I hardly talk of couple love or you can say relationships.

But, I think there is some kind of magic in this world that’s brings two people together. 

When I was a child basically 6-7 years old, I went to my mom’s college where she used to teach.

And why I remember this till today?

Ofcourse i have great memory 😛

The girls there (it was girls college) were learning computer science so they took me to a PC(personal computer) and there was a game called Prince.

The prince used to save the girl from monsters.

So it was a game, I told the girls that I too want to be like prince. 

From then,  every girl used to call me Prince charming whenever I used to visit them. 

Hahaha, I was too small. 

But even i was small i used to imagine myself as prince. 

So this ingrained in my memory. 

And you see, I still remember those images. 

Now, why I gave you this example. 

Well, yeah to define what really prince charming is. 

But, ofcourse to tell more about the relationship between man and woman.

Man and woman are magnets, so they will attract. 

But the basic thing is what we are attracted to. 

Body? Our ego? Wealth of our partner? Our loneliness ? 

If any of them is your reason for the attraction or maybe relationship or marriage. 

Then i suppose you are getting attracted to wrong things. 

Well, tell me. 

You have a wife and suddenly she started to suffer from disease and her face got damaged or she lost her job. 

Will you leave her? 

Can’t even think of this thing. 

Same goes for a man. 

How can you do such a thing to a person who was there for you everytime and promised to live for 7 generations. 

You left her in this generation only. 

Too much selfishness. 

Now, coming to the explanation of ego. 

Perfect body. 

Great family. 

Financially stable. 

And many other’s. 

There are so many conditions as if it’s a business deal. 

Relationships are made in heaven. 

People impure them with their ego and make it a hell.

Now, coming to the explanation of soulmate. 

Yeah. I always believed that there will be only one woman whom to have as a girlfriend then the same person would be my wife and the same person would be my soulmate. 

I still believe. 

Well my idea of soulmate is that the person whom you marry would be the one whom will you again marry in generations hence. 

May sound illogical. 

But, certainly i have given this idea the power above life and death. 

Even i die or my spouse die, we know that we will again meet in next life. 

So there is no point of mourning and feeling bad. 

The relationship has become immortal. 

There are various websites which say that there are signs if you meet your soulmate, I don’t believe all this. 

How can humans generate things which are made by god? 

Well, but I do believe that there’s alot of great understanding between the two souls.

Moreover i have seen people trying to get involved in finding their soulmates. 

I want to ask, why you need to search for your soulmate? 

When the time’s right and you are ready the person will automatically appear 


There are some people who are involved in worldly matters so much that they will think of money, pleasures of life and negativity in mind. 

And the gist is that they want their relationships to be soulmate type. 

How can it be possible? 

If you are so much engrossed in earning money, luxurious lifestyle and satisfying your ego. 

Then how can you get a soulmates. 

Both soulmates are people who don’t identity each other by their bodies or minds they identity each other by their souls. 

So a materialistic person will get a materialistic person as his/her partner. 

So this is what real karma is. 


See, you don’t have to work – hard in getting your soulmate. 

If you are working hard to find your soulmate or thinking whether some person is my soulmate or not. 

Then you are wasting your time. 

Just because it’s not in your hands.

Who will be your soulmate is destiny. 

But yeah you have your destiny in your control. 

You become a person so pure from heart and a person who doesn’t have any materialistic idea. 

Then yeah, you can have your soulmate. 

But just don’t waste your energy on finding someone but try to create yourself into a better human and leave everything on to this universe. 

And then see. 

Magic will happen.

Well I really love a song, though I’m not a person who listens to romantic song(i love adventure :P) 

But still this song is the only romantic song i have I ever heard. 

And that’s why I still love it. 

Just because the idea of soulmate is in this song. 

Do listen. Get your earphones. 

I’m sharing. 

Here it is.

 The song.  

Yeah, click on the above blue link. 

So guys this is it. 

I bid adieu to all of you with this lovely post. 


Good luck. 



Hello everyone.

I’m glad that you all are listening. 😂

So, I will talk something about Self-control. 

Do you know what desires are?

Something which is very tempting and you are drawn towards it. 

I believe self control is a science. 

And its easy to do. 

There are things I think which tempts everyone from spicy foods, alcohol to shopping. 

I believe you can control your desires. 

How to do this? 

First a lot of daily things. 

Yesterday I went with my friend to watch justice league, so she told me that she’s on a no salt and oil diet. 

