Well you all might be thinking that how come this guy is back to blogging wasn’t he supposed to get off from it as he stated in his last post. 

Yeah. The boy thought so but he realised that there was something needed to be shared so that all can benefit. 

So he’s back. 

Okay, now let us get back to the topic. 



Have you heard this word. 


Don’t you have feelings for me? 

This guy doesn’t have any feelings. 

These are some sentences or dialogues which we generally hear or speak. 

So let’s get deep into this. 

With analysis being my partner I’m sure there will be some insights šŸ˜›

So what are feelings? 

Okay. Let’s think. 

That sensation in heart. That gratification in mind. That relief or fear. That sensory tingling. That anxiety or That sadness. 

Well to be honest there are many ways to describe. 


Why I’m describing feelings in this post? 

What’s my purpose? 

These might be questions in your mind. 

Okay. Let’s see. 

Today. Everyone of us makes decisions on the basis of feelings. Feelings have become are guide rather than our soul. 

If we feel not to study. We don’t study and Waste our time in futile aspects. 

If we feel to smoke. We smoke and harm our health. 

If we feel to go out. We go out and waste our time in wandering. 

This is who we are. Yes. A human being is being a slave to his thoughts and those accompanying sensations. 

Let’s find some examples from our day to day lives. 

Okay. One by one. 

First. Success and Failure. 

Oh. Have you felt relieved when you pass your exams and throw the old books and say that I don’t have to read them again. 

And how did you feel when there was an exam next day? 

Anxious. Yeah. 

Were you able to study well because of this?? 

I don’t know. You decide. 

So you studied just to end those exams and get that temporary feeling of satisfaction that your exams are over now you would enjoy. 

Okay. What happens when your exams end and two or three days have passed? 

Feeling bored. Feeling bad. 

How can you feel bored? 

Your exams have ended. How can you feel bored? (haha :P) 

So in order to feel the satisfaction of that your exams over, you made the purpose of examination to be just to get relieved from it. You made it your enemy. Just because you wanted to end them. 

But, have you gone beyond that feeling and thought why exams were there. 

They are there to test your knowledge and skill. Those knowledge and skills which will make you and your society better in coming days. 

And what you did. In order to feel that temporary pleasure of some time you made examination just a thing to end. 

Okay second example. 

Well today. 

A poor rickshaw wala (cart driver) hit my car. 

And broke something off. 

What should I do? 

Most of you might think that I should take money from him or slap him. 

But, should I? 

What would taking money from him do? 

It would make me happy that there was no loss to me and I’m perfectly fine. 

Just a relief that I didn’t have to pay my money. Just a relief that my money wasn’t spent. 

But have you thought after that? 

That guy. (rickshawala) He travelled whole day in scorching heat to earn 1/10 of your daily income to feed his children and wife. 

And because of some accident he has to pay money which is so huge that you can’t even think what impact can it play on his day’s work. 

He won’t be able to have food or save money. 

Or even from saved money he would have to give it you. 

Then there you are. Earning Lakh rupees per month and then also asking money from him. 


Just to feel relieved that money isn’t from your pocket. 

(I’m not saying that you don’t ask for what’s yours, but do look at the cause and the person. Is the person financially stable? Was it an accident or he did deliberately. Please do think and then act) 

Third feeling. 


Okay. So these days porn and lot’s of things are available easily. 

Now. What happens? 

We watch porn. Then we jerk off. 

Yes don’t we. 


Well just to attain that glimpse of feeling which we attain in that process. 

It’s nothing more. Just to feel that 5/10 sec nirvana,we have made our girls objects for pleasure. 

We have made all those women who helped us. Who raised us. Who supported us to an mere object just to attain that seconds pleasure. 

These days I have seen people faking relationships to have that pleasure. 

It means that the girl/boy who loved you for years is nothing more for you than to attain that pleasure. 

Fourth. Example. 

Oh pastry. Doctor told me Not to eat. But nothing will happen. 

Eats pastry. Derives pleasure. Harms her health for week. 

Isn’t this common? 

