I fear.


Quite a long time.

I don’t know.

But, I was going through tough times few days back.

I was like in desperate need of help and thought that my whole knowledge of myself was getting washed away.


I think as time has passed I’m back to normal.

I have faced a lot of things.


I always used to say fearless.

I still say.

But there are few things which we should fear.

I think I will write a poem and you will understand.


I fear not the material loss of fame and gain, but I do fear the pain of no aim.

I fear not the loss of my identity, but I do fear my loss of credibility.

I fear not the loss of my loved one, but I fear my absence of love for them.

I fear not of becoming anything for the sake of world, but I do fear not becoming myself for the sake of my little world.

I fear not of getting ill, but I do fear the junk food bill.

I fear not the bruises and blood, but I do fear the cries from others eyes.

I fear not of remaining alone, but I do fear if I don’t give the love to my girl, then what will happen to her.


To be frank.

We all face fear.

Sometimes we think what others will think, how I will survive alone, what will happen if world makes me its enemy.

There are various fears.

But, there are some fears which are good.

Which tell you to do right thing.


At the end.

I must say.

That I fear doing wrong things.



Some people might be thinking that I’m going to talk about relationships and all.


It isn’t like that.

Commitment is hardly required in required relationships, but there is something which needs commitment and that is your happiness.

I could have written goals instead of happiness but then there are some who are committed to their goals but not happy, fear and anxiety still gives them chills and they aren’t able to perform up to mark and most importantly also lose happiness in this pursuit.

Well. Just because they don’t know what they want in reality. (not imagination :P)


I would like give them a advice that first find what you really want to do.

Then only.

Commitment can be there.

So i assume that you all know what you want to do and be happy in doing that.


Now the topic.

I know there are thousands of distractions present there,.


I will give you examples from our daily life.


Let’s see.


Consider we are studying.

And some thought pops up in our mind.

It says, wow. What a video on YouTube. I must watch it.

Then that video becomes a movie and your time to study becomes your time for movie.



I think aren’t we wasting our time on irrelevant things.

Like Facebook, bad relationships, Instagram or gossiping.

Are they really serve any purpose??

You please decide.

Will watching a video will give your life any meaning.

Then why this mediocre life we are living.

At one side there are a few guys who are putting on the work and feeding their souls and then at the other side there are people who are feeding their sense of lack.


This won’t give us anything.

But yeah certainly will give lot of pain in future.

Just because the things we don’t do know will slowly eat us.

Now. I think I have a good poem which depicts life.

This poem is made by someone who regrets now and he doesn’t regret about not getting material goals but happiness.

Why I failed.

Was it God’s want, no it was my fault.

Why I procrastinated.

Was it because I wasn’t motivated, no it was because my desire to improve was obliterated.

Why I lost.

Was it because other team was better, no it was because you were not doing what mattered.

Why I am not fit.

Was it my genes,no it is because you ate that cream.

Why I am not intelligent.

Was it my brain was dull, no it is because you didn’t practice it well.

Why I am not improving.

Was it because of external things, no it was your inability to make improvement an internal thing.

And lastly.

Why I’m not happy.

Was it my circumstances, no it was your habits which led to these instances.

I hope you all make self – improvement your life.

Maybe we all are at the same place.

We Blamed the external things but in actual weren’t committed to our goals which we wanted to achieve.

And somehow our habits are responsible.

If you really want to change.

Change your habits.

Because habits make character and character makes destiny.





What it is?

I think.

I will tell you.

I have really active imagination.

It’s just I heavily deal in images be it remembering numbers, faces or events.

My whole memory is just because of very good imagination.

But yeah it has down sides too.

Basically I will deal with them only today.

And, yeah how to fix imagination on right things.


Where should I start?

Don’t worry. It would be from daily events.

So No,rocket science.

But yeah, you guys have to think simultaneously.

What really is imagination?.

I think it’s mental images which your mind draws.

Certainly nothing more than mental images.


Our minds have two ways one is of language and other is imagination.

Language is the voice in your head.


Imagination is very useful tool.

But it becomes a problem when tend to believe our imagination for reality.

I think the root cause is this only.

Imagination plays havoc in our lives from fear to anxiety to desires all are through imagination.

So. I will share some personal experiences with you all.