I said, it’s good. 

But, when smell of French fries and nachos got to her. 

She was drawn towards it, and then we got fries. 

And eventually, I ate only one piece and she ate whole of it. 

Later, I asked her What had happened to her no oil and salt diet? 

She told that she got tempted and started imagining it and then she was drawn towards it and finally she ate it. 

Then and there I got the insight that there is a relationship between objects of the senses (food here) and the mind. 

Later she ate gol gappas also. 

Making mockery of her rules. 

Isn’t this happening with each one of us? 

Here it is food, but sometimes its some youtube video, facebook chat or some song. 

And, the real thing is that we want to control but we can’t. 

Moreover New year resolutions will be better in the upcoming year because of my post. 😂

Ohkay, getting back to intellectual analysis. 

Now coming to desires. 

You know we don’t get happiness from things,but it’s the thoughts and emotions which get satisfied from that we get happiness. 

It’s just because are thoughts come down and emotions are satisfied that we get happiness. 

Not from the objects. 

That’s why everyone has different desires. 

For one alchohol is love but for other person its just a one of those things to avoid. 

Now how to kill desires. 


It’s easy. 

There are two things by which you can kill your desires. 

One is higher knowledge and other one is power of discrimination. 

Higher knowledge. 

What’s that? 

Well knowledge of yourself, knowledge of your aim in life. 

If you want to be something in life, If you want to realise your true self or you want to follow your passion. 

Then you need to follow self – control. 

Well if there is a person who wants to be athlete and if he eats samosas or fried foods everyday then do you think he would be a great athlete. 


So that’s higher knowledge. 

Knowledge of who you want to be. 

Knowledge of your true self. 

Now,  power of discrimination. 

See, I will make you understand how to follow this. 


What happens when you see a tempting food. 

You are attracted towards it. 


Now, be aware of your thoughts and emotions. 

They will rise 

But, you still have the power. 

If your mind says that you have to eat that tempting thing. 

Then analyse your mind. 

Ask questions. 

What will happen if i eat that food? 

Mind will say that you will get happiness, but your intellect will say that I want discipline not happiness. 

What will happen after I eat it? 

Your intellect will say that you will get fat and poor health. 

How will it affect my health? 

Your intellect will say that you may become ill. 

Is this the thing which I want in my life? 

Your intellect will say, No. 

No. This is not something I want to be. 

So here it is. 

Your mind will calm down and your intellect will take charge. 

And then you will be able to control your desires. 

You know why this happens. 


In Hindusim there is something written about this, I will connect it with above example. 

From the objects of senses (see, taste , touch, feel) Mind is superior (emotions and thoughts) from mind, intellect(analysis)  is superior, from Intellect Dharam(your passion, duty or work)  is superior. 

So align your dharam to intellect and intellect to mind and then mind will develop dispasion for the object by which you get tempted. 

Read it again. 

Most importantly practice. 

You will be free of desires.

Image credits : Other perspectives. 


Have you guys read ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling. Do Read it. (not forcing :P)

It’s highly inspiring.

I’m sorry for the random suggestion. Let’s get back to the post.


It’s a poem. I made it, not rhyming though but some of you would be able to relate to it.

The guys who will be able to relate to it, I’m sure they will know what it is.

So what’s the difference between the two, the ones who will be able to relate to it and those who don’t?

Umm, maybe similar experiences, similar sufferings or similar obstacles to goals.

Maybe altogether. So this is a short poem, many of you will relate, many won’t.

It’s a poem of a boy who has a dream but neither his own body or mind is with him nor anyone from the world is there to help him achieve his goal.

But there’s something in him which still can help him win his dream, but the path is full of pain and doubt.

At this moment the boy is sad and depressed, his mind and feelings are making him go round and round. His mind is continuously imagining all the fearful events and side by side his feelings are powering these thoughts so that the boy breaks down and believe that he has lost his dream,…

Wait.. Wait…. There is some voice. That’s a very feeble voice. What’s that?

What it is saying?

When a childhood dream is about to end for you.

When failures don’t leave you.

When parents taunt you.

When society mocks at you.

When disease deteriorates you.

When the person you trust leaves you.

When luck disfavors you.

When your mind beats you.


When your heart breaks you.

“Still if you have it in you to be a man of virtue. Yours is the character for which the universe will serve you. ”

Ohh, I don’t who said those initial lines. But there is something whom I know is powerful beyond our imagination and greater than everyone else in this world.