So friends. These were some examples. Now I will tell you How these things happen. 
So here it is. 

Thought (wrong) – – – – – – Intellect – – – – No action. 

Here we know that thoughts are wrong and we know that we don’t have to act on them. 


Thought(wrong) + Feelings – – – – – Confused Intellect – – – – – – – Wrong action. 

See what happens. 

How we have become slaves to our feelings? 

In order to feel for some seconds or days. We destroy our real purpose. 

Well what to do then? 

Experience. Know what’s right and wrong. Think. Be aware of your feelings and make sure that you don’t give in to them. Always keep in mind feelings are nothing. They are no compass to right decisions. 

So what’s the compass. 

The compass is your intellect and your knowledge or experience. 

Moreover it’s unconditional love. Some of you might think that love is also feeling. Nope. Unconditional love isn’t a feeling. It’s bliss. It’s nothing else. When you are in bliss. There is nothing you need externally. There are no temporary pleasures that can match this bliss. 

And this bliss is what you are? 

This is which is permanent and beyond your bodily sensations and ego gratification. 

So from now on. 

Whenever these feelings arise. Whenever you feel. Just check and ask Am I going towards a life of pain and struggle. 

Then that’s the moment you can detach yourself and choose the path of unconditional love or bliss. 

At last. 

It’s your choice. 

A life of permanent pain disguised as temporary pleasures or a life of heroism and bliss. 


Hey all.

 Well well, today it’s a nice day to write about something we thoroughly face everyday. 

Yes the title attachment. That’s what I’m going to write about. 

Someone told me that I love you and I’m emotionally attached to you. I said sorry, miss but you don’t love me it’s just your thoughts and feelings playing with you. (Hypothetical :P) 

And she got surprised. I know she wasn’t able comprehend and that’s why I’m writing this so that you all may understand that what’s the difference between attachment and unconditional love. 

So first of all, What’s attachment? 

Pretty simple question. Isn’t it. 

So just think about. Please think šŸ˜› 

Ohkay, so let’s start to analyze and derive some random memories of  past which we all would have faced once in our life. 

How about childhood? 

That toy which you loved dearly and told to your friends that it’s ” It’s Mine”. 

With such a force you yelled when it broke. And cried. Even if your father got you the same toy, You still said. “No, I want that toy only”. 

Raise your hands, If this happened šŸ˜›

Ohkay, now let’s come to adolescence. Pretty good stage. A stage full of emotional and hormonal changes. 

So ohkay, have you fallen in love (The conditional one :P) 

So initially everyone is on cloudnine. We feel that this is the relationship we want, she is the girl who I want to marry, she is so beautiful…. These are some random thoughts which originate. Well good, the thoughts are good. Now the real play starts, after meetings, phone conversations we start to think about the person. We make that person our world,Be it Morning or evening we start to imagine and analyse about that particular person. Isn’t it?? 

So I want to ask you is this love?? 

Well, for me it isn’t. I don’t know about you all. Maybe after reading you might believe that I’m right. Maybe. (no forcing :P) 

Ohkay let’s deeply think. 

So this girl becomes our life, every time we think about her and start to imagine plans about our future and all. 

Now, let’s move further. 

Now we start to get anxiety, our loneliness on its own increases and we try to find or create situations to talk or meet that person everyday. We feel that we are incomplete without that person. 

With this attachment. Comes longing. 

So now suppose the girl says no to meet you or says that she’s going out with her some other male friend ( a pinch of jealousy :P) 

What would be the reaction of the person who thinks day and day out of that person and thinks she is his and Then suddenly the girl says that.

To be honest, you would be at height of anger and jealously. You will have such an emotional force that you might lose your intellect. 

For all the girls reading please consider the situation vice versa. šŸ˜‚ 

So now the person who you loved dearly has become your object of hatred. 

Have you seen news related to incidents where women were murdered or raped by their past belovers. 

So this is what happens. 

Raped. Yes I wrote raped also. So how this happens, see I can write about the male sexual energy. (Hope you know why) 

So what happens when get attached to something, we start to feel that we might lose that particular object our so our defence mechanisms start to play. 

