Quantum Love.

You know I like to connect things.

Like connecting psychology with physics.

Geography with history.

Economics with politics.


Today I’ve connected two really different things and that’s Quantum physics and Love.

Now, a tip for you all.

I will make this writing look like a conversation and I will ask a lot of questions to you.

If you like, do answer them.

I would like to hear your viewpoints.

Now, coming to the topic.

So, how come I came up to this idea?

Well someday I was doing morphological Analysis, which means breaking things into small components and then analysing them and connecting each other.

So, an idea came, it was.

If humans are comprised of particles then are we attracted to each other like moon and earth are?

Then I started to research and found something really useful to study.

That was Quantum Entanglement.
Certainly an image will make it clear.

So I found a definition, it’s by shasha azri.

In layman’s terms I would say it quantum entanglement means particles that interact with each other becomes permanently correlated, they are dependent on each other in terms of properties and what states they are in. For example two electrons that are produced together are separated by a large distance, their behaviour still affects each other (nonlocality) so if one moves up the other will move down. They lose their sense of individuality and are permanently entangled to each other.

So, if someone is made for you and you’re made for him/her.

Then whether you’re in Antarctica or Maybe Africa.

You’ll be attracted and entangled to him.

That’s really fabulous idea isn’t it?

Do you believe in such idea?

I ask you.

Do you?

If you don’t.

Then I would like to ask what’s the composition of human body.

It’s made up of six elements namely fire, water, sand, air etc.

Your bones have calcium.

So, don’t you think you’re no different than what our planets, asteroids or even what moon are made up of.

It’s upto you to think.


I also believe in Astral Love.

Well, now you would relate.

Doctor Strange.

How about the movie!

Did you see it?

Astral projection was done in that.

So, what really is Astral projection?

In astral projection you dream consciously kind of lucid dreaming and then your astral body gets separated from your physical body.

Again images will explain better.

So, how about including love in this.

Then it will look like this.

I know that these ideas seem to be impossible and awkward to you.

But, these are ideas.

Maybe these can be true too.

Now let’s come again to some Quantum Physics.

I think a poem will justify my thoughts.

Some attractive force is there

Don’t know what it is.

Something my mind can’t perceive and intellect can’t reason, but I think it’s there.

I dont know how to believe in it.

But, I feel drawn towards it.

The Universe does plays games, today we meet and then for years we get separated and again we meet.

Feels like attractive force is always working, trying to bring me and you back.

I don’t know.

If I can enter your body and you can enter mine.

But. Feels like.

We don’t need to.

Because our souls have entered each other and has produced that quantum entanglement forever.


Whether you leave, fly to a different planet or even die.

I know that we always will be attracted to each other.

Even if those other particles(other people) don’t let us live together

We will stay in touch with one another and that too forever.

Well. That was a masterpiece isn’t it? 😂😂

Coming to another idea.

Nuclear Fusion.

So you saw what it means?

Don’t you think Physical / Sexual Intimacy is like that?

Where male and female bodies align and get fused with each other and then suddenly huge amount of energy is released.

And what’s that energy?

Well that’s a small boy or girl.

Born to you both.

And also the energy which is releases is higher intimacy between you and your partner.

Again an image will show how the fusion of energies occur.

Do you see that circle?

Connecting each other.

Then that’s the real fusion.


= Child + Higher Connection.


That’s alot of science, philosophy and love.


That’s what I like.

I really to play with ideas.

But, most importantly.

Ideas are individuals perspective and also his beliefs.

A man or woman makes his own ideas and when he or she dies ideas still remain and so the memory of that man who created them.

lastly, do you belive in my ideas.

Or if I rephrase it.

Do you believe in such ideas?

If you do.

Then I also believe in you.


I know what I’ve written doesn’t have any coherence or literary work, but these are ideas which I was playing with.

Image credits : Google Images.

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Moreover, wordpress has poor Google outreach.

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So, how’s gonna someone who wants to read something see my posts.

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Moreover the questions asked are practical and exact.

So, better.

Here’s an answer I’ve written.