I firmly believe that the last lines which are in inverted commas are said by that entity.

What’s that?.

You all might be asking.

It’s The Human Spirit.

Indomitable, Incredible and Incorruptible.

Our spirits talk very less and appear only in distress, but what it teaches is worth the pain.

That’s why. The quote

Suffering builds character.

Is correct, because it’s suffering only when we learn that we have to align ourselves with our spirit. So in future, we become better and braver.

So when in pain, believe you are going to get better.

image credits: other perspectives

A Gentleman and a Lady.

A few days back.

I was talking about.

What love really is.

Sort of universal love.

So, again I’m here to talk about some practical things in life.

Like Good manners and Morality.

How many of you have heard the word Gentleman and lady?

Do you know the real difference between a man and a gentleman or a woman and a Lady?

Well, I may help you in this aspect.

So i will not distinguish between the two gender.

It’s just because Gentleman and Lady both are the same.

So if there is a gentleman and if there is a lady standing, there will be no difference between them in their manners and morality.

I don’t know about other countries, but manners and moral education in India as a curriculum is missing.

Science and commerce dominate children minds than kindness and hospitality.


A lot of examples will be there.

First of all,

Being a gentleman and being a lady, doesn’t mean that you have to be financially good or physically attractive.

Well, these things hardly matter.

It’s being a gentleman or a lady isn’t a materialistic idea it’s a selfless symbol.

So whenever there is a gentleman or lady he/she becomes a symbol of sympathy, kindness, love, and compassion.


First things first,

How a gentleman or a lady behaves?

I think they have high moral values.

But, most importantly they are selfless in everything they do.

From giving a seat to an old woman.

To talking politely to waiters, drivers and others who earn less than him.

He or she usually sacrifice their own comfort for others.


For them, kindness is like duty.

Giving seats.

Opening doors.

Holding doors.

Helping people.

They find happiness in doing so.

And, what say About their moral values.

They are highly ethical in terms of everyday life.

They will bear the loss of money but they won’t bear the loss in values and principles.

They can face discomfort but they won’t let others face it.

Now its turn for some examples.

One day, I and my friend were going somewhere.

So there I saw that an old aged man was carrying too heavy a luggage.

Means, he was just in pain.

I thought maybe it’s time to intervene.

So I and my friend carried the bag to somewhat distance.

And the uncle was relieved.

Generally, people don’t ask for help as they are shy.

But, we can see them in distress.

And can ask to help.

Similarly once, A girl was not in good health and she had vomited.

So, I asked her if she needs help.

She said “No”.

So this doesn’t mean that you will take the “No” to your ego

You did your job that’s it.

Moreover, it also doesn’t mean that you will give help to even those who don’t need it and you can see it.

Like there was an old man he was carrying a bag with ease.

So I knew that man was comfortable so really didn’t help.

Now, tourists.

Well, once I was traveling in the airport metro and there were few tourists (foreign) who were finding it difficult to operate the token operating machine.

So as I had also to take a token, I went to the machine.


A woman asked me “Could you help us also?

I said” Why, not”

So, in process, i was teaching her about how to operate the machine so she could use it without any help next time.

So she was delighted to get that knowledge.

Friends, tourists leave their country and come to ours just to witness our country’s culture and traditions.

They are like strangers to unknown lands.

So helping them becomes our duty.

It’s just they are our guests.

Do you want them to take bad experiences from our country?

Absolutely not.

Now there is always a dilemma to whom to offer your seat in metro or bus.

I think I can end this dilemma.

I will talk about, what I generally do.

So giving seats to middle-aged women n, senior citizens, physically disabled and, men and women carrying children is a must.

Means, giving seat is a must here. (for me)

The reason, I think it’s reasonable.

Now about young women and men.

The situation depends,

For example, there was a girl who was wearing heels and when the metro jerked she fell on me.

I then thought.

That this girl needs to be seated.

Just because if the train jerks again she will again fall and may get injured.


I think I have given enough examples.


Coming to being a Lady.

I think many girls behave really well.

The way they talk and kindness they show speaks all about their ladylike qualities.

And, it’s totally irrespective of what you wear.

Once I saw, a heavily tattooed young girl giving seats to everyone and she nearly stood 3-4 times and each time she gave the seat to someone who needed it.

So society might have thought or perceived differently about the tattooed girl but once she showed her selfless nature, I was sure that she was A lady.