Now here it’s a girl, As we know we are biologically trained to get attracted to girls. This attraction is normal. It’s in me, you and everyone. Don’t worry. 

But, when we start to think girl as an object to cling on or derive happiness. We start to associate this particular sexual energy with it also. And by the way, this sexual energy is quite tremendous. So when are desires get unfulfilled or we face some setback to achieve our object (which here is a girl) we start to believe that we have to just have sex and only sex, we don’t think about anything we become animal and a girl (who herself  is a human being) we start to think it as an object to release our semen into her and derive pleasure from that experience. 

This is how lust generates. The same girl for whom you got flowers or who was your princess becomes an object of pleasure just in matter of no time. All credits to your mind’s selfishness. 

So How to remove this negative energy ? 

Pretty good question. See why this negative energy develops or why this lust develops is the main question.  

So I told you that as we start to think about another person we start to believe that she /he is totally ours. So our ego or the selfish mind combined with some feelings make us do things which are evilish. 
We stop loving that person unconditionally. We expect things that no one can deliver. 

Why shouldn’t we expect? 

First of all this whole world is so vast and unpredictable that you can’t do anything. You just can love unconditionally or do your duty. That’s it. That’s why everyone says to focus only on work.(Karma yoga) 

Now another example. 

Have you failed? (academically or something else)

Let’s consider an exam. It’s XYZ exam

Now the person believes that if he /she clears this exam he would have all the necessary things in life and all the comforts. 

So this person constantly starts to imagine and analyse about this exam. 

Now a thought comes. 

What if I fail? 

Oops. Pretty disastrous. Well it’s just a thought. Don’t believe it. Now the same thing,  we have made that exam as an object to derive pleasure but in reality it’s just an exam to test your knowledge and skills for a particular job. Nothing else. So if you associate the person who you are with a job and all its comforts then  I guarantee you that you would fail or even if you pass You won’t be a good employee. 

Can you connect the dots. 

Can you relate it with the first and the second example which I gave you. Just do it. It will help you. 

So at the end, I would like to say never make temporary things your life they are temporary and they will fade away one day. 

So what to do then?? 

Well what about those things which you love to do? 

Things you can sacrifice your whole time. 

Just think what those things are. 

What those qualities are that will make you a better human being not a slave. 

It’s because slaves are the ones who expect things out of their work. Not the masters. 

So be a master.


Well friends, this would be my last blog post. I’m not leaving. I will come back after two years because there is something which is more important now. 
Thank you. 

Unconditional love to you all. 


Phew. Just heard someone saying that there should be reciprocation in life. 

Like if you love someone, then you expect him/her to love you. 

If you work hard you, you should get recognition, increment or promotion. 

I first listened to him of all his arguments then I thought he is going to face endless struggles in life. 

These days words like hard-work , struggle, motivation or success seems so common that we believe them that there is no life beyond them

Well, there is a life. I hope I may help you all to figure it out. 

So, let’s see few common thoughts that we are engrossed in. 

Thought – “I have to work hard, if I don’t work hard I won’t get any money nor recognition. See, John he’s got a beautiful car and house. I have to also get it, I need to work hard.” 

So now let’s analyse(what I always do :P) 

This thought is a problem of many individuals irrespective of age, so let’s see why he (individual) is working. (hard :P) 

So this person is a slave of his own mind and feelings, the gross worldy pleasures make him feel that by obtaining car, house, or recognition he will be the best. šŸ˜‚ 

Okay, nevermind now let’s look about the word “WORK”, these days nobody talks about the word work everyone is just after the benefits associated with the work. 

Everyone wants to get a car, house, entertainment etc,but most of them are not interested in the work. 

They work to obtain something so that they can satisfy their bodies or ego. 

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

But, have we really thought about that why we get money, increment or recognition for work. 

These all things are provided so that you don’t have to struggle to get basic necessities of life, so that you can love what you do without any problems. 