Siddharth Bhati, studied at Delhi Technological University

Well let’s define this according to Google: overthink

Dictionary result for

overthink verb

gerund or present participle: overthinking

  1. think about (something) too much or for too long

That’s what I got when I saw it on google.

To Think.

You have made the Universe’s greatest gift to humanity a negative thing, Isn’t?

What if I tell you that if you’re thinking it means that you certainly are human.

Animals don’t think.

Humans do.

And, yes your problem is everyone’s problem.


But, Why it becomes a problem?

Why our thinking goes against us and traps us in a pit of sorrow and uncertainty.

Have you pondered over these questions?

Let me tell you something about my personal experiences.

When in college hostel I was a bit alone, So my mind used to wander in all negative directions.

Thoughts like:




WHAT IF YOU’RE NOT ABLE TO CLEAR YOUR MACHINES(subject in electrical engineering) EXAM

To be honest.

I couldn’t sleep.

I had anxiety all over me,

I used to vomit in the morning because of so much HCL that was produced in the night because of this OVERTHINKING.

Now, What I realised over these years and battling tons of Thoughts.

I figured out that Thoughts and Thinking our separate things

YES. They’re different entities.

Let’s take an example

Consider a thought comes to you it says,

What if you fail?

Now at this moment, this is a thought.

Let’s make t=0 (means that time elapsed is zero seconds after thought originated)

But now if you indulge in this thought it will become your thinking?

So, Consider t=5sec

Now some time has passed and your thought is going to become your thinking.

How does that happen?

Simple answer: ATTENTION

You gave that thought ATTENTION.



By giving it importance in your mind.

From t=0 to t=4.9 sec

You had the choice to eliminate this thought, but you thought about it you kept on thinking about it and you started developing all possibilities ,you analyzing what will happen in your future if you fail, who will leave you,who will stay with you and then you would connect this failure with other’s success and you will get more anxious and insecure.

And, Then this thought and thinking keep revolving in your mind for hours, days and weeks, you will ask a question.

HOW TO GET RID OF OVERTHINKING? (Yes this question on Quora)

And after months of thinking this thought.

I have a picture.

This You’ll be.



You’ll keep thinking the same thoughts again and again.

How to come out of this?



Just because thoughts keep coming in our minds.

They’ll never stop.

And if you give attention to each and every thought then you’re creating a pit for yourself.

Let your mind speak thoughts.

But you’re the THINKER.







The Man here is observing is mind.

His mind is chattering and releasing Thousands of Thoughts, but the man is unmoved because he knows that


Once you will accept this truth.

Whatever Thoughts may come you won’t get affected by them and they won’t make you restless.

The only thing you’ve to do is.

AGAIN, I will say

Observe them. Be a Witness. Concentrate on your work. (Keep on Repeating this )

Picture credits:

Effective actions Egoless minds(ARK SARMA)

Google Images

Other Perspectives(Facebook Page)

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Here I am again

Well. Don’t worry I’ll write blogs, but not on WordPress.

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But, not anymore on WordPress.

So, guys. If you are on any of these platforms.

Visit me, even if you read my posts there it’s enough.

I don’t care about the number of followers.

But, I do care about my outreach.

Good luck.

Take care 😉.


Let me do more marketing. 😂😂😅

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Skipping the Experience.

Everyone says that experience makes you wise.

I found it to be quite true.

Indeed experience makes us wise.


Then few days back I had an idea.

Which came out of the blue.

It was like.

If you keep experiencing things and then become wise.

Then it would take hundred of years.

Why don’t you skip the experience and still learn.

I wasn’t able to understand what my mind was saying.

But, it was a good idea.

Then I started to think.

How to skip experiences and become wise.

For example.

I had many relationships but every time I was felt misunderstood and unconnected (yes that’s what my last post was 😅)

Moreover with respect to career also I took few bad decisions and then learned.


If I look back at these experiences then the common thing in them was that I always learnt after experiencing failures or maybe heartbreaks.

I never understood before them.

Well, now the problem is that I’m a mortal human being.

I don’t have that time to experience everything and then fall on right track.

This may take years maybe two or three lifetimes.

Then what should I do.

How to make mind understand things without experiencing?

Isn’t this a valid question.

Anyways leave me.

Think about yourself.