So it doesn’t mean that a gentleman is always in a suit or a lady in a gown.

A Gentleman and a Lady can be found anywhere and everywhere.

It’s just their qualities which do the talking not their clothes or gadgets.


Be a gentleman.

Be a lady.

You will certainly feel good about being so.

image credits: starwars

How to concentrate?

I’m back with another important thing.

How to study? Post was a success.

I know why it was success, just because it was highly practical.

So I’m here again with another practical post.

Which will really help everyone.

So, concentration.

Well I suppose you know the meaning of this word first.

I will explain with an example.

Suppose you have two things .

One is a flashlight and the other one is a candle.

And its quite dark outside and you have to search a coin in the darkness.

Which thing you will use?

Flashlight. (Ofcourse)

Why not candle?

Just because the rays of candles are not concentrated whereas rays of the flash light are highly concentrated.

Thus flashlight will help you to find coin earlier than the candle.

That’s why concentration is important.

It helps you to find or solve things very fast.

Now this example can be applied to your daily life.


Consider flash light to be high concentration power of your mind and candle to be low concentration power of your mind.

And consider coin to be a maths puzzle.

Can you relate?

So this is concentration.

Concentration helps you to find answers to things lightning fast.

Now, your question.

How to concentrate well?


Now answer these following questions.

What happens when you study?

Doesn’t your mind throw different thoughts?

Yes. It does.

It will throw thousands of thoughts at you.

And when it throws thoughts at you, you give up on your task.

You can experiment with yourself now.

Do this calculation mentally.


Dont use pen.

What happens when you try to calculate it.

Doesn’t different thoughts pop up and take you away from your required task.

It does.

It happens with everyone.

But, then how to concentrate.

Well it’s all about training.

So the answer is here.

Whenever you try to fix the mind on the object unrequired thoughts will come but you don’t entertain those thoughts and again bring your mind to the object then again unrequired thoughts will come and again you have to bring it back to the object.

Please do visit my post on Mind Control.

You have to keep on doing this again and again.

You have to do this million of times.

And when this becomes your habit then your concentration will rise automatically.

This is the only way. (i mean it)


I don’t know if it’s my territory or not.

But, I have felt this thing in my heart.


When I felt this, my conviction got strong.


I don’t think it’s bounded by anything or any person.

This Love gives me freedom.

And I become fearless when I feel it.

It’s somewhat a magical experience.

I have felt this many times.

So, I should write something about this feeling and the idea of love.

I have written a post about my idea of love.

But, I think I should write one more.

Once again.

I will touch this topic.

Examples and analysis will be there.

In my college.

A girl who was in my college met me for the first time in metro training and so we talked a little.

Then again we met in a group discussion in a college, there she was sitting with her friend.

So I waved at her with a “hey”.

She also waved at me.

So her friend told her that” go and talk to the guy, you have an iPhone too. “(they thought I wasn’t listening but I was)

At that moment.

I felt awkward.

I don’t know, but how can you impress someone with a phone?

We never talked again.

As I never initiated a conversation.

It was just hi and hello for rest of the college life.

Then sometimes I feel,

what are we doing?

My mother used to say in college that if you don’t have a job then no girl will come to you.

Then I replied her, I don’t need a girl who comes to me for my job.

I don’t want a parasite.


They are people posting so many stupid matrimonial advertisements where they showcase their children’s educational and physical might in bold letters.

I don’t know what type of thinking have we inculcated regarding love.

I have never fallen in love.

Though I was infatuated many numbers of times.

But, still, i never believed in such materialistic idea which some people believe.

Today we are trying to buy love through our beauty, money, and power.

In actual its buying an invisible thing(love) by matter(money, beauty).

This certainly will not be of any good.

To love is a sacred duty.

Where you love the other person for her/his personality or character.

You love because you want to.

You don’t love because you need to.

There is a difference in both.

The first one is unconditional love and another one is needy love.

The only difference between them is that one is eternal and fearless and another one is temporary and full of fear.

I don’t know.

What will happen to the kids of those parents who are bounded by just attachment(needy love)?

Will they be able to raise the children well?

Certainly not.


Let’s move on.

I think love is not restricted to genders.

But it’s present in everything we do from studies to ordering food.

And it can be present in two strangers also.

Just we need to express it.


Consider that a dog has attacked a small baby and it’s not your baby.

Wouldn’t you rush to save it?

Yes. Then that’s love.