Nothing more. Nothing less (nice punch šŸ˜‚) 

Let’s get to a new thought. 
Thought – ” I gave her a  rose today and she didn’t give me anything, what type of person she is. No reciprocation. I’m going to leave her” 

Analysis : 

Oh. The conditional love. This type of love is the worst. You expect things from another person, so it means that you are dependent upon other person so that he/she can satisfy you physically, emotionally or your ego. 

Well, I have not much to say. But this is impure love. The pure one is unconditional love. Where you don’t expect even a single thing from anyone. 

So here we discussed two thoughts which are quite prominent in our society.

Don’t you think this type of thinking is root cause of  most of our problems? 

Can’t Think. Nevermind. I will analyse šŸ˜›

So let’s go deep down in these thoughts and understand their intentions (do read my blog on intentions it will help, Not now, later :P) 

Ohkay, so getting a car and house. So what we are really getting from it. Let’s see, by car we will get luxury other’s will think we are affluent or prosperous. By a great house the same thing happens. So it means to show others and to satisfy my sense of being,I’m working for 10 hours a day with such a struggle based Mindset.( Phew, I can’t seriously) 

I bet this person would never be happy in life. It’s because materialistic thinking is a circular process it will keep on rolling you until you die. 

Now, the second thought.

 Love which we have degraded to just self satisfaction. 

Now, the person who gave the rose. This person believes in reciprocation. Ohkay, good. Keep expecting. One day it’s for sure that you will expect hatred to happen  for the person to whom you gave the rose. 

How? Again the same thing, analysis šŸ˜‚

See, this person loves the other person just because he wants to be satisfied either emotionally or by feeding his ego. 

But both are paths of pain and suffering. When you love to get love. When you work to get something. You create a vicious circle of struggle. This person when doesn’t get his desires fulfilled will start hating the person whom he loved initially just because his/her partner isn’t reciprocating which will ultimately lead to fear and hatred. 

Now, if we go deeper and deeper. We find that selfishness is the root cause. We all have become so obsessed with our material needs that we have forgot to love things the way our soul wants. 

Have you seen soldiers dying for their country, the boy who gave his lifetime  for science, the woman who left a great package(money)  just to teach orphans. 

Well these people are those who love unconditionally. They don’t want anything in life. They just want to give. They feel bliss when they give. 

Even if they feel pain they will still give. 

It’s because they are selfless.They don’t care about the results, because for them the work is itself a result. 

And that result is Unconditional love for work. 

So, I’m not saying that you do things which I have stated. But I want you to go deep down in your heart and find something which you will do without any gain, name, or fame.

Start loving your work, partner, society and country unconditionally. 

Find something which moves you and you feel a sense of bliss while doing it. 
And, I guarantee you. 

You will never have to work hard. 

The education system.Ā 

Hello everyone. 

Well today, I was just introspecting about our education system. 

I found it to be so illogical that I was laughing. (inside) 

So let’s see 

When we come into this world.

We just perceive and observe. 
We believe everything that was told to us. 

And, when we find the truth ourselves we see that we are fighting a multi stage war 


First we are fighting with ourselves, all the conditiong and things which were irrational which society feeded into us. So if we start to break those habits we struggle and face pain. 

Second is the society which is still living in misconceptions and is trying to force all that onto us. 

So if you want to be true to things which you believe in,  you need to be strong mentally and emotionally. 

Now this is  what we have to fight against. 

So out of lots of things. I have chosen education today because it’s quite necessary. 

I will not go into mathematical formuales or chemical equations don’t worry šŸ˜›

So why we need education? 

My mother said me if you don’t earn anything and become successful, no one will marry you and you will be not respected in the society. 

Ohkay, I said. 

But I discarded what she said even if she was my mother. 

Now morality seems to be going down as it looks. 


Your elders aren’t Gods they are humans. But when you believe them without questioning them and don’t find your own answers you are becoming a donkey even if you get 98 % or top some entrance exam. 

Now I will go step by step to answer, 

 How our education system and the motive behind education is making us fearful and a slave. 

