

Now, the solution.

Which I feel is a better way to apply.

I think the most important thing is to know ourselves and everything which is in us.

Like our mind and body.

I’ve read countless books on psychology and philosophy.

That’s why I assume that I follow those teachings really well.

If we know our minds and bodies.

If we know our desires and passions.

Then only we can overcome them

So, these will only come from thinking, observing and questioning your own mind.

If you know yourself then you’ve won the half battle.

I’ll give you an example.

Well. I don’t eat outside food that much but whenever I do, I get sick.

That’s my body.

I know about it.

So, today I was going through a street and there was delicious food being made.

And, most of the students were eating.

At that moment my passions did rise.

But, then I got reminded that this is outside food.

And I learned that outside food isn’t good for my body.

So, instead of experiencing that sickness I still made a rational choice just because I knew about my body.

Now, if we come to our work.

Then we should also know that what we’re good at.

If we don’t know this.

Then alot of bad experiences can waste our considerable time and energy.

So, to avoid it.

Know your talent.

And then try to make that talent your profession with lot of obsession towards it.

That’s the best way to achieve greatness in short amount of time.

And the second thing which comes is to know your enviornment.

So, wherever you go do some research.

If its a monument or for a date.

I used to always research and plan bit in mind wherever I used to go.

But, yes sometimes everything doesn’t go according to plan(because people would be late or change their minds😂) but you can still improvise rationally.

If you know whom you’re meeting, if you know what type of person they are by observing their habits and gestures then you can make a choice whether to stay with that person or not, instead of talking so much with him or her and wasting your time and then releasing that he/she was an absolute jerk.

That’s why I meet people in person.

I get to know them better.


Obviously I don’t like chatting on the phone. 😅

So, If I sum up this article.

Then I would say.

Rational Thinking.

Knowledge of yourself.

Knowledge of enviornment.

These three things are which can save your time, energy, money and most importantly your life from all the drama that experience through experiences.

I know our minds will revolt.

It would say that you’vent experienced things then how can you change.

First experience then make a decision.

But, be aware of this fallacy.

There’s a wise saying that to experience death, you don’t have to die, you learn from your world.

The same thing I would say.

To make good choices you don’t have to experience unpleasant situations, failures and heartbreaks, you learn from yourself and your enviornment.

Image credits : Google images.

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