Hello guys.

One of the last posts.

Seriously i have nothing more to tell you.

I have run out of Knowledge, to be frank.

I have given everything I had.


Maybe this one maybe the last or second last.

I know my stint with writing is coming to an end.

Even my last post was also something about the last process to follow.

So keeping the emotional good bye behind.

Let’s come to the topic.


How many of you have some longing for happiness?

Do you want to be free from SUFFERING?


No one wants to be sad.

But, do you think suffering is self created?

I don’t know you tell.

When I started my college i was a different boy, fears, trauma the experience of getting not loved by your partner. Parents scolding you, people mocking you.

Depression, sadness, loneliness, gulit was an everyday process.

Maybe the pain was too much to bear.

Emotions were too much to bear so they made me numb.

Thoughts were too many so they made me sleep.

And what about the world.

It was like a hole. Where there was no hope.

And, I hoping that tears, thoughts and feelings one day will fade away.

They did fade away.


Most important how?

How come a boy, who couldn’t face his thoughts, who could run away from his home so that he doesn’t facea his inner demons, the boy who couldn’t control his emotions, today is writing posts on thoughts and emotions.

The boy who craved for love and attention.

Now doesn’t want any.

But at the same time can give his deepest love.

The boy who used to run after success and run from failures has become indifferent to both.

But at the same time strives for knowledge.

Maybe its some sort of a miracle.

Maybe he was given some boon

Maybe the pain pushed him too far.


Maybe not.

But, was there anything which made him the man he wanted to become.

Yes. There was something.

And today he will boast about it.

That was determination on Liberation.

The boy didnt want to be a temporary man who couldn’t give anything to this world.

The boy never compromised with values.

The boy stayed on his life’s truth even the path was hazy.

The boy stayed where no one was there for him.

For him.

Everything was painful.

From relationships to sleep.

Society told him to do that.

But he did what he believed in.

And finally he broke off those chains which his mind made from the steel taken from society’s selfish aim.

But, what made him the man he wanted to be?

His determination for Liberation.

And did anyone helped him?


My country , she made me, she made me the man that I am.

And everytime she calls for help, I shall hear and I shall heal.

For she sings for me in my hour of need.

And he will one day liberate her of her miseries, because now his love is now his duty.


The final process.

Hello guys.


Yes. Today I will finally reveal my path to freedom because of years of experience with pain, depression, heartbreaks failures, success, materialism, procrastination,attachment, aversion, hate, emotions, feelings.


A lot of experience.


Today I will deal with something, if you practice diligently you can be truly free.

You will be out of this bondage.

Even I’m imperfect now.


I have experience.


I will tell you the process where you can clear your past attachments and suffering.

As it’s a personal process, some of you will certainly like it if you have undergone the pain and some of you will consider it time-consuming as just you haven’t experienced things the way I have.


I will give in-depth analysis and examples.

This would be a step by step process.

So first step.


Awareness in the present moment.


Awareness is something which is extremely important.

For example, if you’re not aware of traffic rules then you can end up in an accident.

How awareness of thoughts and feelings is important?


Consider your mind to be a thought and emotion producing the machine.


Now. The problem is that we believe that we are this machine.

But in actual it’s not like that.

Thoughts and emotions are involuntary responses they will keep coming and keep going.

It’s just you don’t have to fear them.

I will give you an example.

Let’s assume we are the mind, means we are the thoughts.

So Let one thought comes and it says, that let’s do suicide.

Will you kill yourself??

If not then how come you believe whatever the mind says.

If it says you aren’t beautiful, confident.

Then why do you believe it?

So don’t believe them.

Now this what awareness does, it kills our identification with thoughts and feelings.


It’s completely doable.

Just you need is practice.

The practice of bringing your mind in the present moment and not believing your thoughts.


Second step.


Another important thing.

The power of discrimination is totally based on experiences, reasoning, and wisdom.


You remember I gave you the example of suicide.

So there you know it or not.

You used your power of discrimination.


You fail to use this most of the times.

And when you fail you fall in the pool of degradation.



Let’s see.

Now here comes a thought.

“You are dumb”.

Now. See you are aware of this thought but you don’t have the power of discrimination.

You think on this negative thing.

