Transform your sexual energy. 

I know it is quite uncomfortable for you all to read or maybe its Taboo for some. 

But, here I need to address this issue whatever the case be. 


Here i am. 

Addressing a very reserved topic. But still something which everyone is associated with it. 


I will be discussing about this energy of what is in boys/men. 

So. Guys this is for us to look into. 

Maybe i will share some experiences also. (I’m feeling embarrassed :P) 


In our country its a Taboo to talk about sex and its effects. 


The beautiful thing is that we have born out of this act only. 

Is anyone here born out of some chemical reaction? 




Sexual energy is the most powerful energy anyone can have. 

Why its powerful? 

It’s because it’s the only thing which can give life. 

It’s the only one energy which can unite the masculine and feminine souls into one. 

Yet. We have degraded this thing into mere sensory pleasure and ego gratification. 

Are we responsible for this?

Somewhat. But these days society is also feeding us the degraded version of this energy. 

Those item songs, those illogical and pervert advertisements just to sell their movies and products respectively. 

Moreover the egoic Mindset. 


The feeding part. 

I will go in detail. 

And. It will certainly reveal some insights. (examples will be there) 


With the advent of Porn culture. 

We have certainly degraded us below animals. Yes even animals have some morality now. 

Now. I will tell you how this whole thing works. 


For example. 

When you see some degraded images or movies where women are objectified so constantly remain engrossed in it. 

We think that they have been made to give us pleasure only. (which is a stupid thing) 


What happens when we have sexual energy. 

See whenever sexual energy arise we guys feel the urge to dissipate it. 

Isn’t it guys? 

So. Then that energy gets mixed with polluted things like pornography. 

Consider an example. 

What happens when you drop mud in pure water.

The water becomes dirty and undrinkable. 

Same is with sexual energy which is pure, when you drop things like body objectification and ego. 

The same sexual energy will become impure and it will hurt us very dearly.


See guys these things I’m telling you because it’s something everyone experiences and even i have undergone this disease which was feeded by our society and our ego. 

So, How come ego plays a role here? 

Well ego is the main villain. 

Ego thinks of this energy to conquer one’s body. 

It thinks that we are able to conquer someone’s body. 


What really happens once we conquer it? 

We make the person something as a commodity. Like use and throw. 

It’s like deriving pleasure for 5-6 seconds and then throw off that thing.


All these extra martial affairs, one night stands or friends with benefits type of things or only by products of lust and ego nothing else. 



This was something related to ethics. 

Now coming to personal growth. 

You know that our male sexual hormone or semen is made up of the same fluid as our spinal cord and even brain is made of. 


All those effects which you face after releasing your energy through masturbration. 

Are just the consequences of depleted fluid which is the main source of energy. 


What you are wasting. 

You are wasting your life’s most impressive energy. 

All creativity and charisma is because of this energy. 

From swami vivekanada to nikolas tesla. 

They knew this energy and its worth. 

So they saved it. 

But, here im not telling you to keep saving this energy. (you have to use it someday :P) 


I know we have to get married and need to have kids and there’s no other way of having your own kids other than sex. 


How to use this energy for love and collective good. 

Well. I will tell you what I think of. 

See. We all know that we have this energy. 

And this attraction or energy can come to us any point of time. 


Don’t fear this. 

Yes. Don’t fear. 

This is normal. This attraction or desire to procerate is normal. 

But. We need to educate this desire. 

Not suppress.

Its just suppression is similar to attachment. 


What you need to do. 

Be aware. Yes be aware of this energy. 

Feel it. 

But. Change its course. 

Whenever you feel this desire. Just don’t feed it with stupid things like Porn or ego. 

Just feed it with what you believe in. 

If you like sports or studying or music. Just channel it into this sector. 


When actually you have to use it? 


What i believe is. 

That before marriage we shouldn’t indulge in this act. 

I know the whole society tells the same thing. 

But i will tell you the reason. 


See. Marriages are made in heaven. 

You really can’t decide that who your life partner will be. 

It’s just you really can’t think of it. 

So if you indulge in this thing and then somehow get to know that you don’t love that person or you aren’t meant to be together. 


It means that you lost your virginity for the wrong person and wasted it at the very wrong time. 

Moreover i have also heard people saying that physical intimacy is required for love. 

I don’t think so. 

What about old people. 

Who have lost their desire. 

Are they still bounded by sex. 


Irrespective of it. 

Unconditional love is very patient. 

It is completely devoid of carnal pleasures. 


The sexual energy can be channeled into a very beautiful thing. 

So when you marry. 

You and your partner can decide to have children and raise them like heroes. 

So if you and your partner’s  intentions are of ego gratification and sensory pleasures. Then you can assume that your children will be byproducts of lust. 

But when you channel this energy for higher things like country, selflessness and truth then children will be products of unconditional love. (something I believe) 

Moreover you can also channel this energy for unconditional love to your partner for the person she is. 

So. Here i leave you to decide. 

That do you want to use this energy for turning all those girls who helped you, who supported you in tough times as objects. 


You wanna love them. 

And later partner with your wife to bring about a lot of collective good in the society and love her unconditionally for the person she is. 

It’s totally upto you which way you want to go

What you feed? 


I’m not going to talk about feeding you. 

Or any burger session is not going to take place.  (will do give you examples related to it:P) 

So what you feed is somewhat related to our mind. 

Feed as we all think as eating,  isn’t it. 

Yeah so the same goes what you eat with your mind. 

Certainly examples will make this post very clear. 


What examples should i give? 

Related to my life. Okay(i think you guys are those who haven’t met me and still know everything about me :P) 

So keeping the privacy issues behind and national development in front. 

I will certainly give you alot examples 😁😇


Well we all have heard about that famous quote. (if you haven’t here it is) 

-What you think. That you become. 

Simple enough.


Today these days with proliferation of internet. 

Things like social media which includes whatsapp, facebook and youtube have taken majority of our time. (don’t worry I’m not going to give you a ted talk on its harmful effects) 

Okay. Phew. 

Now. Some examples. 

First. Related to our ego and fears. 

You know everyone fears something. 

Means, things which I fear can mean nothing to you or vice versa. 

So first example. 

When I was in college. 

I feared that what will happen if i fail(exams) 

So. This was just a thought. 


What really happened? 

I was extremely attached to the notion of success and failure. 

It was like my whole life was dependent upon that exam (university exam) 

I was fearful. I was emotionally overwhelmed. My cognitive ability became nil. 

Now. Lets get to the root cause. 

You know when there is truth there is no fear. 

And fear generally derives its food from our wrong desires. 

So, what was my desire?? 