Didn’t you face failures, heartbreaks, illness and then realised what’s wrong for you.


What about that situation where you can assess everything and don’t have to face all this drama and still make brilliant decisions.

Well. The solution to this one is bit complicated and unorthodox.

Experience taught us how to light fire, how to hunt animals and how to make tools.

The trial and error method.

But, now our minds are developed we have evolved from that early man age.

Yes, animals do use trial and error method.

But, that’s why we’re humans we are more evolved animals.

Now, the solution.

Which I feel is a better way to apply.

I think the most important thing is to know ourselves and everything which is in us.

Like our mind and body.

I’ve read countless books on psychology and philosophy.

That’s why I assume that I follow those teachings really well.

If we know our minds and bodies.

If we know our desires and passions.

Then only we can overcome them

So, these will only come from thinking, observing and questioning your own mind.

If you know yourself then you’ve won the half battle.

I’ll give you an example.

Well. I don’t eat outside food that much but whenever I do, I get sick.

That’s my body.

I know about it.

So, today I was going through a street and there was delicious food being made.

And, most of the students were eating.

At that moment my passions did rise.

But, then I got reminded that this is outside food.

And I learned that outside food isn’t good for my body.

So, instead of experiencing that sickness I still made a rational choice just because I knew about my body.

Now, if we come to our work.

Then we should also know that what we’re good at.

If we don’t know this.

Then alot of bad experiences can waste our considerable time and energy.

So, to avoid it.

Know your talent.

And then try to make that talent your profession with lot of obsession towards it.

That’s the best way to achieve greatness in short amount of time.

And the second thing which comes is to know your enviornment.

So, wherever you go do some research.

If its a monument or for a date.

I used to always research and plan bit in mind wherever I used to go.

But, yes sometimes everything doesn’t go according to plan(because people would be late or change their minds😂) but you can still improvise rationally.

If you know whom you’re meeting, if you know what type of person they are by observing their habits and gestures then you can make a choice whether to stay with that person or not, instead of talking so much with him or her and wasting your time and then releasing that he/she was an absolute jerk.

That’s why I meet people in person.

I get to know them better.


Obviously I don’t like chatting on the phone. 😅

So, If I sum up this article.

Then I would say.

Rational Thinking.

Knowledge of yourself.

Knowledge of enviornment.

These three things are which can save your time, energy, money and most importantly your life from all the drama that experience through experiences.

I know our minds will revolt.

It would say that you’vent experienced things then how can you change.

First experience then make a decision.

But, be aware of this fallacy.

There’s a wise saying that to experience death, you don’t have to die, you learn from your world.

The same thing I would say.

To make good choices you don’t have to experience unpleasant situations, failures and heartbreaks, you learn from yourself and your enviornment.

Image credits : Google images.


Well, maybe this is bit more than a self help or something else.

It’s personal dialogue.

I’ve had countless relationships.

Many Many friends been with me.

I tried to forge relationships thinking someone would click, someone would think like I think.

I just hope this poem depicts its true possible thoughts which I have now.

It’s an Extempore type thing.

I had dinners and lunches with you

But, my appetite for intimacy wasn’t there with you.

I don’t know.

Why I couldn’t click with you.

Just our thoughts always ended in a different way.

You’ll always praised for my thinking and my words.

You liked my manners and etiquettes.

But, at the end of day.

We couldn’t connect.

I could make you laugh.


I could also make you stare in my eyes for quite long.

But, still we couldn’t stare at each other’s perspectives.

I know you liked me.

I thought you were good too.

But, how could I compromise with my values.

I know you did realise that I was right.

I thought rightly and deeply.

But, when time came for you to think deeply and practice it diligently.

You ran away.

And, how could I say.

That, I loved you.

When you ran away from those values that I valued the most.

Yes. I could have got a title.

That we’re couples.

But, how long?

How long are disagreements would surface and make us come in reality again.


Tell us on our face that we’re not made for each other.

How late it would be.

Yes, it’s tough for me to leave you.

Maybe I won’t have no one to talk and to go out with.

But, Is loneliness better or False love?

I know that you would remain single and do remember me for whom I was.