You contemplate it so deeply.

That you become this thought.

This thought takes root in your whole system.

And it destroys you.

Same is with eating junk food.

One thought comes, “let’s enjoy this for one last time”

So you were unaware of the devil.

You go on eating.

And create a problem.

You see mind is very clever.

It will give evil suggestions disguised as good things.


You should be more clever than the mind.

You should see what it’s telling you to do.


Even a single thought not discriminated well can cause a lifetime of trouble.

And the last step.


Determination on the right thing.


Now I consider everyone here is a normal person.

Who just want to follow his /her passion and be happy.


Everyone has his/her personal values and principles.

Some personal passion.

In which he finds bliss.

So it can be writing, sports or studies.


You see just don’t follow them.

Just because we aren’t determined.

We check WhatsApp or browse youtube or go out.

And we sabotage our true work for something else

Even knowing that those things to be bad we continue doing them.

So how to control yourself and follow your purpose.

Here you need is courage.

And courage only comes when you believe in your values.

So when you have done the discrimination part.

Then be determined on what you wanna do.

For example.

You have taken a resolution of not to eat junk food.


Just remain determined on it.

I know there will be thoughts and emotions when you resist junk food, just gather courage and do your work.

With time thoughts and emotions will die.

Courage is just for some seconds but its impact is for years.

So this is the process.

In short.

The process sums up.

First awareness, be aware of your thoughts now as thoughts come discriminate them know what they are telling you to do or think, after discriminating them, then remain determined on what you are doing which you believe is right.

Guys I know it will go above many heads but it’s something which everyone has to do in order to achieve peace.

Most important thing, every thought is important.

Even a single wrong thought if contemplated or acted on it can cause irreparable damage.

So keep practicing the above steps.

The above steps will make sense if you have read my previous posts.

Good luck.

Picture credits – other perspective.

How to study?

Hey all.


For the past year, I was more of a psychologist (btw, I’m an electrical engineer and have never studied psychology :P)

But, yeah I do observe life minutely.


From now on I will be talking about things which are easier to imbibe and most importantly which are practically useful to everyone.

I know.

Education is an important thing.

And questions which everyone asks are

Are you studying or not?

How much you studied?


The questions no one asks are,

How are you studying?

Why are you studying?

I will take the first question only.

As the second one is personal and is bound to individual’s desire.


How to study?


First, understand,

Whom are you trying to educate?

So the answer is your, Mind.

Mind Is that thing which needs education.

Have you ever educated your body parts? 😛

So to remove ignorance, You study.


First, understand how the mind works.

The mind has the great capability of imagination and analysis.

Imagination is creating vivid pictures of something and analysis is asking necessary questions.


When you were a child?

Didn’t you ask questions?


When you were in your teens, didn’t you imagine yourself in romantic songs?(even you do now)

So this it.

This is what mind does.

And these are the only things we require to study.

Isn’t it simple?


The mind has a very good habit of connecting things.

Consider you had broken up with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you remember that he/she liked chocolates.

So this gets recorded in your memory.

Now someone else says that he/she likes chocolate.

So what happens?

Your mind must have connected this with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Isn’t it?

So this is what mind does.

And to be honest.

Whatever you do daily with your mind like asking questions, imagining or connecting memories with your present events are all and only things which you need to do when you have a book.

But. Sadly.

You don’t do this when you are with your books.

So you need to start doing these if you wanna study well.


Going deeper.

Analysis. What is analysis?

Now consider you are reading something.

So there must be some lines.


Ask questions.

What? When? How? Why? Where?

Yes. Ask questions this will increase your understanding and you will feel better with the text.

So be it anything ask questions and your understanding will increase exponentially.


The connection between what you know and what you are reading.

Now consider.

Connect history with politics or psychology with politics.

Or connect geography with history.

Then you will understand better.

For example.

We know that most wars(history) happened over possession of fertile lands(geography)or to conquer the world i.e ego (psychology)

So in this way you can improve your learning graph.


Most important.


This faculty is impressive.

This is something which only humans can do.

So when studying imagine yourself to be present there and create a movie. (the way you do when you are listening to music or reading novels)

So these are the ways you can and should study.