Were they wrong or right. 

Let’s see. 

So. Here i am. 

Wanting to score very good marks. Why marks? 

Umm. To show off maybe. To derive satisfaction or maybe you can say people will accept me if i have good marks. 


You can say. Maybe to derive my identity from them

(how stupid i was, I derived my identity from those two digits written in red pen thinking that they can weigh my qualities) 

So. The idea of success and failures has been ingrained in our minds so much that we feel that there is nothing beyond marks and nothing will be beyond it. 

Now. Lets come to my example. 

You know I used to study day and night when I was in class 8. (my parents told me to take a break, you know i didn’t cared of heat or cold) 

And people used to say that I work hard. 

I laughed at their ignorance even at that age. It’s just because I never considered studying “HARD WORK”. 

For me it was all natural. 

Then how come in college i changed. 


This is what I fed my mind. 

I fed it that marks means comfort. Marks mean acceptance. Marks mean good life partner. 

My mother used to say “Agar marks nhi ayenge toh acchi ladki nhi milegi.” 

I understand now why she said so. 

I was reading some newspaper and read matrimony section there. 

Advertisements there were making a mockery of true love. As if its some business deal is going on. 

Look here is an example. 

Name: ABC(Fair and handsome) 

Package:12 Lpa(for MBA) 

Job: IAS(for government service) 

Family:well respected and dignified family. (i dont think so) 

Now. See their condition. 

Only fair and beautiful IAS/IIM/IPS girl may apply. 

I thought for once. (i laughed at their ad) 

I just couldn’t digest this advertisement. 

Now. This is what society does. It will feed you with things which you won’t believe. But still when you remain so engrossed or constantly with them then you will become like that. 

But i have a simple idea that you can apply  and even in dirt you will be flawless (but it’s tough not impossible) 

I will give you that formula (:P). Later. 

So few more examples. 


 The crimes like Rape, Eve teasing or Molestation. 


With onset of Internet. 

There are some websites which show sex in utterly disgusting way. (more of a selfish pleasure) 

I will make you understand don’t worry. 


When we are engrossed in those websites. We believe that this is the only pleasure worth living for. 

I don’t know of girls(you know why) 

But i do know of boys (you still know why :P, because I’m a boy) 


When we see those images or movies. We feel like that this the only thing. 

You know. Tendency to feel attracted. Tendency to have sex these are very natural things like breathing or eating food. 

But what happens. When you aren’t hungry? 

Do you still eat food. No. 

But you may eat when depressed. (am i right :P) 


 when you don’t have to have children or dont feel any intimate connection(true love) for your partner then still why do you want to have it. (I’m talking  about everything related to sense pleasure) 

To feel relieved or has it become your habit. 

I don’t know you decide. 

Now. When you will constantly feed your mind with images, movies, words and then analyse and imagine. 

Then you will start believing that this is the only pleasure to live for. 

Isn’t it?? 

Do you know it’s harmful effects? 

What type of person you are becoming. 

When you will constantly analyse or imagine that thing. Then those images will certainly go in your real life. 

Then you will start imagining any girl with that pleasures only. 

And when pleasures aren’t satisfied. You know what happens. 

Destruction of society. 


You become a demon. 

You lose your power of discrimination between true love and lust. 

You desire someone’s body. 

Then Rape. Murder and Molestation become right things for you. 

Now I have talked about feeding through external things (like marks or bodies or sense pleasures) 

Here i will talk about internal feeding.(examples will be there don’t worry :P) 

Well internal feeding means. 

Things you imagine or things you keep on overthinking. 

Well in above examples also thinking and imagining were present but they derived there source from external things like marks and all. 

Here thinking and imagination will derive there source from thoughts. 

Have you guys planted a tree? 

I had. 

I had planted a tree of negativity in my mind. 

How i did this? 

You know. 

When I was in college. 

Some random thoughts kept on coming. Maybe they were from others insecurities or other’s desires or just any thought. 

So i kept on thinking them

And later i found that other’s insecurity have become mine also. 

Means one day i didn’t feared what he said. But later i started to fear like him. 


Thinking and imagining. 


What was that thought/word? 

“bhai Agar padhega nhi toh kuch nhi hoga”. 

Quite similar to first example.

 Isn’t it. 


So How feeding this thought made me cry? 

At presently. I left three job offers (i told you earlier) (not showing off :P) 

Just to do what I believe in, I believe I can really do well so that this country benefits. (Hope so) 


The sad part. 

Sometimes i too feel. 

That had I did the right thing of leaving those offers. 

When you don’t work and choose to study. The whole society thinks that you are inferior or mediocre. 

Those taunts from family and relatives become your every day news. 

Those comparisons with others become your constant conversation. 

When you see others. 

You start to feel vulnerable. Thoughts like below become your constant partner. 

What if you fail. What if you don’t get that. What if. 

You feel that it was better to get that temporary pleasure of job. 

But then, Had I taken that job. (it was foreign) 

I would have never got an opportunity to work for the place where I was born. 

The place which gave me everything from a great college to such a great heritage. 

The place where my people seems in pain. 

The place where my friends and family and even strangers helped me without getting anything in return. 


I didn’t thought anything.

I knew that I if i dont answer my call to serve. I knew I will never be happy. I knew that I won’t be that guy that I always wanted to be. 


I stopped feeding that demon of fear. 

I stopped thinking about it. 

I told that demon on his face. 

I don’t want your money. I don’t want any reputation. I don’t want any thing which you make me fearful of. 

And then that demon vanished. 

That demon arises. It can arise from anywhere. Whether it’s from your mind or your relatives mind or your friends mind. 

It’s then and then. 

You say no that demon. You make a wall so strong in your mind so that demon cannot enter it. 


Don’t worry I’m going to end this shortly (:P) 

As I have stated above that I choose my life’s calling. 

So here i want you that you choose a calling that’s inherent in you and which isn’t affected by other’s opinion and even your ego(most important) 

So it can be anything. 

From musician to artist. 

From civil servant to corporate manager. 

All work are equal. 

Even if i aspire to work for my country that doesn’t mean that someone who is a musician is inferior to me. 

It’s completely wrong to make such distinction. 

As everyone’s call is personal. 


Always. Always. 

Do check what you are thinking, seeing or talking. 

If you are constantly feeding all the wrong things then I’m sorry that you are on wrong path. 

And if you are constantly feeding what you believe in. 

I believe that you will be the person who you really are and one day we will certainly meet. 


This is upto you what you believe in. 

And at last its completely upto you that what you really feed in. 

It’s just. 

What you think. That you become. 

The Hero within. 

Last but not the least. 