Maybe come into another relationship and still see how good I was.

But, it was never about who was superior.

Always about who could connect.

I thought after you.

That someone else would connect but the only thing connected was similarity between you and her.

I don’t know why I think like this.

Why I don’t compromise and stay happy with whatever I get.

But, why should I?

Maybe I would be happy.


Just if you could think the way I think, believe on what I believe and feel like I feel.

But, now.

I’m tired.

Having failed in so many unconnected relations.

I finally want to do something good with my life.


Yes. I will look for someone.

With whom I know how it feels to be connected.

Like Moon and Earth.

Always far but still connected through an invisible force.

The force that no human could ever reckon with


I don’t know if this makes sense or not.

But, this has been my life.

I have had many relationships.

But, always felt unconnected.

I don’t know who’s strange the world or me.

Image credits : other perspectives.

Parallel Reality.

In every other post I used to write without organising my thoughts and all.

Maybe then someone told me to write bit after thinking.

So. Yes, I think.

I should give importance to my writings now on.

It wouldn’t be an Extempore type thing from now on.

Phew. Quite a lot Justification.

Now, This topic is really close to my heart.

Just because I was researching for quite a long time.


This is one of the most significant studies in my personal renaissance.

Why I chose this topic?

Well. You just see. Where you are going to be now, this will certainly take you into a different world.

You will start questioning your beliefs and thinking.

Maybe I’m too confident about this.

Well, I am.

Now, let’s begin.

What really is parallel reality?

That’s a tough thing to tell.

But, how about a image.

First see it.

Well. I must remind you that I’m not going to take this post to some astronomical or universe thing.

I’m going to relate it hugely with human cognitive psychology.

Means how his mind interpret things and how his perceptions and imagination clouds reality.

Now, the image.

Did you see the lady here?

She’s dreaming.

And, in that dream she’s entering a different set of world.

I must say dreams are one of the most seductive things you’ll ever have.

And at the same time most fearful objects also.

Dreams happen in our sleep.


But, what about day dreaming.

Well this is where my blog post starts.

The imagination power of your brain is the way that you enter parallel reality.

This takes me to the real aspect.

How parallel reality is created?

To be honest.

It’s just practice.

When you start imagining things day and day out, you start associating yourself with it.

As days pass your association starts developing more and more.

With this your subconscious mind starts accepting this imagination to be your reality.

Now, this is tough to understand without examples.

Surely I will have few examples.

So, you’re browsing your favourite clothing brand online.

And. When you see a perfect dress.

You imagine that you’ll look nice.

You’ll look perfect.

Doesn’t that imagination happen?

Then at that moment you’re going to a parallel reality.

Why I say so?

Just because you’vent worn that dress neither you have seen it with your eyes in front of yourself but you still can percieve it in your imagination.

Isn’t it that thing going into different world and then wearing it dress.

Just because in reality your not wearing that dress.

And, when that dress comes you find not upto mark.

This is a daily life example.


Now, There are aspects related to this thing.

And, I would be as electic as possible.

We’ll walk down various paths and will see every thing which we daily do from an open and clear view.

So, let’s hope.

You don’t questioning your reality.

First, comes.


In this aspect, you should never make your career choice based on your imagination.

Just because it will ruin your life.

The more fantasies you have regarding a particular career the more likely you’re going to follow.

Have you read that story?

Where a bagpiper plays his pipe and all rats fall off the cliff just because they thought that music to be enticing.

Same happens regarding career.

You get so enticed with imagining yourself in that particular field that you completely miss yourself.

You forget what you like.

What you are good at.

And, start following a career just because imagination keeps you running on it.

The glamour of authority.

The smell of what things money can buy.


The fallacy that you would be happy after that dream come true.

On this course many students fail, many waste their years and then they realise that’s something they choose it wrongly.

But, it’s quite late.

Isn’t it?

Indian parents and students, I would say are perfect examples here.


Let’s move to Society and Relationships.

Our relationships and the society we live in.


We know that we’re imaginative.

But, don’t you think others are imaginative as well.

Maybe less or more than you.

So, how about their imagination affecting you?

I want to say that how about their parallel reality affecting your life.