Let’s roll over to some 1st standard class(school). I will give you an idea through a conversation between parents and their children which happen these days. I believe everyone would relate. 

Father : Son, study well if you don’t get good marks you won’t get into good college. (during school) 

Son : Ohkay. (studies with a fear that college is something heaven or God will give every luxury) 

Father : Son, study well in college if you don’t get good marks you will not get job. 

Son : ohkay. (studies with fear) 

Father : son, study well and improve communication skills to get a good job. (Now father doesn’t know that the son is under constant fear and pressure because of all this, he has started to fear studying. Why? Because he feels that if he doesn’t study he won’t get marks so this creates fear in him and starts imagining failure, this fear of failure stops his creativity and deletes his natural tendency to study) 

Now, some questions. 

Why father is always asking his son to study?  

Why he wants his son to get marks? 

The Answer :

See, parents love there children. There is never a wrong intention. 

But they themselves are ignorant of the basic truth and principle of life. 

So see here the mother and the father wants his child to study to get good marks from good marks he will get good job and then a beautiful wife, car and all that stupid stuff. 

So what the thing is that,  what we have made education. 

We have made it a means to get luxury and derive ego. 


Yes. Ego. Today we have categorised professions on the basis of money we earn, the titles we hold and the degrees we have. 

Yes there is a relationship between ego and our education system. So a person who earns more than someone else he will show his class, cars and phone to everyone in order to get attention. 

He thinks servants, waiters, drivers are inferior to him and he is above him. 

So this is a false idea of education  which I believe we are forcing our young generation into in. 

Today, if you aren’t into good college, if you aren’t earning well then you are stupid. 

I have friends who are not in reputed colleges but they are so great human beings that I feel so good with them because they have great  knowledge about life and are full of love. 

I will give you some examples from my life. 

I was in class 11. 

I was very naughty. 

So in class 11 I used to sit in the last row. Ohkay now it was chemistry period. I was thinking something else like how could I save my friends when earthquake or terrorist attack happens. 

So well a terriost attack did happen and it was from my teacher. 

She asked me. 

Siddharth, tell me how ‘ether’ (chemical substance)  gets formed? 

The whole class was silent. Expecting pleasure from my ignorance. 

I said, I don’t know ma’am. 

She said, What will you do in your life? You don’t know anything. Sit down there you stupid. 

No one laughed. Everyone knew that she spoke a little far from what she shouldn’t be speaking. 

After the period, I went to the washroom and my friend said to me, Don’t mind. 

I was okay. But deep down I felt inferior. First time in my life I got hurt. 

So in class 11,  I came last in my class. My father beated me but I knew I hurted him. The fault wasn’t his. It was mine that I didn’t studied well. 

I will tell you how this all shaped. 

In class 10, I used to study like I liked it. I never had fear of studies and didn’t took any tuitions because I always liked to study on my own. I loved social sciences, maths and English. 

I got 87 %.(2009) I was ohkay I didn’t feel any better, I was just like I didn’t do any hard work. It was who I was. But I could have improved that’s for sure. 

So in class 11, my school gave me science because I got good marks. My father was happy that I would get science as science has lots of options. 

Niether my school nor my parents asked me what subjects I want to take. 

The truth was Niether I knew what to do in life as no one told me or guided me about the options or career which I could go. 

So my father took me into IIT JEE coaching thinking about my future in his imagination. (irony) 

I was ohkay. Let’s see. 

The first day, I saw students in class. I thought what type of knowledge they are going to give to us. 

When they started to teach. It pained me. No basics. No theory. Nothing. Just formulae and questions. 

I knew I was at the wrong place. But how could I say no to my parents. I lacked courage.

So that whole year I just eat some snacks and came home back with no knowledge just with some physics formulaes with which they believed could get me a car and beautiful wife. 

So I wasn’t studying anything. I came last in my class as told earlier. 

Now things started to change in class 12. My parents thought I would fail in boards. They removed me from coaching. 

I removed everything they taught me. I started to study. I studied like I did on my own without any interference. 