You know guys there comes a stage in every one’s life where he has to answer his call. (life work) 

This is time when the guy/girl gets ready for the ultimate path. 

But the thing is material possessions can cloud our spirit so much that we are never able to answer this call. 

Well we can just get deluded in mere sensory gratifications, emotional support, ego boost or running after success. 

When we look around its just that we look for ourselves. 

That selfishness goes deep inside and becomes our second nature. 

That hatred becomes our source of judgement. 

Till now. 

I have written many blogs with many many examples. 

The blogs talked from materialistic beliefs to capability building and mental process. 

Frankly speaking our life is not much more than that. 

And a time really comes when we have to forgo our own comforts, desires and feelings for the cause we have to work upon. 

I really need to ask. 

What you really live for? 

What is that cause that can make you live beyond your own limitations? 

So now here i begin my post. 

The hero within. 

I know that every one cannot live for others that’s completely understandable. 

I know there are people for whom getting the basic necessities in life becomes troublesome. 

But about those guys who have enough of everything. 

Why they still want to acquire more of those things which they already have. 

Like for example if i have a mobile phone of Rs 15000 then why I want to buy a phone of Rs 50000. Why? 

Leave this question. It was just to remind you that these desires are unlimited and not worthy to pursue. 

From the very beginning i used to read books on heroes, then used to watch movies on them and how they used to save people, help others and love selflessly. 

I used to be very happy whenever the hero saved the girl or protected the poor. 

But, when I switch on my television. I want to switch it off. (but i cannot) 

I can’t turn it off. 

Whenever I watch news regarding women getting raped, acid attacked or son killing parents or leaving them. 

I feel very bad deep down. 

 Yesterday i was watching a video in which there was water contamination(arsenic) and people had got cancer. 

At that moment i understood the importance of water. 

I understood that how lucky i am that I have got the privilege of pure water. 

Then as I was reading some newspaper so it was written that how a woman who was stalked by some miscreants got justice as she was daughter of some high profile person. (not recent one) 

I felt then. 

What about those girls whose family isn’t high profile? 

Are we really creating a society in which respect, dignity and justice is only for the high profile people. 

What about the girls of that vegetable seller or that labour? 

Aren’t they entitled to justice. (sadly this happens) 

I will give you one example from my life. 

One day there was a labour working in my house. 

So there were two instances. 

One day as he was working on my terrace so he dropped some small pebbles down and cars where parked. Thankfully the pebbles didn’t hit the car. 

Later we told our neighbours to park the cars somewhere else. 

That guy said to my father. 

“sahab, agar uss gaadi par pathar lag jata toh mae toh barbad hojata, meri zindagi bhar ki kamai mae bhi gadi nhi aa pati” 

I was listening to him. 

Deep down it made me feel very sad. 

Then once again. 

He asked my father ” Saab, aap government mae kaam krte hae” 

My father said “Yes” 

Then he said” Saab, Hume bhi kahi lagwa do, bacho aur biwi ki zindagi sudhar jayegi ”

As I wasn’t present my father told me this. 

And I didn’t  said anything. 

I just felt those words. 

Moving on. 

 There has been alot of news regarding murder or rapes. 

I always thought that why i wasn’t present there, I could have stopped it. 

But, this is not the case.

Even i could have stopped one then there would be hundreds happening at other places. 

The idea i see of my country sometimes makes me sad. 

But. At the same time. 

I have seen many people doing things so beautifully that I can’t stop praising them.

Yes. There are men and women even children who do things selflessly. 

The boy who gives his seat to old man or woman. 

The soldier protecting our country even on siachien glaciers. 

Our prime minister(narendra Modi) working tirelessly to solve basic problems.(i know many won’t agree, but listen to his ideas they are very good if you understand them deeply).

Then teachers teaching poor children without any fee. 


Our ancestors (from freedom fighters to intellectuals to spiritual leaders) who gave us so much so that we can live freely and don’t have any problems 

To be frankly speaking. 

If swami vivekanada and his teachings would have not been there i could have been living in depression and in midst of all negativity. 

I feel that if people these people would have not been here how we could have really lived.

We could have been executed. We could be jailed. Our sisters or mothers could have lost their dignity. 

It’s just because of some great men and women who lived and gave everything they could so that everyone remains safe, peaceful and happy. 

They didn’t cared for their own comfort and life. 

It’s just they knew that if they would have also ran after things for their own satisfaction. 

Then the world would have certainly become a very bad place to live. 

I won’t take much time. 

And would end this to Let you think that what really matters to you? 

I really want you guys to think. 

It’s just that from here on. 

You have to decide which path you want to take. 

And the path only will decide the fate of this great nation and the principles that it stands on. 

Here’s a poem from Indian army. 

Which I hear very often. 

” I am son/daughter to two mothers one born me but the other my country she made me, she made me the man that I am. 

And everytime she calls I shall hear and I shall heal. 

For she sings for me in my hour of need ((country(India)  is singing for the boy or girl who wants to work for her(country-india))) 

___-” Tu hi sab kuch. Tu hi Jaan Meri. Tere hatho ke lakeeron mae taqadeer meri. Tu jo haare(fail) hae haar meri. Uthae saar bhi mera ho jeet teri.

Tu na chalega Akela kabhi ki sang chalegi meri dua(blessing). 

Tu na thakega(tired) kabhi ki takat(strength) tujhme hae lakho(lakh or million)ki. 

Tu chalta chal. Tu chalta chal. 

Tu badhta chal. Tu badhta chal. 

Tu ladta chal. Tu ladta chal. 

Tujhe janma(born) tha jis din maine ek sukoon sa tha seene(soul)mae mere ki mehfoos(protected)  hoo mae tere hatho mae. 

Tu na chalega Akela kabhi”

(I’m sorry for guys who can’t understand hindi as this song was in Hindi and I didn’t want to spoil it by translating it but i have provided English translation to some words which seem to be vague in Hinglish) 

This is where I leave you to decide. 

Unconditional Help. 

I think these days I’m writing too many blogs. 

What can i say? 

Am i aspiring to be a writer. 


So. Why? 

I have Increased number of posts. 

I think there are things which I need to share. I think there are experiences which you need to understand and then apply in your life. 

Guys. As I told you. 

That whatever or whoever you are. Please Learn.

I have faced a painful life. 

Like opposition in every sector be it health, career, relationships, and most importantly my own mind emotions. 

Even if you guys learn something from me without experiencing the pain.

 I will be satisfied. 

Satisfied that my blog posts are in the right direction. 

But. If you don’t think and don’t analyse yourself.

Then you will only face the consequences.

 After all its your life. 

So. Now the topic. 


