The love I believe in. 

Hello all. 

Well someone asked me something yesterday, (cannot tell you who :p) 

“Have you ever kissed a girl? ”

First I got disgusted with the question asked, (I’m straight  and I do get attracted to girls :p). 

I said,” No” (why should I, as I haven’t met my true love) 

Moreover I was relieved that the enquiry didn’t get any further. 

Why I got irritated with the question was the fact in the way it was asked and the underlying intention. 

Today, things like breakup, boyfriend, patchup, sex, girlfriend and many more things has made the idea of true love so degraded is that I feel very bad. 

Now there was another incident which made me believe more in what I believe in. 

I usually spend my free time going to New Delhi area, which is green and clean, most importantly the quietness that runs on its roads. So I just went to UPSC( a government commission) , not for some work just to eat at the famous chaat stall  besides it. There when I was eating, I noticed a woman standing and waiting for someone.. After sometime a man comes with a single plate of chaat(indian fast food).  

The woman smiled and I smiled too, a conversation between them followed which made my outing worth. 

The conversation was as follows. 

Man: This is tikki(indian fast food), hold it I will bring scooter and will keep on it. 

The man keeps the chaat on the seat 

Man: You know I took a holiday today, I thought that it was quite a long time that I didn’t take you somewhere. I thought you would like it. 

I couldn’t hear what the woman said as she was bit far from me. 
Later when there was just one piece left he threw away his spoon and said now you eat. 

So this was something which made me happy. That’s why I could remember the each word said. 

So, how come I started to believe in this idea of love? 

It’s a long story but it’s worth it. 

I remember when I was in 3 class, I liked  a girl. So I had a small story book named “Heidi”, many of you would remember it. So what I did I took the book, and told my friend to pass the book to her. The girl didn’t look at me and started to read the book, later my friend gave the book to me. There was no response from the girl, I was expecting a Thank you or something but nothing came. I became  sad,That’s why I remember this so precisely. :p

So later our sections changed and never met again, so in class 11 I used to go to her section to meet my friend and I got surprised that she is still in same school. (mine school was big so you can get lost :p) Then she smiled at me, and in return I smiled, and this happened a lot of times. But at time I was a typical bad boy, who used to bunk classes even school , hit other students, and indulge in sports. So I never thought of approaching her or talking her, because there was no need. Then we never met. This was one of the phases of child love that we all experience. (The 1st stage got over) 

Then I did had 2 close relationships not simultaneously :p with my friends(of course girls) , and the thing was I got confused, both of them in a way liked me and I also liked them but there was something missing there was lack of intimacy, frankness and love. It involved jealousy, ego, selfishness and what not. Moreover they were not any commitment based relationship, thank God they weren’t. In all this experience I wasted my time and energy in stupid things which I could have invested in alot of right things. I regret till now. 

Then after so much of pain and discomfort, I promised myself that if this is love then I don’t want to be in love. 

At the same time I was in depression (read my first post) and due to failures in my educational life. So I asked myself is this the love which everyone talks about, and after days of pain and thinking I came with my own idea of love. ( 2nd stage got over) 

I started to believe in love which was unselfish, in which you can reveal everything to her without being judged negatively, the love which depends upon no condition and expectations, the love which is beyond pleasure and pain. The love which is for the character not the body or any other materialistic thing. I still believe in this love. (finally started to believe – last stage) 

Okay this is one aspect of love, now the first question,  do you remember? About someone who asked me something, and why I got irritated. :p

So here is the exact answer, today people think that having a relationship  or having sex is cool.

 I laugh at such people. 

Now let’s come to something to an issue like sex(another aspect of love) 

I feel sorry for those facebook advertisements  and websites which  tell that sex is a stress reliever or great mood booster. 

This means that all the negative tension that I have in my body,  I start to remove in someone’s body whom I love, I’m pretty sure that someone who uses sex to remove stress is someone who doesn’t know what love is. 

Moreover watching Porn has also has  a negative impact on our minds, because our mind starts to believe that we are making love with our true love. Frankly this was something I experienced and I will be frank in this. When I was in my teens, my friend showed me at once I got attracted to this without being aware of the consequences and it was because of my experiences that I got rid of this. Today Porn is one of those things which is responsible for selfish love or materialistic love. 

See act of love or sex, is not a Taboo it is one of the greatest things in the world. It is an act which brings life on earth. 

 Is there any other act which brings life on earth? This is the very act which can make you God. This is the very act which can  give your immense love to the person you love. But today we have reduced this very act to an idea of achievement, pleasure and joke. 

So at the end I would like to say. 

If you believe in what I believe in. 

If you think like I think. 

Then stand besides this idea of love and never leave the idea even the whole world decides the idea to be wrong. 

Mind Control. 

Every person irrespective of gender believes what he experiences. Thus everyone has varied opinions, so everyone should follow values and principles which are true to him/her.