Let’s take an example here as well.

An image I have.

(The girl who drew it is Nameera )

Now, I would like to interpret this image. (interpretation is mine 😅)

So, in this image you can see three different things of a single girl.

Initially the girl is getting abused or ridiculed by her parents.

This happens daily.

Her parents feed her with negative thoughts, affirmations and what not.

They abuse her, slap her.

Daily this happens.

But, why her parents do so?

Just because her parents are not satisfied with her.

She can’t keep up with their parallel reality.

The parents want her girl to be studious and smart.

They want her to be extroverted and talented like other girls.

But,she can’t fulfil any of their aspirations.

She can’t fulfil her parents dreams.

And. With this,

In the second side, when she is idle and reflects on it.

Her mind starts accepting all the abuses, all the negative things.

She starts accepting those things.

And, you can see how her brain dynamics change in the third side of image.

You can see how the colours of the brain has changed and how those things have become a burden.

Her heart is taken off and there’s a patch of emptiness there.

And, now her reality is nothing but her parents abuses.

Well, this image reminded me of my personal story.

Where I was ridiculed by my teachers and parents when I was really small.

I still remember those times, when I small boy was lost in thought and imagination.

Reflecting on various aspects of life except studying.

But, somehow I started to study and abuses started to end.

Still, critics are there, but I dont care now.

If I take this concept to Relationships then there’s also some friction.

Where one partner has different imagination and another partner has different thing on mind.

So, when these imaginations collide.

Relationship break.

Body – Shamming. Divorces. Domestic Violence are few examples I can reflect upon.

Well, here I would say how you overcome their’s imagination.

Just because they’re comparing you with an imaginative female body where everything is fine.

Where you have zero spots on face.

No hair on body.

Perfect figure.

Tall and sleek.

They create a parallel reality of women.


That parallel reality when stands face to face with Real reality.

Then you have abuses.

That’s what I can say.

Now, third aspect.

It’s that of Sexuality and Romance.

Now, the trouble is here.

I’ve been researching about Male Sexual Behavior for the last few days.


I came upto this thing.

What i observed that Tina when she’s on my retina she’s a normal woman, a woman who is human like I am, she has same skin as mine, she has same hair as mine but the moment she is away from retina and goes to my imagination she becomes something else, she becomes an object, something perfect, something enticing.

(this is a excerpt from a story)

Why this happens?

That’s the whole topic.

Parallel reality.

Our imaginations are deceptive.

They create a different version of everything.

That’s why I tell you all that never imagine people and associate themselves in that imagination.

You would create a different story out of it.

Objectification starts.

And, just see how companies earn money through your parallel reality.

But, even if I know that I’m imagining.

I find it addictive.

I find it seductive.


Dopamine is the answer.

It is called the pleasure chemical.

When you start taking pleasure in your imagination then this chemical starts to rise and you fall in the trap.

You start having fantasies which are so different and away from reality that.

There’s no away to get you back on track.

This pleasure chemical is what creates objectification and lust.

I don’t want to blame dopamine because it’s necessary, but the mind which pairs this chemical with body of a human.

Pornography is the perfect way of deluding you.

A 2 dimensional video makes this dopamine crazy.


These days Instagram and Facebook images have taken you to parallel reality as well.

Now, question here arises.

If imagination and its advancement to Parallel reality is that negative.

Is it bad to have imagination?

Absolutely not.

Imagination is something which brings creativity.

And creativity is that thing which differentiates between you and me.

Everyone is different in his/her imagination.

All these Movie directors, painters, poets are imaginative people.

It’s because of imagination only that you can forsee things.


What really should we do?

This is a great confusion.

Because imagination is necessary and but it creates a parallel reality which isn’t good.

I think imagination should always be kept under control of intellect.

Under always the influence of thinking.

The pros and cons.

I will show you how.

Whenever imagination comes think whether it leads to fantasies or fears.

If it leads then, stop there.

If you don’t stop you’ll enter a parallel reality which is really seductive and disrupting.

Why this contradiction?

Why reality and imagination.

Are poles apart.

See this photo.

Leandro da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Meditate her on smile.

She’s the western perspective of Yin and yang.