A word which is very common. 

A word which every one needs. 

A word without which world cannot work. 

A word which everyone can give. 


Sadly these days. 

The world help has become mere a business. 

I will certainly give you examples (:P)

From the very beginning. (Today is friendship day, so few examples from the bond) 

I made friends. Large number of friends. The best thing is that I never had back – stabbers or competitors as friends. 

I had friends who were very very(you cannot imagine :P) naughty, who studied nil and who studied very well. 

It’s just my whole criteria of being friends with a person was that it was very natural means as that I got friends without thinking much (as of God’s grace) and just a connection. (whether boys or girls) 


Few lines. How these days friendships has been moulded into. 


I heard a girl. 

She said that I need to have friends who study well and get good marks. (Ms businesswoman) 


It’s just that she too wanted good marks. 


Someone said. 

I need to be his friend he had lot of contacts and if i become his friend then i will also excel(the boot licker) 

You see. 

The criteria. 

These are those people who are utterly selfish. (To be frank) 

They think friends as business partners. 

For them. 

Friendship is like memorandum of understanding. (MOU’s do google the term) 

Chanakya too said that No two people can be friends without any personal need. 

If he’s right. 

Then i have certainty proved him wrong. (i guarantee this) 


When I was a child when I came into my society. 

I was the new guy. 

I didnt know. What to do? 

Then i saw few boys playing. I asked could  i play, they said yes. 

And I played with them.

Then next day. They started shouting. 

“Siddharth siddharth” as I live on the top floor. 

So I went and we played alot. 

Days became months, Months became years and years became a decade. 

I think we guys had so much of understanding and bro-code that there wasn’t a single thought of jealousy, even a single word of ego wasn’t there. 

We never judged anyone for their marks. (these days you go to a college you will see group of students judging you by your marks) 

I had friend who even failed miserably. 

But those were the guys who scored 100/100 in purity of heart. 

And you might be thinking that i have got deviated from the topic? 

I haven’t. 

See friends do help. 

But the sole criteria of friendship shouldn’t be personal development or thinking of using him /her. (I’m not saying you become friends with robbers or anti – social elements). 

But let friendship be guided naturally and just from purity (heart) nothing else is required. 

I have seen people saying that make good friends. 

And I asked who all to make friends ? 

They said people who score well, people who are good lookin or people who have good network. 

I said. 

Great Mentality. 

I left that girl /boy that day only. 

Seriously. I have seen people who make startegy to win people or make friends (so much of struggle) 

I guarantee you if these are your friends then you don’t need enemies. 

If you have these friends then i guarantee you will invite so much negativity in your life. 

So the friendship topic ends here. 

Now going to another form. 

Have you heard words like poor and rich. 

Certainly you have. 

Now can you tell me the difference. 

What happens when a poor family or a rich family enters a shopping complex? 

Guys. You know I’m a very great observer (i read people :P) 


A woman in saree, boys in slippers and the man of the family also in slippers. Speaking in Hindi.

 Just seeing the items in the complex.  

Then there is another family. Man in shoes(nike), children speaking in english and their mother giving instructions only in english(there are some who genuinely talk in english, but there are some who just talk infront of others) 


The salesman. 

Whom do you think he will entertain or help to find their choice.? 

You yourself know the answer. 

It’s soul wrenching. 

Can you imagine the self confidence of the poor family who aren’t treated well. (how will that father of two children feel) 

Same is with different organisation be it private or government. 

I won’t go in deep. 

But it’s just that if you the capacity to pay or have influence then only you can expect help from others. 


One more example. 

The showy helpers. 

With the advent of social media. 

With the advent of recognition. 

We have interlinked help and recognition together (worst than not helping) 

These days you can see people helping or providing help so that they can get recognition from society. 

From NGO, government ministers, or even common man(I’m not saying everyone does this, but there are some who do this) 


If a guy gives girl a seat in metro or on bus. 

Do look at his intentions. (not only his actions) 

When you will see his action and intentions both then only you will understand that he did it out of morality or selfishness (maybe he want to impress you :P, be ready girls)


One more example. See this example is bit centered to me (somewhat ego centric :P) 

So don’t think that I’m good. Just think that I did the right thing

Now. Once i went to write an exam for a blind student. 

So when i was writing. 

Then one of the staff members came and gave me 100 rupees. 

I said “Ye kis baat ke liye” (what is this for) 

He said its given to everyone. 

I said ” iss kaam ke mae paise nhi leta” (i dont take money for this work) 

(i know im self boasting here, but don’t worry i will ridicule myself in the next example :P) 

So he said. It’s not for your service. It’s for your travel expenses paid by the government (this is when I took the money being satisfied by the reason) 

See guys can you relate?? 

Can you, the above example should click in your mind?? 

No. (okay)

This example is related with your work. See when you are doing something. 

How good it would be that we do work for the work itself. 

Like you are in government and you did someone’s work. So he came and gave you money (corruption). 

So what if you say? 

That mae iss kaam ke paise nhi leta. 

So in the above example i accepted the money just because it was my travel expense. 

How good it is that if you relate your facilities or salary just to satisfy your basis needs (In actual it is like that only, we should do our work without any gain. If the government or any organization is giving you salary or facilities think that its just for basic needs in reality it is like that) 


Today what happened. 

I gave my parking ticket to the person who handles the parking facility. 

So normally its 10 rupees for 6 hours. 

So he said that its Rs 20.

I said ” How come” 

He said night charge and its 9 pm. (he thought I’m stupid) 

I recited the whole government policy (then he understood that he was dealing with the wrong guy) 

So he finally said” bhaiya, aaj Sunday hae aur bikri kaam Hoi hae parchi ki toh aap 20 dedo”(today business was bad so give me 20 rupees) 

I said “No”(the guy was also not well off, but look at his actions) 

I gave him 10 rupees only and went off he said nothing. (see how I’m so selfish :P) 

Later i told him. It’s not about 10 rupees or 100

Its about what you do. (so if today I would have given him 20 rupees he would certainly got motivated to earn the money through wrong ways) 
So there are various dimensions to it. 

Everywhere help is present. 

Somewhere Someone is helping someone. 

But why he is helping. 

Is what matters the most. 

So guys do analyse your actions. 

Because I have just written about both of them. 

Now its upto you what help you give. 

I’m sorry that i don’t have trendy conclusion today. 

But i have something. 

It’s “Happy unconditional friendship day” 

(like a small kid)  

Beyond Limits. 

Hey. Guys.


These days we hear alot regarding comfort zone, limits and what not.


Every motivational quote search on google has always two quotes

One is that, go beyond your comfort zone and second one is break your limits.