This is the first step towards controlling the mind, Next step is that sometimes we know what’s true to us but still our mind and feelings overpower our truth which leads to sadness and anxiety.

This situation was also faced by Arjun and whole Bhagwad Gita is based on this. The link below of the video shows how we can control our mind by bhagwad Gita, there might be thousands of videos and articles telling you what to do, but at the end for what I believe is one thing which we can do is told in this video.

It’s with subtitles and will help everyone


Have you guys read ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling. Do Read it. (not forcing :P) 

It’s highly inspiring. 

I’m sorry for the random suggestion. Let’s get back to the post. 


It’s a poem. I made it, not rhyming though but some of you  would be able to relate to it. 

The guys who will be able to relate to it, I’m sure they will hit the like button or maybe post appreciation. 

So what’s the difference between the two, the ones who will be able to relate to it and those who don’t. 

Umm, maybe similar experiences, similar sufferings or similar obstacles to goals. 

Maybe all together. So this is a short poem, many of you will relate, many won’t. 

It’s a poem of a boy who has a dream but neither his own body or mind is with him nor anyone from the world is there  to help him achieve his goal. 

But there’s something in him which still can help him win his dream, but the path is full of pain and doubt.

 At this moment the boy is sad and depressed, his mind and feelings are making him go round and round. His mind is continuously imagining all the fearful events and side by side his feelings are powering these thoughts so that the boy breaks down and believe that he has lost his dream,… 

Wait.. Wait…. There is some voice. That’s a very feeble voice. What’s that? 

What it is saying? 

When a childhood dream is about to end  for you. 

When failures don’t leave you. 

When parents taunt you. 

When society mocks at you. 

When disease deteriorates you. 

When the person you trust leaves you. 

When luck unfavours you. 

When your mind beats you. 


When your heart breaks you. 

“Still if you have it in you to be a man of virtue. Yours is the character for which the universe will serve you. ”

Ohh, I don’t who said those initial lines. But there is something whom I know is powerful beyond our imagination and greater than everyone else in this world.

I firmly believe that the last lines which are in inverted commas are  said by that entity. 

What’s that?. 

 You all might be asking. 

It’s The Human Spirit.

 Indomitable,Incredible and Incorruptible. 

Our spirits talk very less and appear only in distress, but what it teaches is worth the pain. 

That’s why. The quote 

Suffering builds character.

Is correct, because it’s suffering only when we learn that we have to align ourselves to our spirit. So in future we become better and braver. 

So when in pain, believe you are going to get better. 

My life was a lie. 

A poem. Yeah. 

I tried to make it rhyming so that your mind likes it. Kidding. 

Well the poem here describes the experiences, and how I learned from them. 

Here it is. 
My life was a lie.. 

When I found out my mind was not mine it was a society’s mine*. 

When I found out my decisions were made out of illusioned thinking, I cried without blinking. 

When I found my imagination to be a delusion, I got to know my pain was also an illusion. 

When I found out my actions not to be true to myself, I promised to know thyself. 

When I found out my love for a person to be false, it was then I realized that why doesn’t everyone finds true love at all. 

When I found my mind craving for temporary gains, it was then I realized that my heart’s feelings for them were also in vain. 
               At the end. I asked God. 

Why I had to suffer so much for this knowledge to attain? 

He said ” That was my aim.” 

An Incognito poet. 

Mine*- mine in the first paragraph suggests to coal deposits or any other deposits. But in the poem it refers to all beliefs and attitudes that society fixes on us and how we take those things so seriously. (yeah I’m intelligent, :P) 

“Why?” –  India. 

Just finished a book by swami vivekanada which was about our country. I don’t how many of us have read it or not. The book name is – India 

Well after reading it, I went to sleep but I wasn’t able to sleep. I was continuously thinking, Why?  I don’t know why? 

Why my country isn’t improving? 

Why I see incidents of groping, Molestation and rape in newspapers every day? 

Why we are busy clicking photos when someone needs our help? 

Why we tolerate injustice? 

Why poor people are not given respect and dignity? 

Why we are giving too much of respect to money, power and fame, why aren’t we following what we love to do? 

What has happened to that love? The love where we enjoy each other’s company not body. 

The list is long.

 Maybe I can go on writing. 

Maybe I can complain about it everyday. 

Maybe I can write daily and still complain…….. 

But will it get any better. 

No, because it’s not who we are underneath but what we do that defines us. 

Our country will only change when we act, speak and think about all the good and beautiful things in which we  believe in. 

So. Go ahead. 

Make your character and capability so great that even God says-

“Even I couldn’t do so much for this country and people , what this man/woman is doing for it.” 

A boy’s dream. 

12:00 am

A boy in his quilt with his eyes closed had an exam next day, but he wasn’t thinking about it, he was dreaming something else. 

Let’s see what’s going in his mind.