So you understand.

Okay, when I was in college.

Like I had a thought that I might get discoloration of skin.

See. This was just a thought.

But, what really happened was pure imagination.

I started to imagine myself as a discolored boy, then I imagined that all people were laughing at me for my color, then my girl (space) friends rejecting me.

This was the whole thing, then I used to imagine more.

And with passing day, I started to feel depressed, I was whole day in my bed dealing with these obnoxious thoughts.

I didn’t want to go out.

It was painful.

And, one day I started to believe those mental images which my mind was creating.

So. See, how fear creeps in.


During second year, I used to stay in hostel.

And exams were approaching then for an ambitious guy like.

Failure really meant death.


So when I was going to sleep, a thought came.

What if you aren’t able to sleep.


I started to imagine about all the negative things, like I imagined myself sleeping in the exam without writing anything, then I imagined that I wasn’t able to wake up in morning.


Fear again creeped in.

This is how imagination creates fear.

It creates mental images that have no base or reality.

But, still we believe those images for reality.

And suffer.


Usually imagination is the root cause of fear.


See. Imagination is necessary it helps in foresight, but the thing is that it really isn’t the reality.

How imagination spoils relationships?

How many times we spoke to our friends rudely or they spoke to us.

Then we started to imagine that they might not talk to us or insult us.

But, next day you both meet there’s nothing of that type.


It’s imagination only which is playing with you.

This is fear and anxiety.


Desires, important part.

You see.

Desire is nothing but ignorance of the mind.


I will tell you.

Give you examples.


Consider you want to become a powerful person maybe police officer or administrative officer and then you start imagining yourself as the king of that whole area.

People respecting you, your subordinates saluting you, girls flirting with you.

This can be true.


This can be false too.


Can you really commit today that this will certainly happen?

Will it happen? Not sure.

I think it’s sort of illusion only.

And, then you study everyday just for this illusion.

Mere waste of time.

And when you get selected you see that you aren’t the king.

You have to follow so many rules and regulations.

Then senior officials are disrespecting you.

And then there’s no time for you to pursue happiness.

You are in a wrong place.

Just because you imagined things which just existed in your mind but really didn’t exist in the world.


Even if you have somewhat similar experience that people saluting you and respecting you, but do they really respect you or they want some work out of you.


See the reality first.


Those delicious food items.

How many times imagination has made a fool out of you.?

That food.

Which you imagined to be so delicious.

But when you ate it, it somehow tasted different than what you imagined.

You might be thinking what type of mockery Is this .

I will give you one example out of my life.

When I was in depression or in bad part of life.

I couldn’t stay in home.

So I used to go out, it was just I wanted to be away from my thoughts.

So i used to go to central Delhi.

There I used keep walking and finally went home late.

I started to get addicted to this.


When I used to wake up in the morning and unhealthy thoughts and feelings used to come, I was like imagined myself that I was happy in that area and craved for going there again, but as time passed that going again and again became a stupid act.

Just because what I imagined was certainly very different from the experience I used to get.

I think many desires are cause of imagination only.

Be it anything.

It can happen with anything.

A person or a visual material.

This is how desires manifest, they make you feel that those images is the reality.

But they aren’t.

All fantasies are nothing but ignorance.

If you look closely these pleasures are nothing but nerve sensations.

Be it food that’s sensation of tounge nerves.

Be it sex that’s sensation of touch.

Be it smell that’s sensation to nose.

So you see.

What reality is and what imagination is.

I think you should start getting detached from your imagination.

I’m not saying don’t imagine.

But just see, what you are imagining.

Like when I’m lying down, certainly imagination runs wild and goes here and there.

But, what i do is bring that imagination to something useful.

Like imagining mathematical objects and calculating the formula.

Imagining various ways how a problem can be solved by mind maps.

Then imagining numbers.

Yeah, don’t worry.

I do imagine unconsciously fearful images , but you know i really don’t care about them because I know it’s my mind’s business to imagine wrong things and present to me.

So. Yeah, whenever illusive imagination comes, accept its way by knowing that it isn’t the real thing and then start consciously bringing your imagination to right things.

With practice your imagination will not run wild because now you have the power to control your imagination.

Good luck.

Image credits : Signature reads.

For Myself.