So results came I got good marks. 

91 in maths and 87 in chemistry. Without any tuition. I cleared national defence academy exam also without studying a single day because I always liked general knowledge. 

Now during last year in my college I got two job offers. 

In one job offer, we 24 candidates sat and every one had to speak for some time. I had good command over English because I liked the language and moreover the topic was something related to general knowledge which something I read out of interest without any motive to get something. 

So I was the only one to get selected. 

I saw others faces. One of them was a boy whom I met, he was a great person. 

I felt very bad for everyone. I thought that some of their parents would be waiting at home to hear some good news,how they would react. How these students would feel? 

Then one HR came and she took me to some higher office for formalisties.She was talking to me and congratulated me. But I wasn’t elated. I was thinking something else,  So I felt that why I was selected, why my friends weren’t. I thought that they should have been too. 

Only they lacked some skills which would have been given to them if our education didn’t feed formulaes but things which are necessary like general awareness, aptitude and communication skills. 

Now the idea here from the experiences. 

What are we teaching our students or children. 

We are making them slaves to fear and all temporary and materialistic things. 

Now the present situation. 

What happens these days. 

When you beat your kid or make him feel inferior because of his marks. 

Then you are making him fearful. He will start fearing education. He will start fearing failures. Ultimately he would lose his mental state. 

So make him a man first. Teach him failures don’t matter if you are learning from it. Teach what you can give to society and how you can make others life better by studying and ask him what he wants to do because if he/she does what they love then they would be different and they would be happy all their life. 

So don’t give them any vague idea of education. 

Give them education but don’t give the intention. 

Let them find their intention on their own. 


Today I would like to share some knowledge. 

It’s about intentions. 

Yes we all know it’s meaning but sadly forget it’s purpose. 

For example. 

As we have a backbone for our body. 

Similarly we have intentions for our work. 

So I have a small poem. Hope you understand it’s purpose. 

Tricolour(indian flag) in their hands, but lust in their eyes. 

Slogans on their tounges, but ego in their voice. 

Truth on their minds, but hatred in their hearts. 

Degrees(educational) in the almirah, but character in the dustbin. 

Manners for the rich, but rude for the poor. 

Love for their wives, but pain to their parents. 

Flowers to the God, but knives for their brothers. 

Short dresses for other girls, but long  for their sisters

Environmental studies in their books, but garbage on the roads. 

And then say. 

We love our country. 

So here I have mixed my patriotic feelings with some knowledge that I have gained by observing people. 

Well yes. 

No one is perfect. 

But desire to improve is a necessity. 

So if we don’t improve our intentions from selfish motives to selfless ideas then not even God would be able to help us. 

And yeah my favourite mathematical inequality to end this with. 

                  Intentions >> Work. 


The love I believe in.Ā 

Hello all. 

Well someone asked me something yesterday, (cannot tell you who :p) 

“Have you ever kissed a girl? ”

First I got disgusted with the question asked, (I’m straight  and I do get attracted to girls :p). 

I said,” No” (why should I, as I haven’t met my love) 

Moreover I was relieved that the enquiry didn’t get any further. 

Why I got irritated with the question was the fact in the way it was asked and the underlying intention. 

Today, things like breakup, boyfriend, patchup, sex, girlfriend and many more things has made the idea of true love so degraded is that I feel very bad. 

Now there was another incident which made me believe more in what I believe in. 

I usually spend my free time going to New Delhi area, which is green and clean, most importantly the quietness that runs on its roads. So I just went to UPSC( a government commission) , not for some work just to eat at the famous chaat stall  besides it. There when I was eating, I noticed a woman standing and waiting for someone.. After sometime a man comes with a single plate of chaat(indian fast food).  

The woman smiled and I smiled too, a conversation between them followed which made my outing worth. 

The conversation was as follows. 

Man: This is tikki(indian fast food), hold it I will bring scooter and will keep on it. 

The man keeps the chaat on the seat 

Man: You know I took a holiday today, I thought that it was quite a long time that I didn’t take you somewhere. I thought you would like it. 