These days every now and then these words our popping everywhere.


I would like to discuss them regarding my personal experience.

When I was in class 9 or 10.

My friend told me, “Zyada maat padh, dimak phat jayega”. (don’t study too much, your mind will blow up)


My father told mae ” itni exercise maat kar,  bimar hojayega” (don’t exercise too much, you will become ill)

Then my mother ” itna maat ambitious ban, pagal hojayega”. (don’t be over zealous, you will become mad)


One one of my adventure-cum-friend “bas bhai, ab rukk jaa (when I insisted to climb one more mountain)

Now. I don’t know.

Whether they are protecting me or limiting?

I think they are limiting me.

They were showing me my limits.

That human body cannot endure too much.

But, I firmly believe that we are capable beyond imagination.

I will give you examples from my life (please think. Yes you all. Do think and relate if they happen in your life or not)

I was into running, so I thought that let’s increase the course.


When I reached the end.

There was an automatic voice which popped in my head. See here.

“Don’t run more, you can’t.

” You are tired stop”

“Stop you fool, you will lose your breath ”

Then what happens.

I gave up.


One more example.

I studied for 3 hours continously one day so i thought to increase 1 more hour.

Then. Then the thoughts popped up. See again.

“Stop. You. Your mind is saturated”

“Take a break. You have done enough”

“please, stop. See go out. You have completed. You cannot study more”

Then again.

I gave up.

So days passed and I became irritated with my process, it’s because that I wasn’t able to grow.

Stagnation filled me.

Growth became zero.


After deep analysis.

I found that it is this voice or mental thought or these feelings only which have made me a prisoner.

A stagnant human being.

I became very angry with myself.

So now.

What happened next. (a hero borns :P)


After completion of the regular path of running when I tried to increase its course.


Here is what I did.

“hey dont do this. You can’t do this. Don’t run more”

Then i said. “Let it be”.

I ignored that thought and kept on running till I completed my new milestone.

Then in studies. (will help you alot)

“hey, stop. Mind has become saturated.”

” You won’t understand anything ”

” stop, you idiot ”

Then again.

I said ” I dont care”.

Again and again these thoughts came.

And again and again i ignored them(hey dont fight with them or entertain them)

Don’t entertain these limiting thoughts. Just live above them. (ignore them and do your work)


The knowledge (most important)

How i came to the conclusion that I can break my limits?

It’s because stagnation is death.

We die every day if we don’t grow.


It’s the one of the great qualities of your spirit.


Guys you are not your thoughts or feelings.

You are a hero/heroine who can do anything for your love(work) .

So find your passion and keep on breaking your limits (its not the conclusion :P)



In the society.

As I said that there are people who will not support you.

Even your parents can decrease your self confidence.

Even your friends or teachers.

And most importantly.

Your thinking can also make you a prisoner of these stupid thoughts.

It’s just you have to live above them.

We don’t fight our demons its just we live above them.(limiting thoughts)

Moreover have knowledge about yourself, believe that you are a hero/heroine associate yourself with those divine qualities and then you will certainly become free.

It’s not easy.

But The view is incredible when you will reach the top.

And how will you reach the top?

By practice. (practice of breaking your limits)

And secondly (but most important)

Knowledge of the hero within you.

If you start to believe in that hero and stop believing in that demon.

You will rise.

You will rise like a phoenix rises from its own ashes.


Finally. (ending quote :P)

From captain america civil war.

This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — “No, YOU move.

Image credit – Furiosa from Mad Max fury road (she nearly died while saving people and those blood spots on her face are her medals)


Hey guys. 

I know what you all might be thinking. (last post) 

I think we should cut the drama. 

Well yesterday I analyzed that what would happen if i stop writing and found that I was running from my responsibility that is to help you guys. 


Here i am. Being criticised again for my cheap publicity stunt. (:P) 

So lets start. 

Without wasting time in useless justifications. 

Today would be a long one. (not in length but understanding) 

Today i will give you access to all pages of my life. 

Yup. Disclosing my whole private life for public welfare (what a sacrifice :P) 

Please. Don’t judge. Just learn. So that you don’t have to experience that agony or pain. 

If you follow or even think about my experiences. 

I believe you will save yourself from alot of pain(both physical and mental) 

Well there is a saying. 

The person who learns from other’s experiences is great. 

The person who learns from his experiences is good. 

And the person who doesn’t learn is the worst. 

So. It’s upto you. What you want to be. 


Here i will divide my life into different areas. 

That are. 

Knowledge and Thinking process.  

Sexual matters. 

Career.  (passion or your work) 

So first of all. 

Hey. I won’t make it like some history book. 

It will be interesting. I hope :P. 

So. I will begin after my experience which I shared in The first lesson. It’s a great post but though I have written so many posts so usually that post end up in low popularity as it was the first one. 

And I know some guys and girls. 

They are very clever. They just like the posts and don’t read it. (i know why they do so :P) 



September 2013.

Delhi College of engineering. (My college) 

So here i am in second year of college. 

Got a hostel. (boy’s :P) 

Alloted a room with a senior. (Wow. Now what will i talk with him) 

Added ingredient he was an introvert. (boredom building up) 


My hostel had mess. The only thing which comforted me was the proximity of my room from the kingdom of food(mess) 

Usually my friends used to hate that food. 

But i think i was a different piece and this quality got noticed even by the mess wale bhaiya. (i will tell you why :P) 

So. Initially. The hostel was great. Bed. No drama. Just sleep. Study. Eat and sleep. 

I thought this would be perfect. 

I thought I will study alot. (i told you I’m a different piece :P) 

Now. Days passed. 

I used to eat my Lunch, breakfast and dinner all alone. 

Just because all classmates were in different hostels and already had groups. 

Moreover I didn’t try to get into their group as they were into lot of unhealthy addictions (smoke and that green stuff) 

I was very health concious so I understood the implications. 


My tryst with mess facility. (this is it :P) 


In the morning something which made me happy was Mess food. 

I used to eat 3 bhature chole, 5 pieces of pav bhaji and 3-4 paranthas (these are on separate days :P) 

So. Whenever they gave me food they always gave me a gloomy face because they knew that they are dealing with the wrong guy. 

The guy who can change there profits into loss. (As mess food was unlimited) 

One fine day. The mess incharge told me on face “Bhaiya Aur nhi hae”. 

I was like. Okay. Then i thought that I need to eat less. (not because they said so, because morning lectures would become a nap) 

Now. The serious part. 

Everything was going fine. 

One fine day. 

A thought entered into my mind ” What if you fail” 

I said what. 

The mind again said. 

“What if you fail”. 