And I must say if you start to do all these you won’t get bored even if you are reading the most boring subjects.

Keep practising. Keep learning.

Good luck.

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The essence of Knowledge.


“Knowledge through hard work. ”

Seems like some inspirational quote needs to be there so that we can “Work Hard”.

The idea of work hard.

Siddharth. Work hard.

You need to work harder.

Your work is praiseworthy. You must have worked harder.

I have got disgusted with this.

Thank you.


But I’m not going to “Work hard”.

I’m going to work in a way in which I feel bliss, not pain.

Yes. Even if the work doesn’t give me anything in life.

I’m still going to still do that.


My father said if you don’t study you won’t become that.

I told him that knowledge and intelligence are not something to get something or obtain some commodity. It’s gain in itself to have knowledge and intelligence.


Whenever knowledge and intelligence become some medium to get something.


It certainly becomes “Hard Work”.

All degeneration starts from associating great things with gross worldly pleasures.

Some gain knowledge so that they have a comfortable life, some to show others that they are worthy and some to derive temporary pleasures of life(sex, drinking or luxury)

Knowledge is itself a virtue.

But when you see knowledge through a key hole of worldly pleasures, then how much you try you won’t become knowledgeable or wise.

It’s just you will be satisfied with the fact that how many questions are coming in an exam and which concept carries more marks.

My whole education was a lie.


My school, college.

They all lied to me and made a mockery of knowledge.

Knowledge is a quality of your spirit.

You don’t need anything except concentration and devotion.


Knowledge automatically gets acquired.

But the problem arises in concentration.

All your worldly pleasures revolve in your mind and then you aren’t able to concentrate well.

So with the absence of concentration knowledge doesn’t become a quality of your personality.

Rather it becomes a commodity for your ego or body to derive pleasure using it.

This same thing happened during the war of Mahabharata.

When Karna had forgotten his knowledge of dhanur vidya(archery).

Just because he wanted to beat Arjuna.


Leaving all of these behind.

The essence of Knowledge.

What you want of Knowledge?

Knowledge is something which is necessary at every step.

You can’t be alive if you are not knowledgeable.

From crossing streets to handle an aeroplane.

You need knowledge.

Without knowledge you are nobody.


I would like to connect knowledge with your divine purpose.

You wanna be a musician.

Okay. Go ahead.

Learn all related to music and then apply.

Keep on learning.


You wanna be an army officer and save people.

Okay. Go ahead.

Learn all about weapon system and military tactics.

You will certainly save millions.

Or you wanna be a dancer.

Then learn from every dancer who is great.

Then certainly no one can stop you.


The gist.

Know your purpose and then become so knowledgeable related to that purpose that you become the best.


You don’t need to have motivational quotes or cheat days in order to get yourself inspired.

Your purpose is enough.


Go ahead.

Become knowledgeable.

And don’t become a man who “Works Hard”.


Hey, guys.


I was feeling empty.

I was like if the whole world is an illusion then what to do.

I was feeling very awkward for my desires.

The desires which are just an illusion.

I don’t know why I was feeling like that.

Maybe my whole life has shifted from temporary pleasures to in search of something immortal.

I always felt what I can do with myself so that something remains permanent.

I was sick of the idea of studying to attain status, fame, money or respect.

I wanted to give my knowledge and training so that something remains permanent.

Well, guys.

To be frank, there were times when I thought I could have died, somehow I was saved.

I don’t know, but I do feel that there’s someone who has power over this universe and who can do anything.

I don’t know but the way this universe works is very mysterious.

I don’t know.

But today I wouldn’t be the same person if those failures didn’t happen or those breakups didn’t occur.

I don’t know.

But certainly, there is something beyond.

I just want to go beyond these dualities of life.

That is fear and attachments.

I want to be selfless.

It’s something which I feel bliss.

Yes, bliss not “feeling good.”


What about death?

How will I make something immortal even if I die.?

Is there something which will remain immortal?

I was puzzled.

I wanted my answers.

I will never work for things like money, fame or respect.

But I can work my whole life for something which is beautiful and is immortal.

I was very confused.

I couldn’t study or exercise.

I could find my answers.

What should I live for?

If this whole world is an illusion then what should I live for?

I’m asking you god or universe.