Then consider an old woman is standing in the metro.

Wouldn’t you give her your seat?

If yes.

Then that’s love.

And consider your friend asks you for your bike and you readily give him.

Then that is also love.


When you study and work. Thinking that your knowledge and training will help this country to become better then this is also love.

Well in the above the questions, there could have been” No” also.

But then that’s fear.

The fear that you don’t get harmed.

So it’s simple.

Fear and love are opposite to each other.

Just because one is selfish and other is selfless.

Fear binds us.

Fear makes us feel pain.

Fear is wrong life.

And love.

It’s a bliss.

It gives us freedom.

It is beyond imagination and senses.

It’s selfless.

And most importantly its purity.

At this moment a quote has come in my mind.

It’s from Wonder woman movie.

Diana Prince: I used to want to save the world. To end the war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves – something no hero will ever defeat. I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. Forever.

Image credits: platonic mind

A journey.



A journey.

You know we all are in different trains but we want to get to the same destination and i.e happiness.

Recently I took a journey in a train.


And I felt bliss.

I will tell you all.

Why did I feel so?

So the incident first or the explanation.

I think the incident first.

So. I went to Bhopal last week and next day I had to return.

On the next day, i booked my ticket for my journey from Bhopal to Delhi.

On the train.

My adjacent seat was not occupied, so a girl came and asked if she could sit with me.

I said “Yes”.

So she told me that she has seen me in the same interview where she was also there.

Interestingly our whole coach was full of boys and girls who couldn’t clear the interview.

So she sat beside me, telling me that she was in pain that she couldn’t clear the interview and how life has become difficult for her.

I thought to give my knowledge but I thought for once is it the right thing to do.

Is it the right thing to give your knowledge to a stranger?


Is it the right thing to help her.

Then I dropped all those limiting notions.

I told her whatever I knew about life, and she was able to grasp it well.

Then after 2 hours of talking her friend also joined us.

She too was not selected.


And when we three engaged in conversation, I think everyone was listening to us as some inspirational or spiritual talks are going on.

From attachment to desires, from failures to mind.

Everything was discussed.

People were listening to us.

And many others who were feeling sad were encouraged by our conversation we all three had.

And we weren’t talking to show others, it was natural and fountain of Knowledge was flowing without any discrimination.

Where from the old to young everyone was engrossed.


Then conversation took shape.

We discussed about indus valley civilization to parliament and lot many things.

And when we were discussing.

I lost my ego.

Not because the girls made me look stupid with their knowledge. (which didn’t happen :P)


I gave them the knowledge about my life experiences.

I told them about self-control and how it is a science.

And all the knowledge of how to raise children (I’m not married :P, but conversation took a different turn so I had to give them the knowledge)


When the train stopped at the intermediate station we went out and talked about the place and how they are important to our country.


The conversation again took many turns and the journey of 8 hours became nothing but a very pleasant experience.


I forgot.

I hadn’t slept for two days and neither did the girls because it was a military interview.


The energy was great.

The knowledge was great.

Whatever knowledge they gave me was also great.

And moreover, we helped everyone who needed it.

And Finally, the last station came.

We left to our respective destination.

The girls didn’t give me anything but a smile which i realised was something more important than any other gain.


Even talking for 8 hours.

We still don’t what our names were.

Neither we exchanged phone numbers.

We are strangers again.

But the journey I had.

Gave me the conviction that this will be the journey I will undertake every day.

The journey which made me realize my true self.

I realized that what knowledge can do and realized what sharing knowledge can do.

Somewhere in the journey, i helped the girl to place her luggage on the top as it was heavy, I realized that being a gentleman made me happy.

I realized that knowledge doesn’t have limitations to gender, there came a time that I forgot they were girls but talked with them as they were souls.

And then i realized that.

How beautiful this country can become if we don’t judge our girls for what they wear, and with whom they talk, and create a place where both men and women become partners in the development of the mankind.

And I also realized that talking about boyfriends, girlfriends, salary or achievements is nothing but time waste and selfish.

And the real conversation is the conversation of the souls.

It’s giving knowledge without getting anything in return and trying to take best out of the other person.

And I realized that materialistic life is nothing as compared to the bliss which we get from helping others and encouraging them selflessly.

For me, a train journey with two strangers reminded me of the journey which I have to undertake from now on.

The journey of the infinite bliss.

Adios. (new Spanish word learned :P)
Image credits :other perspective (facebook)

The song.