I was like. Terrified. 

It’s because that would become an end to me. 

From very beginning i was very ambitious. 

Like to excel in everything and be the best in world was something I aspired for. 

So. You can understand that how i would have felt. 


Days started to feel like weeks. 

I was terrified. Emotions were making me anxious. 

I started to vomit blood (not much) due to burning of my oesophagus due to acid of stomach coming upwards.(Anxiety) 


Moreover. Loneliness added fuel as there was no one to talk to. 

I remember i used to go out of my room and cry. 

Just went somewhere and used to cry until i couldn’t feel anything and then come back and sleep. 

This happened for months. 

It’s just. I gained some ground. 

Now exams came. 

I was fearful. I couldn’t study just because of such emotions and over reactive mind. 

So i went home. 

I told my parents that I was ill (how could I tell them that I was mentally ill. So I lied) 

I remember there was one exam which I feared because I got very low marks 2/20.

And. There were rumours that no one is able to clear back (failed) exams in that paper 

So. I was like. 

What will happen to my future if i fail? 

I won’t be any good. 

I won’t be respected. 

Society will spit on me

I will be a nobody. 

This was my condition. 

With this condition i gave my exams. 

The thoughts and feelings disturbed me so much that i went to give exams without any sleep in night because I couldn’t sleep. 

(thanks to my father that he used to drop me at the metro station, as my condition wasn’t good ) 


Results came. I passed. 63%. Passed in all subjects and that dreaded subject too. 

So. I was okay. Now fears started to subsidise.


Another part of my life. (Interesting one) 

So at that time. I used to think about Marriage and love and all. I don’t know why it entered my mind. 

But. If it entered. My mind has a very great job to do. Yes to investigate. 

I was not comfortable with the idea of sex and marriage which society taught. 

I was from the very beginning. 

Knew one truth. That my only girlfriend would be my wife. 

That’s why I have never been in relationships 

It’s just. I never met any great girl. 


With investigation and some book reading. 

I arrived that marriage and sex are very pious things they aren’t to be degraded mere as some deal or pleasure. 

I knew that sexual energy is the only energy which can bring life. 

I dont think anything else can do that. 

So i was. 


Now i knew that if I would ever indulge in sex it would be only for unconditional love to that girl( as its deepest love) and ofcourse for proceration. 

Not for pleasure. 
So. I believed in it 

Now. At that time. 

I don’t know why. 

I was obsessed with the idea that my wife should be patriotic and great. 

So. I don’t know. 

But you will certainly see its outcome. 

As I was involved in an NGO. 

So i used to teach orphan kids somewhere during my winter vacations. 

There I met a girl. 

I was like. 


Then somehow. 

We both ended up in same team. 

Now. We both taught the kids. 

Our companionship was great. She had great ideas. 

So. My mind said. 

She’s the one. 

And I believed it. 

But as days passed and when talked i got to know she also likes me. 

But as we talked. 

There was a shift in her ways. 

Like. She wasn’t the person that I believed. 

Means when I acquired knowledge that she isn’t the right person. 

Then i got detached from her. 

Later. I thought that I’m doing wrong by talking to her. I might hurt her feelings. 

One day she said. 

I love you. 

I was very afraid. 

Because I didn’t. I told her not to indulge in such things. Then she got hurt. 

And she didn’t talked. 

I was very guilty. I was terrified. 

From the very beginning. I used to feel terrible even if i killed an ant by mistake. 

So you can understand How i would have felt. 

So after days. I called her. She said she was okay. 

I was also. But, something bad happened due to all this guilt and thoughts i got attached to her unintentionally. 

Moreover because of loneliness. I got more attached. I started to think of her day and day out. 

That ambitious child became a prisoner. 


There was knowledge that she’s isn’t the right person and moreover there were feelings and emotions. 

So my feelings overpowered my knowledge. 

Now. I started to find my happiness in her. 

And did all stupid things. 

But as my knowledge increased and when i started to feel pain of such attachment. 

I was relieved. I started to find my happiness in something else. 

I didn’t leave the friendship side. 

You know guys these days. When someone rejects our proposal or we reject there’s we think we are superior. 

That should not be the mode of rejection. 

It’s wrong. 

So i never rejected her. 

But. I became her friend. She helped me alot of times. 

But I still know. 

That we can be friends only. 

Just because I know her better than she know herself. 

It’s just we have different perspective towards life. (nothing else) 

Now. The most important segment. 

Career. (Passion) 

This is something I never shared with you all. 

It will certainly help you all. 

In determining what career you really need to pursue. 

Well my both parents are in Government service. 

And my surrounding family members are also in Government service mainly Navy, airforce and army. 

It was like whenever i used visit my relatives.. I always found that they were in defence forces. 

So defence mess, parties they all were common. 

Moreover I looked at them with great respect. 

So i decided that I will join the defence forces. 

I cleared my written exam. (NDA) 

Then i thought i was in. 

Means i thought i was the only one. 

I daydramed myself in uniform. 

I wore that army hat, wore that navy beret and behaved like an officer. 

But. In all this I think my ego and dreams overshadowed the main purpose of the job that’s to save the country from foreign aggression. 

So i went for the interview. 

And I was eliminated in the first round. 

Just because my ego to clear exam led me to shortcut to success. 

So as I was also coached wrongly by the coaching institute. 

So i believed in whatever they told me. 

I thought they were saying the right thing and this might get me selected. 

So i wrote what they said instead of the person who I was in psychological testing so the result. 


Everyone was surprised. 

That how come a boy from a family whose every male member was in defence forces couldn’t get selected. 

I felt humiliated. 

So I took up engineering another societal pressure. Well army was for my ego but engineering was for my family. 

There in enginnering colleges i found people running after packages and private jobs. 

I was the one. Who looked at their face and said i don’t need one. 

Now. My love for truth and country started to rise. 

And it was purely unconditional. 

It was purely based on my views. 

Whenever i thought that I could bring smile on people’s face. I was happy. 

Whenever I saw movies (mostly English 😛 and some Bollywood movies which were praiseworthy) where superheroes saved a girl or saved people. I knew this is what I want to be. 


When I found myself. 

I knew that its unconditional love for some cause or work which in actual is your calling. 

So i answered that call. 

I know that call is great. 

I know that that’s something which is permanent. 

I know this is who I am. 

With this i gained an insight. Which is the only insight which you need to remember and learn from my experiences. 

You see all those things from which I gained because of pain were. 

What they were? 

Girl. Success in career. Ego. 

Are these things permanent? 

No. What is? 

See I’m not saying you stop achieving anything or become a monk. 

What i want to convey is that don’t think of temporary things. 