I think you have read many poems by me.


There has been a lot of speculation or you can say.

Like some people say that they done a great deal of hard work or they may say they have loved you or they may say that they have done a lot for the society.

What i mean is that people talking about what they have done for others, means sort of showing of.

Well I’m here to end this.

I think people who love, who work hard or you may say serve the society.

Do you think they really do this service for themselves?

I suppose not.

I think they do for themselves.


I will help you to understand this concept.

Through a poem or maybe quotes.




Why I gain knowledge?

For some gain or aim.


It’s for my brain.

The happiness I get from is my aim.

So it’s for myself.

Why I help ?

Do you think I am Great human.


Just because my eyes can’t see the cries of those who are in need.

And that’s my only creed.


It’s for myself.

Why I exercise?

Do you think I want to show others my fitness.


Just because I can’t live with a body which is of no use to anybody.

My body is my house for my soul and if it is unhealthy then I’m certainly not wealthy.


It’s for myself.

Why I will love?

Do you think I will need your love that’s why I will love.


Just because I want to open my gate from which my love can flow to your heart and you believe we are one part.

Will this love be for ourselves, No it would be a partnership so that we can remove the world from hardship.

One day we both will open up our gates and tell to God that both of us were worth the wait


It’s for myself.

I think I summed up all those issues which we normally face from work, education and love.

Well I think this is the only way where we can love ourselves the best.

And that’s only through selflessness.

So in the end.

Selflessness is also for myself.

Good luck.

Not that way.


Another post.

I think this is also a poem.

I hope if it doesn’t rhyme that it doesn’t mean that’s not a poem.

Nevertheless, well to summarize this is about the reality and delusion.

Like there are always two sides to a coin.

I think there are two sides of human beings also.

One is of ego, hatred, pain and instant gratification.

And other one is of selflessness, love, bliss and patience.

So i think we humans are intelligent enough to choose our ways.

But. Still negativity dawns us and we don’t see the complete reality.


I think this will certainly help.

Here it is.

I want to be a great man.

I want to be successful.

I want to do marvelous work.


Not the way that I become enemy of my own land and people.

Not the way that I become an object for the world which resembles fame.

Not the way that I lose my conscience in pursuit of some science.

I want to love you my lady.

I want to have children with you.

I want to share ideas with you.


Not the way that I get deluded by your body.

Not the way that I get infatuated with your imaginary presence and feel fear by your absence.

Not the way that I get mesmerized by your material fame.

I want to have fun.

I want to enjoy life.

I want to do something adventurous.


Not the way that I hurt people’s feelings.

Not the way that I hurt my body and soul.

Not the way that I make them my life.

I want to eat.

I want to drink.

I want to go out.

I want to dress smart.


Not the way that I become a slave to them.

Not the way that I hurt my body which is a house for my soul.

Not the way that I want to show others that I am better than them.


I think these things are very common like, we all work, then we all marry, we all have kids, we all eat, drink, party and dress.


Even in small things our character is present.

I think everyone does all things the same.


The real difference comes when a man/woman of character does it and a man of ill repute does it.

They both do the same thing.

But the man/woman of ill repute will do it for ego, lust, anger and selfishness.

But there is only one thing that a man/woman of character will say.

“Not that way”.

Pic credits :Zen pencils. (do read the picture)

If I give up / If I believe.

Hello everyone.

I’m glad that I have started to write poems also.

But i think I’m not a great poet.

Yeah I do have emotional side but that is also dependent on the fact that it’s not based on attachment but more on unconditional love.


I write.


Even having good knowledge sometimes old thoughts, memories and people do make weak.

But, I know if I give up on them.

And stop doing what I believe, certainly pain would increase manifold.

So i would like to share a small poem.

Which is about perseverance.

I’m very good at it. (:P)

It’s about mind (thoughts and desire) and heart (feelings) and how to be comfortable with their tantrums.

Here it is.

If i give up on my thoughts,

I know they will take me to devil’s unknown caves where I will be one of its slaves.

If i give up on my feelings,

I know they will make me so weak that I may die without any blood leak.

If i give up on my unhealthy desires.

I know there will be so much darkness that I would be a person who knows only madness.

If i give up on my deluded thinking ,

I know I will cry my whole life without blinking .