Tell me what’s going to live forever.

I couldn’t understand why no one answered my questions.

I looked at myself.

I knew unconditional love for the world can be something which can remain immortal.

Suddenly my overly curious mind was asking questions about things beyond our limits to perceive things.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to be a monk.

I love gaining knowledge and I do love sports.


How to make things immortal via the above two.


I self-introspected.

I imagined myself giving knowledge to my future children about character, selflessness…… I imagined myself helping people so that they attain their daily needs for survival.

I imagined myself getting justice for a poor person.

I imagined myself for telling my friends about their real nature and the illusion of desires.

I imagined myself saving people through by my knowledge and physical fitness.

I imagined myself for helping people in times of distress.


What happens with me?

I’m happy. I’m complete

There is nothing in the world that can satisfy me.

But the bliss of the above work is the only thing which can complete me and delivers abundant joy in me.

This is the real nature.

But. God.

Why you filled me up with all this conditioning?

Why you filled me up those selfish desires?


Couldn’t you make me pure from the very beginning?

And he did answer.

God said I made you pure when you were born, but the illusion of others, the desires of others were forced into your mind and when you believed those.

You became those desires.

So. Now I know.

It’s us who creates an illusion.

It’s us who creates selfishness.

It’s us who are bounded and fearful.

I don’t know.

How much I live.

But I do know I’m mortal, my death is waiting for me someday.


Their’s something which is immortal.

Our real nature.

And this should be our only goal.

To find ourselves and then make others find themselves.


Meet each other at the palace of immortality.

An excerpt that can change your life.



This seems to be a very long heading.


Seems to be.

But don’t worry it won’t be a long post.

Today i will provide you all an excerpt from Bhagvad Gita.

Which certainly can change your life.

But guys the quote is deep to understand.

You shouldn’t read it casually.

Otherwise you won’t understand it’s meaning.

The most important thing you have to do is self introspect which means that you have to look back into your life and see what you did with respect to this quote.


Here it is.

Gita: 2: 62, 63: “While contemplating the objects of senses (People, money, power, etc.) a person develops (excessive) attachment for them, and from such attachment selfish desire develops, and from it arises anger (perhaps out of frustration). From anger arises delusion (grandiosity, paranoia), and from delusion bewilderment of memory (cognitive functions deteriorate). When memory is bewildered, intelligence (wisdom) is lost (we begin to make stupid mistakes). When this happens, one falls into degradation (one becomes totally stressed-out).”


Leave everything behind.

Go somewhere where there is silence.

Yes. Now imagine.

Imagine what happened when you thought of money, fame, success or failure or opposite sex.


Then compare with this quote.

So then you will gain knowledge.

And when you will apply this in your life.

You will be wise.

Good luck friends.

This quote can really save you from sadness, illusion or fears.

Maybe can save your precious years.


Hey, guys.


I will be talking about overthinking.


It was a problem which I faced.

And thank god that I finally got knowledge about it.

So sharing the same.


I don’t know.

What you understand of overthinking of thoughts, but certainly I will give you a glimpse of my story.


When I was in the first year.

I was like exploring life.

Travelling. Reading. Playing.

Means sort of enjoying life.

And then suddenly a thought popped into my mind.

It said ” What if you face vitiglo or leucoderma”(it’s a disease where you have white patches on skin or you lose your skin color)

I was like.

Emotions filled me up.

Just because I was overly attached to my sense of beauty.

I totally wanted to avoid the disease.

And most importantly it was a thought only.

Nothing else. There was nothing related to that disease on my body.

But still.

I was fearful.

I didn’t want that to happen.

And mind you.

I was a lot in sports and hardly eat junk food.

Still, i was fearful even I did the right things(like exercise and good food as I said above)


You know a thought is like a seed.

It’s powerless.

It’s just a suggestion.

But if you fear it.

Then you can feel the pain.

I know the pain.

I was depressed for years maybe 2.

It was very painful.

I just lied in my bed, thinking all those thoughts and then going out of the home so that those thoughts don’t torment me.

So I missed days.

I couldn’t study and my performance was bad during the first year.


You know.

When I found the answer that how that disease occurs and knowing that it’s genetic and happens only if you eat the wrong combination of food.