The things I have written are temporary. Desire to satisfy your ego. Desire to have sex. Desire to earn money. Desire to achieve something. Desire to own something. 

Well these desires need to be dropped. 

Dont suppress them.

They are necessary. Don’t make them your enemy. 

But channel them to a higher purpose which you believe in. 

If you believe in unconditional love, selflessness, purity, service to the country and truth. 

Then yes. 

Channel your desire for sex to love for country by bringing great children or by loving your wife for the person she is. 

Then channel your physical health to save people, so that no one can use physical force for injustice and cruelty. 

Channel your desire to succeed for country and other’s benefit. 

You will never be sad if you do this. 

Moreover. Believe in these. Think of these make them a force so strong that no one resist. (Read the image in my blog its encouraging) 

It’s because these things are permanent. These will stay ever and ever. 

Even when you die. 

No one will say he was IAS, Minister or intellectual. 

But they will certainly say. 

That he was a good human being and improved our lives. 

And this is all i want in life from now. 

The last lesson. 


Don’t cry. Please. I’m not going forever just few years. (maybe 2)


At the end. 

I would give you a last bit of experience which I have (already given you all everything :P) 

You know I always had a choice to live a life without any ambition without any relationships without any thinking or without any activity. 

But i didn’t choose that monk life to be peaceful. 

I always wanted to be the person who I am and it took me 23 years to find myself. 

It’s just I have found myself. 

Now the task is even tougher. It’s to photocopy that person into my mind which is a storehouse of past desires, emotions and thoughts. 

And I believe this path is same for everyone whether a girl or boy, Indian or foreigner. 

At the end we are all the same. 

I have written till now around 21 blogs and friends i have never planned them its just that i opened the wordpress app and started writing. 

Even now I’m doing the same. (this is confidence :P) 


Today i dont have any topic to write. 

But still. 

I will still write hoping that you all may gain some knowledge and you don’t do the same mistakes. I know you will still do but then you will understand and then take my blog seriously 😛 


The main thing. 

O my friend you are not that car. 

O my friend you are not that beautiful face. 

O my friend you are not that job. 

O my friend neither you are that money. 

My friend you are phenomenal being. 

You are here to be at peace and love the world not to hate it. 

My friend you are not your thoughts and emotions but you are certainly the knowledge of your soul. 

The day will come when you will realize that the society which teaches us everything doesn’t mean that it teaches us all the right things. 

At the end it’s only you and your experiences which are real and permanent. 

There is no use of that house or car or that bank balance if you are not happy. 

There is no use of living that life which you don’t want to live. 

But. I know 

There is a life which you believe. 

There is a life. 

Which someone really wants you to live. 

And that’s your spirit. 

Live a life according to that. 

I know its tough and I also fail but i dont leave that life. 

Because at the end it’s the only life that i believe in. 

(slow clapping) 😛

Well friends this is where I leave. 

And frankly speaking if you require any help there’s a contact section do use that. 

Good luck 🙂 


Hey guys. 

Yeah. Not a good topic. I know that it sounds bit depressing. 

But please bear with it. 

It will help.

I promise this will be a small blog post. 

 You know today I had some desire to do something like go for a walk. 

So when i was walking. 

I found lot many not following traffic rules, many looking at girls in a wrong way,then some talking in foul language, then there were many who were spitting on roads and throwing garbage. 

Like for me these are things which I hate. 

Means if someone does these i hate them

Then i looked inside myself and noticed the feelings and thoughts, they were quite bad or you can say impure. 

Yes. I think this is a complex situation. 

Like  indeed the above stated activities are bad but how come hatred isn’t helping us. 

Means if something is wrong and if we hate it then how come we are getting affected by it and feeling miserable. 

Shouldn’t we feel good about it that we are hating wrong things? 

Yes or no. I want an answer guys. 


Few more examples. 

I have seen many girls getting creepy messages from men whose libido has gone into their minds. 

Then i have seen girls using boys as there slaves for recharge, assignments and spending money. 

Then i have seen many parents forcing their children to do things to which don’t wanna do. 

So yeah its very easy to hate and its very easy to get attached. 

Now. The analysis part. 


Okay. Few years back. If you would have met me. I could have been a lot different. 

I was not a good boy. 

I was a typical bad boy. (not that bad :P) 

But. Situations and knowledge changed me. 

There were things which I believed in. They changed me. 

So what does this has to do with it? 

Yes. Now. 

If only knowledge and training are things which changed me. Then these two things are also same for everybody. 

Then why I’m hating those people. 

They are just ignorant. They are living a life in the sense form. It’s okay everyone isn’t perfect. 

I’m not supporting these type of people. 

But what I’m saying is that. 

Today we might be ignorant. Tomorrow we can be enlightened. 

Same is with them. 


Now the scientific part 

See when we start to hate something or someone. 

We create trouble in our heads. 

I will give you an example. 

There was one group discussion in which every one was given a topic to speak on bit of extempore like. 

Well there was a girl she was given a topic –  Internet – advantages and disadvantages.  

So she said that these days boys see lots of wrong stuff on phone because of internet and they are bad. This was first point in disadvantages. 

I was like. 

How is this related to topic? 

Means she was a girl. Then how come she’s indulging in boy’s life. 

I at that particular moment analysed that she had some baggage in her mind regarding Porn and boys. 

Maybe she hated that. 

Yes its okay she doesn’t like it. Indeed a good thing. But deep down it was hurting her, I sensed it from her voice. 

So this happens when you hate something. 

Now another example. 

When I was in first year. 

I had a friend and her best friend was a girl. 

Means i was also her friend but other girl was a better one. 

But. One day as we both were travelling in metro. 

She asked ” What do you think of that girl” ? 

I said” she’s a good person ”

OMG. Then after this she went on speaking so much bad things about her. That I felt like” How this can happen “. 

I was like so much of hatred or jealousy. 

Even we talked on phone. She would say very bad things about the girl. 

But in reality the other girl wasn’t like that. She was a nice person whenever i talked to her. 

Then i understood that demon of hatred or jealousy has got into her. 

See. I will explain this. 

Whenever we hate something or try to avoid something we start thinking about it. This thinking leads to emotional build up due to our ego and desires. 

Then because of this thinking and emotional build up. We take wrong decisions regarding those things. 

It’s just because of overthinking and negativity we create ourselves a passage to evil. 

For example. 

 If there’s is some muddy patch on a road. 

Will you jump on it and say that this is dirty? 


Will you jump over it? 

Same is with hatred. If you don’t like something just don’t think about it and get yourself dirty(by thinking),  just jump over it (ignore it and do what you believe or you love to do) 

Do Read my post on Thinking and attachment. 