These days phrases and poems have taken over me.


I’m just trying to write some phrases.


These are just some phrases.


The background.

These phrases are by someone to a boy who has seen enough pain that he tries to stop working and wants to quit.

But, at that moment only.

He hears a voice.

The voice which which only he can hear.

The song which is meant only for him.

The boy wiping his tears focuses on the song.


Let’s hear what the voice is telling him

“You are everything to me.

You are my life.

The fate lines on your hand is my destiny.

If you give up, it’s my loss.

And if i rise high in dignity then it’s your victory everytime.

You will never walk alone as my blessings will walk with you everywhere.

And you will never get tired as I have given you strength of millions.

You keep moving. You keep moving.

You keep marching ahead.

You keep fighting. You keep fighting.

You know.

The day I made you that day i was relieved that my future is in safe hands.

And whenever you look at me, I feel loved.

So don’t give up.

You will never walk alone.

You will never get tired.

You keep moving ahead.

You keep marching ahead.

You keep fighting.

You keep fighting. ”

With this song the boy who was trying to give up, got up and went to his work with greater conviction and with greater love.

You guys might be thinking that, who sang the song and why she sang for the boy.


That’s somewhat of a mystery.

Good luck.

Image credits – other perspectives.

My country.

I don’t know.

It’s very random.

Well, my every post is random.

I just start writing and words flow.


Today it’s just something else.

A deep sense of purpose.

The emotions are different.

These days I hardly think about money, success or failures.

Something other has occupied my mind.

I don’t know.


Is it India?

Or is it my purpose?

But, I can’t differentiate between the two.

I think both of them are related.


These days I see a lot of things.

My life has dramatically changed in just a few years.

I have started to live above thoughts and feelings.


Indeed it’s very beautiful place to be.

Sometimes I fail.


I do realize it.

And wake up again.


In all, i love my country.

I realized something which makes me feel better is something related to my country.


Why shouldn’t it be?

My land. My people. My culture. My religion.

I love them.

I have traveled many places from mountains to beaches from desert to plains.


The beauty India holds is mesmerizing.

I don’t know.

If there’s a special relationship between me and her.

And what about its people?

Men who guided me from tuition teachers to my prime minister, from rickshaw wallee bhaiya(brother) to tailor bhaiya, from mess wale bhaiya to my bhaiya.

And that’s why we call them bhaiya.

Because without them I wouldn’t have been a man, it’s because of their services I’m here enjoying my life.

And what about women,there role has been so important that I couldn’t resist talking about them.

From my tution didi who taught me maths when I was small, from my economics ma’am who I made depressed because of my naughtiness and who still asks my smaller sister about my well being. From my friend who helped me when I was in depression to my past friends who helped me selflessly.

And what about my mother who born me.

I can’t repay you all my friends.

I can’t.

My culture and religion.

I don’t know.

But. My religion Hinduism has given me such knowledge that I can’t express.

Friends all that I write is just Vedanta, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.

Nothing else.

It’s their knowledge and my analysis.

The diversity of my country is what makes me feel bliss.

Be it Sikh, Muslim, Hindu or Chrisitan i love that they are living with each other.

And, how can i forget?

Khan chacha’s Mughlai chicken tikka, to sardarji’s Amritsari naan.

How can I forget them?

How can I fight with them just because my religion is different?

All violence related to religion is something which is so painful that I want to hide from it, but that isn’t an illusion that’s reality.

The illusion is the violence and reality is the love.

But still, illusion has corrupted us.

Love has left us.


I can see the lives of those who have been affected by evils far worse.

I can see the faces of those who have died of hunger and poverty.

I can hear the cries of the mother who lost her son due to illness.

I can feel the pain of that girl who was raped.

I can feel the agony of that boy who lost his job.

I can hear the crying voice of that girl who lost his husband in the war.


I can also see the demons which reside in each one of us.

I can see the evils of poverty and injustice killing my country each day.

And every day I fail in my duty.

I fail her.

Every day I don’t do my respective work.

I fail her.

It’s just.

Her destiny is in my hands.


It’s just that I was born to two mothers, one born me but the other she made me, she made me the man that I am and every day she calls, I shall hear and I shall heal.

For she sings for me in my hour of need.

And someday through someway I will rid her of her miseries.

And when I see her in her true form,

The form where there is no poverty and hatred.

Where there is just love and only love.

Then that day I will consider my life to be really successful.

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