I couldnā€™t hear what the woman said as she was bit far from me. 
Later when there was just one piece left he threw away his spoon and said now you eat. 

So this was something which made me happy. That’s why I could remember the each word said. 

So, how come I started to believe in this idea of love? 

It’s a long story but it’s worth it. 

I remember when I was in 3 class, I liked  a girl. So I had a small story book named “Heidi”, many of you would remember it. So what I did I took the book, and told my friend to pass the book to her. The girl didn’t look at me and started to read the book, later my friend gave the book to me. There was no response from the girl, I was expecting a Thank you or something but nothing came. I became  sad,That’s why I remember this so precisely. :p

So later our sections changed and never met again, so in class 11 I used to go to her section to meet my friend and I got surprised that she is still in same school. (mine school was big so you can get lost :p) Then she smiled at me, and in return I smiled, and this happened a lot of times. But at time I was a typical bad boy, who used to bunk classes even school , hit other students, and indulge in sports. So I never thought of approaching her or talking her, because there was no need. Then we never met. This was one of the phases of child love that we all experience. (The 1st stage got over) 

Then I did had 2 close relationships not simultaneously :p with my friends(of course girls) , and the thing was I got confused, both of them in a way liked me and I also liked them but there was something missing there was lack of intimacy, frankness and love. It involved jealousy, ego, selfishness and what not. Moreover they were not any commitment based relationship, thank God they weren’t. In all this experience I wasted my time and energy in stupid things which I could have invested in alot of right things. I regret till now. 

Then after so much of pain and discomfort, I promised myself that if this is love then I don’t want to be in love. 

At the same time I was in depression (read my first post) and due to failures in my educational life. So I asked myself is this the love which everyone talks about, and after days of pain and thinking I came with my own idea of love. ( 2nd stage got over) 

I started to believe in love which was unselfish, in which you can reveal everything to her without being judged negatively, the love which depends upon no condition and expectations, the love which is beyond pleasure and pain. The love which is for the character not the body or any other materialistic thing. I still believe in this love. (finally started to believe – last stage) 

Okay this is one aspect of love, now the first question,  do you remember? About someone who asked me something, and why I got irritated. :p

So here is the exact answer, today people think that having a relationship  or having sex is cool.

 I laugh at such people. 

Now let’s come to something to an issue like sex(another aspect of love) 

I feel sorry for those facebook advertisements  and websites which  tell that sex is a stress reliever or great mood booster. 

This means that all the negative tension that I have in my body,  I start to remove in someone’s body whom I love, I’m pretty sure that someone who uses sex to remove stress is someone who doesn’t know what love is. 

Moreover watching Porn has also has  a negative impact on our minds, because our mind starts to believe that we are making love with our true love. Frankly this was something I experienced and I will be frank in this. When I was in my teens, my friend showed me at once I got attracted to this without being aware of the consequences and it was because of my experiences that I got rid of this. Today Porn is one of those things which is responsible for selfish love or materialistic love. 

See act of love or sex, is not a Taboo it is one of the greatest things in the world. It is an act which brings life on earth. 

 Is there any other act which brings life on earth? This is the very act which can make you God. This is the very act which can  give your immense love to the person you love. But today we have reduced this very act to an idea of achievement, pleasure and joke. 

So at the end I would like to say. 

If you believe in what I believe in. 

If you think like I think. 

Then stand besides this idea of love and never leave the idea even the whole world decides the idea to be wrong. 

Mind Control.Ā 

Every person irrespective of gender believes what he experiences. Thus everyone has varied opinions, so everyone should follow values and principles which are true to him/her.

This is the first step towards controlling the mind, Next step is that sometimes we know what’s true to us but still our mind and feelings overpower our truth which leads to sadness and anxiety.

This situation was also faced by Arjun and whole Bhagwad Gita is based on this. The link below of the video shows how we can control our mind by bhagwad Gita, there might be thousands of videos and articles telling you what to do, but at the end for what I believe is one thing which we can do is told in this video.

It’s with subtitles and will help everyone