It’s because attachment and hatred our two sides of the same coin. 

Now what to do. 

Complex situation to be in again 

Now. If someone throws garbage in metro. 

Tell them politely that its not the place to do so. 

If someone sends you creepy message then don’t hate that boy just block him. 

It’s because if you start to hate him, indeed this memory will go into every other relationship. Then you will doubt those men also who are not like that. 

Then don’t hate that girl who is using you. Just break up. Move on. One day she may improve or maybe not. But what matters is that you did the right thing. 

Then don’t hate every politician or police officer there are many who are doing a great job. 

Then don’t hate your habits. Just change them. Don’t think much about them. Just change to better ones. 

Most importantly don’t hate anyone. It’s because you will start to be in a great trauma or struggle. 

So at last. I would like to quote a very beautiful dialogue from wonder woman (she’s my favourite superhero :P)movie (blushing :P) 

Yeah where was I. ( still blushing :P) 

” I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their minds. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves – something no hero will ever defeat. I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. For ever.” 

At the end. 

Only love can drive hatred out. 

Not hatred to hatred. 

A life less ordinary. 

Hey guys. 

I know you all might be thinking that how come this guy is talking about his webpage address? (Poor question though :P) 

What he is upto? 

Something related to internet or has he gone mad. 


 So friends today i would like to talk about lot of things. 

Mainly about means and the work you want to do in life. 

Your life in particular. 

In simple words, Your passion. 

You know I will tell you something about an experience i had in life (don’t share with anyone=Chutzpah level infinite :P) 

So please read it with great attention.I have no purpose to write blogs other than that people read it and analyse it. 

So here it goes. 

I was in Class 8. My mom went out of station and my father usually comes late in the evening so i was all alone. 

Most importantly. I had exam next day. 

But as usual i was tension free. I never had any intention of coming first or passing exam or any lust for success. 

So. Still i studied that day for around 8-9 hours without any pain. 

I didn’t know that it could be a big thing. It wasn’t for me. It’s just I was doing what I liked doing. No pressure from inside or outside. 

Then. In the evening my father came. 

So in a conversation. 

He told my mother that “Siddharth has gone mad, he is not leaving his books”. 

I ignored him and went on doing what I did. 

Then at that age. I used to play so much that my mother use to come down and take me home at 9 pm.(i was at my best :p) 

During whole my life upto now. I have done lot of things from paragliding to rafting to trekking to rappeling and finally lots of sports. (hey, I’m not boasting :P) 

So. Yeah. 

Why I’m showing off all my hobbies or interests? 

Okay. So this is the topic. 

Now. I entered college. 

A complete shutdown.

 Learning deteriorated due to rote learning culture and the lust of getting marks prevailed. 

Physical fitness deteriorated due to my lust for junk food and laziness. 

Character degraded due to attachment to temporary pleasures. 

In midst of all this. 

I was very disturbed. 

I was confused that what I was doing. 

Now. When I used to study i found that I was studying for marks. 

When I slept for more hours or ate junk food i knew i was eating for the pleasure of taste. 

When I flirted with girls and wasted time without any purpose i knew i was making myself a very stupid person. 

With time pain grew. With time guilt grew. 

I looked at myself one day. 

I asked is this Who i am? 

Is this the person I want to become? 

Is this the person who would stay determined on truth everytime? 

Is this the person India needs? 

My conscience and mind were in a conversation. 


 I gathered myself. I was determined that I will become the person that I want to be. 

But due to my past habits and emotional baggage i was uncomfortable at first. 

But. I knew. 

That only person can help me. 

And the person is “ME” 

I remember i studied day and day out regarding everything. 

From. Self help books to constantly analysing my habits. 

How to overcome fears? 

How to be physically fit? 

How to increase concentration? 

How to increase stamina? 

How to overcome desires? 

How to improve? 

What to eat? 

What not to eat? 

How to face emotions? 

This was my google search history for entire day and most importantly every day. 

Then as time passed. 

I started to read bhagvad Gita, vedanta, swami vivekanada books, eckhart tolle, gentleman etiquettes and various other articles. 

Most importantly. 

I analysed myself. I started to think that what are those things which makes me happy (not temporary but permanent) 

I gathered lot of things. 

And I came on the fact. 

Studying. Physical fitness. Conscience awakening (eternal knowledge) were the things which I wanted to pursue. 

But here is a catch. 

These things should not be made a means to get something temporary because you will make a mockery out of yourself. 


It’s just you will be under constant influence of struggle Mindset. 

So please Develop a Higher taste. 

Now. The understanding part. Why I gave this example. 

How many you of know people like Virat kohli, cristiano ronaldo, Albert Einstein, sachin tendulkar, Newton, nikola tesla? 

Did you Think what  they are doing or did? 

Just because for the pleasure of fame. Girls talking to them or salary. 

Could they have reached such a height of human excellence if they would have bounded by physical relationships (I’m not against marriage 😛 or love) or money? 

Nope. It’s just they loved doing what they did. 

So i would like ask you a question? 

Do you want to be mediocre all your life? 

With poor concentration. With degraded character. With poor health 

Do you want to live a life where you work for just to earn some salary ? 

Do you want your life to end in mere struggle for your own attachment ? 

Do you want to live a life where you tell your children that money and fame are the only thing to aspire for. 


Do you want to solve problems lighting quick? 

Do you want to love your partner unconditionally? 

Do you want to take your children and wife on Treks so that they learn form nature and instill courage in them? 

Do you want to see yourself at the peak of your physical fitness? 

Do you want to do what is right even it’s difficult? 
I have stated many questions. 

I want you to think. 

Is this the life i want to live. 
If yes. Then whether you are 80 year old or 20 year old. 

It doesn’t matter. 

It’s just find out who you are. 

How will you do this? 

See. First is my blog where you will get firsthand information ( this is how marketing is done :P) 

I’m sorry for random humour. 

So yes. 

How will you do it? 

Constant analysis. Constant knowledge. Constant actions. 

These are the most important things. 

Constant analysis is the analysis of yourself. 

For example. Whenever you act, think that was this something I did for temporary satisfaction or for love. 

Keep on analysing. Keep on thinking. Keep on reading. Keep on improving. 

This is how transformation is done. 

Read self help books. Exercise. Eat good food. Develop your character. Help others. 

Think what will make you happy  even there’s nothing you will get in return. 

This is the only way you can change. 

This is the only way that you won’t be that average guy. 

That’s how Change happens. 

That’s how complete Metamorphosis of the human being happens. 

This is how you live a life less ordinary. 

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