I was still fearful.

I was fearful.

Even getting the knowledge.


You know guys.

We have a habit of thinking those all negative thoughts again and again without stopping.

We keep on contemplating them.

Even knowing that they are negative.

You know.

Any attention you give to something it pampers more.

Same is with thoughts.

If you give attention to them.

They will rebind.

Then what’s overthinking ??

I will tell you.

For example.

You know that thinking about “Failures is wrong”

Like you give yourself the suggestion that you don’t need to think about failures and success.

But still, you think.


Just because of your habit to contemplate(to think) every single thought that mind throws at you.

You keep on thinking about it.

And then.

Emotions rise and you become more fearful.

It creates a self-hypnosis.


If you know that thinking about failures and success is unnecessary then why you still think.

Even having the knowledge and wisdom.

You are doing the same thing.

It’s just because you think your mind is your identity.

What that does mean?


What mind is?

The mind is a collection of thoughts or you can say memories of thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Moreover, it has the ability to think like imagination, analyzing and connecting memories.

It is its work.

Like a washing machine has the purpose of cleaning clothes.

So mind has the purpose of thinking and connecting it with past memories.

Nothing else.

It’s just an instrument.


The problem arises when you consider this instrument to be yourself.

So if you have negative thoughts then you try to suppress it because you think that you are that thought.

It’s just you get identified with that thought.

So Tomorrow if your mind says that

You are an animal.

Will you believe it?

No. Because you know that you’re a human.

There’s a lot of evidence. (i hope so :P)


So why do you label yourself as stupid, idiot, failure, ugly?


Just because you believe those thoughts.


You start thinking those thoughts.

Suppressing them with many more thoughts.

Giving yourself suggestions that it won’t happen.

But it’s wrong.

You are doing it all wrong.

Because mind and these thoughts will rebind.

They will come back.

So what you need to do.

You need to be “AWARE”.

Because overthinking includes suppression and contemplation.
Suppression===we suppress when we know what’s right but still think in order to avoid it

Contemplation ==we think when we are in ignorance about t things, it happens because you’re not knowledgeable.

So just be aware.

You know that there is a thought coming.

So be aware.

Don’t Try to think of it or make a story out of it.

Now. If it’s an old negative thought which you are aware then just be aware.

Feel that thought and it will go on its own.

Don’t fear it

And then focus on your work.

Practice it.

Make this habit of awareness a muscle.

Now a question arises.

What if its a new thought?

Like somewhat different from your past experiences.

Then I would say.

Just inquire it.

See if it’s logical or illogical.

See if it’s true or false.

Then after gaining knowledge.

You practice awareness again.


Practice is the key.

I know this topic would go above a lot of heads.

But still sharing knowledge was my duty and I fully believe that those who have been tormented by their thoughts will agree.

Well. That’s all.

Sorry for not having a trendy ending quote (I’m feeling very sleepy :P)

Good luck.



Quite early. 


But. Not good to postpone this post. 


I will be dealing with something which is so good that words can’t express them. 



I should write. 

Even though i can’t express it. 

But still. I should write it. 

Purity. Purity of heart (to be particular) 

I never heard this phrase but i have felt it. 

That feeling which is very subtle and peaceful. 

It always accompanies with a sense of bliss not temporary pleasures. 

Maybe examples will do away your’s doubt regarding my post. 



One fine day, I met a girl. (friend) 

She’s still my friend. 


Our friendship was one of a kind. 

We never talked too much. 

Or maybe we called once in months or maybe meet each other once or thrice in a year. 


We had some purity. 


We talked like we had nothing to hide. 

Maybe nothing to show off. 

There was just conversations. Conversation regarding career, social service and our own problems. 

And to be frankly speaking. 

We both proposed each other. 

And both rejected each other one at a time. 

She proposed first and then i rejected. And then i proposed her, maybe lot number of times and she rejected me. 

We both knew we were proposing each other out of loneliness. 

Maybe due to pain in our hearts. That we needed each other to complete. 


That loneliness was common, I think these days most of relationships are based on this. 

So that we don’t lose our sense of being. 

But. Even we rejected each other. 
There was sense of respect for each other. 

Maybe we went over our personal ego. 