Her smile is seductive and compassionate at same time.

She bears hope and fear at same time.

That’s also reality.

Reality is nothing but present time.

And what adds dimension of time to it is your parallel reality.

Reality is nothing but ambiguity and uncertainty.

And what hope to your reality is not imagination but your work.

There is no dream which can satisfy you, there’s only work that can.

Yes. You use your imagination for your work.

Create mind maps, create graphs in your mind.

Calculate visually.

Remember visually.

Write poems.

Make stories and documentaries.

Yes, be creative.

But, don’t create fantasies and fears.

That’s what Parallel reality does.

It will entice you, keep you in suffering and misery.

The day you break it.

Then you really are free.


I Have a Questionnaire.

1)What are your fantasies (dark/light) ?

2)What are your fears?

3)Do you question your parallel reality ?

4)Have you noted your feelings when you imagine?

And last question.

5) In, which reality are you living? (Real/Parallel)

These questions are for reflection towards your life.

Think about them.

Image credits : Google Images.

Just adding a “Name” to it.


Good Morning to those who live in same time zone.

So, I had an incident to share.

Maybe why I thought of writing a post on it was just the commonality of it.



Once upon a time.

I and my friend had gone to some place and as we’re walking through the lush green roads.

She asked me a thing.

She said ” What’s our relationship like“?

I asked ” What do you mean”?

Now, what she said I got bit worried about her thinking.

She asked “what’s our status.

Are we friends or are we in love?

It’s just I don’t want to be confused.”


I was bit confused.

What type of question is that.

And, I found it to a very shallow thing to answer.

But, still I said.

Whatever we have done in the past, whatever talks we had and how much time we must have spent talking and moving around.

Will all these change.

If you add just a name to our relationship.

Will all the learnings.

Will all the deep conversations.

Will all these things change if I just change the status or name of our relationship.

Will saying that we’re friends or saying we’re in love.

Will things change?

And whatever between you and me is there will it also change.

Why are you adding a “tag” to something which is beyond our comprehension.

Then after all these philosophical words from my side.

She became silent.

I know I’ve made my point.

But, it was not about making a point or proving I’m wise.

It was just removing her from the shackles of doubt.

Where she can accept things as they are and let her flow through it, but not getting entangled in it.

Well then she accepted it.

And, I was happy.

The reason I wrote this post.

Will just adding a name to some relationship.

Will it change everything.


Do we really mean those things.


Does just adding a name to something makes it that.

There have been so many marriages and so many divorces with so many breakups and patch ups.

Even my relationship with this girl ended and today we’re totally away from each other.

Did you notice the unpredictability.

Did these change whatever thing you had with your partner.

So, tomorrow if I change my name to Alexander or To some god.

Will it change me completely?

Will it change my whole personality and whatever the characteristics I have since my birth.

Similarly adding names or tags to relationships only complicates them.

Whether you say you’re best friends, married or say you are girlfriend/boyfriend.

These things may sound good in ears.

But, they also depict out ignorance.

The reason because relationships or marriages are made in the deepest corners of universe.

No one knows what will happen next.

So, it’s better to accept whatever form of relationship we are in today without covering it with sheets of our ignorance.

And then you’ll find yourself more free.

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My Visionary Leader.

These days we have elections everywhere.

USA had Senate and Congress Mid-terms then we had Brazil elections and in 2019 we’ve Indian Elections.


We always get mesmerised with the fact that there are elections but we don’t know who’s gonna be our leader.

Have we ever had a vision about this?


A vision.

Something different.

That who should really win the elections.

Who should be my leader.

The man or woman who can really lead.

Not just lead elections. Okay.

Well, I have a dream.

That one day there will be a leader in our country who will bring India the greatest glory it has ever had.

Maybe a small paragraph describing him or her would certainly justify my vision.

I dream of a leader.

Who knows what’s right and what’s wrong even no body around him knows it.

A leader who could speak empathetically to the people even when there are no cameras.

I dream of leader.

Who doesn’t fear elections but fear the anguish in the eyes of the poorest of the poor and wicked smile in richest of the rich.

I see a leader who could talk intellectually with the intelligenstia and empathetically with the common man.