” Oh today was a nice day, solved a lot of questions, Mathematics is great. Tomorrow I have an exam, then I will go to Ankita didi’s marriage I will eat dahi bhale there, Mom said that she’s getting married to a foreigner,that’s great, I remember when my community was so adamant on arranged marriages. Well times changing, didi is great, breaking old customs with a bang. 

I don’t know why people say that the boy is so prosperous, he has a great job or that this bride is so beautiful or the girl’s family is so rich. I feel sorry for these people. What they have done to true love? Nevermind these things will never play any role in my life. I just want a girl whom I can share my deepest secrets, with whom I can talk about anything and don’t feel any sense of fear in telling so, where there are no stupid games of ignoring each other and politics involved, a girl whose personality is so great that I can imagine having children with her. That’s what I want. Nothing else. 

Today Mommy was scolding devanshi for wasting her time in drawing and caricatures, it’s her 12, doesn’t even matter, my parents are so tensed, even my friends ,that if they don’t study well, then they won’t get a job, and they won’t get a beautiful girl or prosperous boy. How ignorant they are, I don’t understand why everyone has turned education as a medium for money or power, well it’s if you enjoy studying you should study, if you enjoy trekking you should trek, if you love music then you master it. They will be happy forever. Leave it, what’s the time. OMG 1:30, sleep, sleep… tomorrow’s exam and shaadi.Fun it would be. ”

Well these were the random thoughts that the boy had that night, this boy wasn’t the same few years back, he was the same as others. 
But today the boy is someone else, Maybe he went through hell all those years, Maybe he failed a lot, Maybe he was rejected a lot, Maybe he was depressed and lonely. 

But one thing is for sure, the pain was worth the change that had taken place in him. 

How we treat our women? 



Well looking on to both the words, I am able to figure out that they  are quite inclusive.

Being similar words why dissimilar treatment is given to one gender from another. I don’t know why? Let’s move on.

Well being a admirer for equations. I will present you with a simple equation.

Body + Spirit =Men

Body + Spirit =Women

__-__-_____-_____ Subtraction

Men =Women.

Hence proved (a term we all are aware of and how we use it in maths,:P)

This is the basic truth, if there would have been ‘something more’.

Then equations would have been

Men=Body+Spirit +’Something more ‘

Women =Body +Spirit

_-_____-____-______ Again Subtraction

Equation becomes,

Men-Women=’ Something extra ‘

This’ something extra’ I am not able to grasp, neither my intellect is able to perceive it right niether my soul is okay with it. Leave myself, I don’t think till date someone has given definition to this ‘something extra’.

If there is nothing as something extra, then why we have preconceived notions in our mind that women are not good for some jobs, why they are not allowed to do everything as men are able to do.

Well I had a friend, both of us were eager to join army and both of us have a passion for shooting, jungle warfare, and counter insurgency. But our defence forces doesn’t allow women to be part in this particular domain, for her it’s dream shattered without her fault.

Thank God, that our present defence minister is aware of this bias and likewise we have got newly commissioned fighter pilots into our air force he promises that in near future women will also be in action with men shoulder to shoulder.

Lady officer’s  with wings on their chest.

Even the corporate sector of developed nations are in grip of preconceived notions. Some days before I was reading an article on ‘Glass ceiling’ a term commonly used to describe difference between men and women in corporate sector. The basis of this just that childbirth, family responsibility and low stamina will affect corporate work.

Still my intellect and soul are not able to grasp this.

Well these were on domain of equality, now there is another something which is I say evilish. Yeah evilish.

Lust – According to me this is a state of mind on illusion and this illusion becomes disastrous for that person, women and culture of our great nation and ethics of God.

The main cause of those headlines in newspapers and channels of rape, molestation and eve teasing is this lust. This is applicable for every gender.

And how is this generating, we all know.

But advertisements on channels and Bollywood, are also promoting this. Those item songs to deodorant advertisements. There are glimpses of  objectification  women.

I don’t feel angry for directors, producers, actors and actress that for sake of fame and money they are going below the level of animals but rather sad for their low level of morality.

Animals, well today animals have become more behaved. I won’t go into equations this time, but hence proved I have to look into.

Man/Woman – Animal= Intellect.

Yes this is something extra, this is where we can use our intelligence. But instead of positive intellectualism we are making it negative just because of pleasure hormones of our mind.

I think we have forgotten the love relationship between lord Rama and Sita, Lord shiva and paravati. These were the purest relationships, why they were pure because there minds were pure. Well love is still prevalent today, but until and unless we are not removing these dirty things we are bound to suffer. This ‘lust’ can prevail in anybody irrespective of gender. Until and unless we are not aware of the divinity of ourselves we are bound to get into this thing.

Thus inequality and lust are somewhat which are making lives of our women is not good.

Lastly, introspect yourself. 

Find the truth.