She helped me when I was depressed. 

Because I had no one. 

Even after rejecting each other or saying things which we shouldn’t in ego. 

Still there was some purity in our hearts. 

That purity was the last strand which United us. 

Now after years. 

We do talk. We share things regarding problems in our country. 

And. Guys i know you are enjoying this or maybe thinking this is some love story. 

I just want you not to judge. 

Because it’s not a love story. 

And nor we are lovers. 

It’s a tale of friendship only. 


What’s the reason for telling you this? 

These days. 

There is a trend. 

Some girl rejecting a guy’s call or message so that she develops importance in the guy’s mind. 

Or some guy trying to create jealousy in girl’s mind by roaming with some other girl. 

Then there. 

There are couples making rules that we can’t call once in week or not calling too much. 

So that the other doesn’t consider as desperate or maybe amateur. 


I don’t think relationships are business. 

Above things are business and they are Not love and can never be love. 

These are impurities. 

Then there is other type of love also. 

On first site you might think of some couples that they are passionate lovers. 


There passion surpasses their parents, societal values. 

They love each other like magnets. 

Means they will attract each other only. 

They won’t get attracted to any other thing be it helping others, or helping their parents or making their society better. 

This is their type of love. 

And I never believed in this. 

This is something extremely selfish. 

When two right persons are attracted, I think everyone loves them be it the society, elders, kids or even friends. 

And I had such a friend. 

He was in relationship with a girl. 

But he and his girlfriend. 

Both were extremely courteous. 

There was less of clinginess and more of love.

The girl lived in a PG(paid guest room) and we were three friends, all boys. 

Even her landlord was angry. 

She welcomed us even she came after work. 

She got us cold drinks.

 Showed me her cat and dog. 

Then we played carrom till 3am.


My friend he didn’t had a single element of jealousy. 

It’s just because their love was pure and they respected each other. 

Most importantly they respected us even we were a thorn in their private lives. 

That day i felt happy for both of them.

These days. 

You see. 

Couples eliminaing everything from parents to friends to social values. 

Just that they don’t lose each other. 

You call this love? 

I don’t. 

Now. Leaving the love section behind. 

Once in chandini chowk. 

I was very tired. I wanted to take a rickshaw. 

And the old man said that its 50 rupees. 

I told 50 is too much. 

So we decided on 40.

As I was going. I noticed that the distance is too much for 40 rupees. 

I felt embarrassed at myself. 

That I bargained with an old man for 10 rupees even he demanded the right amount. 


When I reached my place. 

I gave him 50 rupees and told him to keep it. 

He smiled at me and said thank you. 

I knew 10 rupees meant much for him. 

And he was genuine, means he genuinely demanded a right fare. 


That day. 

I was happy. 

I was not happy that I gave extra money. 

But for the fact i did something right to the right person. 

Just imagine. 

Robbing a old man who has nothing. 

Just a rickshaw to earn. 

And how many Times we bargain with these people for 5 rupees or 10 rupees. (I’m not saying that we give any amount, but we should give what’s genuine or rates that are prevalent in the market). 

We wear nike shoes. 

Iphones in our hand and pay thousands of rupees in high end restaurant. 

But still bargain for 5 rupees or 10 ruppes even if the person is demanding right amount. 



Last few months back. 

I met my friend, the one I mentioned in the first example. 

So i thought maybe to give her some knowledge.

As she’s in education field. 

So i gave her all the knowledge i had regarding my idea of education, education to make children’s character better. 

So at the end. 

I felt happy. 

For not that I showed off my knowledge. 

But for the fact that someday she would be a teacher and my knowledge will help her to teach children better. 

And when children will be better i know my country will be better. 

This is something which bought a feeling that in real I’m making my life meaningful. 

Meaningful to the world. 


Exactly it was purity. 

These days I have seen people talking about sex, career and love in such a way that I feel there’s some impurity. 

They think talking about sex will make them open minded and cool, but in real there’s impurity. 

And when you read their comments or talk with them you will understand there’s some pervertness. 

Because purity doesn’t need anything or anyone to show off. 

Not does it wants anything in return. 

And in actual this is the purity which I believe in. 

Purity of thought. 