If i give up on my ego.

I know death of my soul is on the go.


The optimistic part.

If i believe,

That I’m stronger than my thoughts,

I know I might light up those caves and free all other slaves.

If i believe,

That I’m stronger than my feelings,

I know that I will rise from ashes of pain to be on an unconquered plane.

If I believe,

That I’m stronger than my desires,

I know that I will offer my life without a blink of an eye to show those that’s there nothing really to cry.

If i believe,

That I’m stronger than my deluded thinking.

I know I have realised that I was sleeping.

If i believe,

That I’m stronger than my ego,

I know that it’s only love which will make me the man whom I will never let go.

Thank you.

Good luck.

Power of attention.



Poor way of getting your attention.

By writing attention.



Keeping the jokes behind(poor ones).


What I’m going to talk about.

Well it’s attention.

Do you know what attention is??


Few people say it’s focus.


I think it’s too deep to understand.

I hope i can make you all understand.


How come I realised attention is important?


2015,it was.

And I failed in a competitive exam.

So. I was crying.

And in night.

I was determined that I will never fail again.

And then I looked back at the time, why I failed.

I found that even in exam, my mind was wandering and I was not able to concentrate on questions.

And I couldn’t do those questions.

So I filled myself with anger.

And, I studied till 2am.

I was so angry at myself.

That I started to control my mind every second.

Even in morning I was determined to this

Next few days were very tough.

It was very hard to bring my mind to the present work.

But i kept on trying.

Days became months and months years.

And finally I got some proficiency in doing so.



There are times failures seem inevitable.

But that was my own ignorance and lack of will.

So yeah, this was the incident.

So now I’m going to analyze the topic.


First question arises.

Why to have attention?


To be frankly speaking.

You are your past thoughts.

And your future will be your present thoughts.


I think you have your destiny in your hands.

If you control on which you thoughts you should think upon.


It’s a whole science.

I will explain.

Let a thought comes, that you will fail.


If you think about this and keep on thinking about, I’m pretty sure you will be going into depression.

I have been there.


A thought comes that, she is the girl without I cannot live.

I think this is also a factor of loneliness.


If you keep on thinking about loneliness and the girl whom you spent your time.

I’m pretty sure you will develop attachment and will fear losing her.

I think it’s a good thing to spend time with your lover.

But. Don’t be attached because it becomes very painful.

And. If you lose her.

Then again depression.

I have been there again


There are situations where I feel like quitting.


I think that this too is a thought and If I think about it then I will certainly quit.

I have been there too.


How power of attention is important?

I think.

It’s the most important thing to do.


Just because it’s the only thing that will ever make you feel happy.

And if you have power of attention then I think you can control your destiny.

Till now.

Our whole lives have been dominated by thoughts, emotions, desires and delusion.

There is a reason why I wrote them in a sequence.

When a thought comes and you think about it for days then it becomes a emotion and when emotion comes and you think about it then it becomes a desire and when desire arises and you keep on satisfying your desire by your actions and thoughts then it’s time for delusion.

And if your deluded then you are in a very wrong position.

Have you seen those addicts?

Be it alcohol.


Depressed lover.

They both have delusion in common.

The alcoholic considers that he can’t live without alcohol.

Then the deluded lover thinks that he can’t live without his /her beloved.


I think you know what they can’t live without.


You see.

It’s all about thoughts.

How small thoughts can change your whole life.

If you don’t practice attention.

I think before practicing attention, you should know what you want to focus upon.

Be it art, sports or studies.

But mind you never let anything which is external control you.

I think it should be some work or cause that you can make your life and have full attention on it.

That’s you should do.

Now how to attend?

I think it’s very important.

So yeah.

Read my post on

How to concentrate?


When you will be able to concentrate then there will be past thoughts, emotions, desires and deluded intelligence.

Deluded intelligence is something which forces you to do wrong things,means that you know that you are going to do something wrong but your intelligence gets corrupted and you end up doing wrong things.


Let them be.


Read my post on Awareness.

This will certainly be a good thing.

You will certainly see,

What I’m trying to say?

I know it’s bit tough to understand.


Please if you understand this.

Then it will certainly help.

Doubts are welcome.

I know this is somewhat difficult to understand.

But yeah.

I will help.

Thank you.