Is the most important thing. 

And the only way you can find this. 

Is when you look inside yourself deeply. 

So start looking. 

Thanks to our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi for the quote. (image) 


Maybe I have discussed Temporary pleasures.

But I think I haven’t made a point to its origin.

So here I will be doing so.


I googled this word and it said pleasure derived after attaining some desire.


Let’s move on.

What really we live for?

Yes. What you live for?

Do ask this question always.

And the only true answer to this question is when you feel peace with it.

Now I will discuss what gratifications are, how they originate and what’s their impact on our lives.

So gratifications are mere of two types.

One is sense gratification (hunger, thirst, bodily sensations like touch) and another one is ego gratification (which is deriving pleasure from the sense of self).

So. Examples and analysis being my sponsors.

Here I begin.

Umm. What should be the first example?

Okay. I will talk about success and failures.

These days success and failures have become so important that you will find everyone running after them.


How come people are running after failures?

This question must be in your mind.

Okay. So when you run after things which you are not. Then you fail in life.

So you run after success and competition, you will create failure in life.

I know success is nice.

But it’s not permanent.

Is it.


Now. I have seen people getting jealous, depressed and even committing suicide for this very thing.

So take an example.

We prepare for an exam for a year.

We keep on imagining the life what it would be after getting selected.

We keep on dreaming and imagining ourselves the heroes.

But what happens in actual?

When we fail, we cry?

We cry because of these false dreams we created the dreams which we imagined.

But in actual.

You failed.

The dream wasn’t true. (expectations)


What if we succeed?

Now. You have succeeded.

Okay. Good.

Now you will party for some time.

Maybe vacation.


Relatives clapping for you or your parents throwing out a party for you.

Then all the drama of ego gratification. (my son is very intelligent, he’s the best)


For how many days do you think it would last?

Maybe some days.


After you join the organization after getting selected.

Then again that running after new success. New competitor. New jealousy.

Then again this cycle.

Don’t you guys feel bored of this cycle?

I feel disgusted with this type of life.

And if you don’t succeed.

Relatives mocking you.

Father throwing slippers at you.

A mother protecting you.



You crying.

That your expectations didn’t come true.
So this is what mind does with its faculty of imagination.

Creates an illusion.

Like a Mirage.

Yes, the topic Mirage.

You think your whole life that after clearing this exam you will be happy.

Then even after clearing it then another exam comes and you think this will bring happiness.

Quite similar to parents saying to their children, that study in 10 your life will be happy.

Then 12.

Then college.

Then job.

And then you continue this cycle with your children.

And your whole life becomes an illusion.


It’s with eating.

You think junk food will give you pleasure.

And you keep on eating it

And later what it gives is diarrhea.

It’s just because you keep on thinking about it.

Imagining about it.

Same is with relationships.

You enter a relationship because everyone is doing so.

You keep on thinking about it.

You keep on imagining it.

You connect your happiness with that imagination.

In reality.

Breakups, patch up, emotional Drama and mental pain.

Do I need to talk about cigarettes and alcohol?

I don’t think so.

You can relate.

So. How we develop this illusion?


Nice question.




Yes. How’s this possible?

Let’s first see this paragraph from Bhagavad Gita.

Gita: 2: 62, 63: “While contemplating the objects of senses (People, money, power, etc.) a person develops (excessive) attachment for them, and from such attachment selfish desire develops, and from it arises anger (perhaps out of frustration). From anger arises delusion (grandiosity, paranoia), and from delusion bewilderment of memory (cognitive functions deteriorate). When memory is bewildered, intelligence (wisdom) is lost (we begin to make stupid mistakes). When this happens, one falls into degradation (one becomes totally stressed-out).”

This is very deep.

Very very deep.

If you can understand this.

I guarantee you.

You can never be sad.


I won’t spoonfeed you.

If you want to understand read my post on thinking.


This would be a short post.


As it’s somewhat an open ended post where there is no conclusion.

No message.

No guidance.

From now on.

You guys have to think.

It will be like a puzzle. Bit of mystery.

I want you guys to think.

Thinking is required now.

And Crack this paragraph with your own understanding.

And if you do.

You will come out of the illusion that you have been living in.

Basically a Mirage.

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