I also dream of a leader who would stop his motorcade when an ambulance passes by just because he knows that someone’s life is more important than his meeting.

There’s a leader who could handle variety of subjects from agriculture, internal security, diplomacy, economics and make everyone praise his vision for his country.

I see a leader who could travel standing in a public bus and sitting in his private jet without any difference.

I also see in him the charm and gentleman behavior that make world believe in love even more.

I could also see a leader who doesn’t hesitate to take right decisions if majority of the world feels its wrong.

A leader who does right with right people and right with wrong people as well.

I could see a leader who not only visits poor households when elections are near but also when he wants to really be with them.

Yes. I see that there’s a leader who would treat his country’s women like he treats his wife and mother.

A leader who knows about his country and people more than he knows about his insecurities.

I also dream of a leader who not only knows what ethics are but also follows it and set an example for his younger brother and sisters living in his country.

I also dream of a leader whose speeches hardly criticize his opposition but instead gives a hope and a dream to the common man of better India.


I also dream of a leader who believes that he’s an idea not a man, because he knows that a man can fail, caught, lost and killed but hundred years later an idea can still change the world.


Is that the leader you want?

If you do.

Then whereever he is and at whatever situation he is.

Always support him.


All women and LGBTQ people out there my posts are gender-free so you can change the gender as per your choice.

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Will you still?

Yesterday I watched Vanilla Sky.

It’s a really a mind boggling movie.

Psychological. Tragic. Love story. Dreams. Insecurity.

It’s really hard to predict the storyline at any point of time.

But, I liked the idea of the movie.

And I have combined that idea with my idea, so will probably show that through a poem here.


I will have this poem Gender-free.

Means anyone can realte to it.

I have lost my beautiful face, and its just scars and scars now.

The face which whole world would cling upon now its just synonymous to ugliness.

But, I ask you the question, My love.

Will you still love me?

Will you still kiss that face.

I have lost my arm’s and my leg bone.

I can’t walk properly, I limp every moment I walk.

The man whose walk made whole world jealous of the confidence, is now another, disabled guy.

But I ask you a question, my love.

Will you help me to walk, from bathroom to parks, from hospital to bed.

Will you?

Now, I have lost my intellect, I can’t think properly, I am not intelligent.

The moment when the world went awestruck with my ideas, now I can’t even remain sane.

World calls me Delusional.

But, my love, I’m still sane for you.

I can’t say any beautiful compliments neither I can Crack any joke.

But, I can still say, that I love you.

Even after all this

Will you still love me? ”

So, don’t you all think.

This is the limit and test of the purest love.

If someone stays with you even if all this has happened with you and he/, she still remains with you then that’s everything you’ve got.

There’s nothing in this world beautiful than that man or woman who stays with you even if after all this.

Then I can say, you’ve got True love.

Now, The other idea I want to talk about is.

The double face of the world.

Like, when you’re rich, handsome/beautiful and successful, then everyone wants to talk to you, be with you and maybe do everything with you.

But, suddenly when dices of destiny change and you become the person that’s stated in the poem, then everyone wants to avoid you, backbitch about you and laugh at you.

Don’t you think?

That it’s stupid to even trust such people.


Are they really worth your time and energy.

What i want to say is that.

Follow what you love.

And, choose somebody who is pure from heart, the person who knows what true love is.

And, What about the world where dubious and malicious people live.

I would say.

If the world is that dubious.

If they change that way.

Then just forget this world.


Even if you achieve anything in the world where such malicious people live.

Then certainly, that achievement is worth nothing.


This is my 100th post.

Do congratulate me. (😅😂)

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Why America needs India?

The West and The East.

Difference in everything.

But, as the mystics say Partnerships are made in heaven.

So, Do I.

Well. I could have said that India needs America.

But, No.

Mind you, India is not going to provide any material or militarily help.

Nor its going to be a place for so called American bases.


What India can give to America is.

It’s Ancient Knowledge.

It’s philosophy and psychology.

But, Why only America?

Well. America is leading the world in everything.

Whatever America does, world follows it.

Today its Denim Jackets, Iphone, Organic Food etc etc.

Tomorrow its something else.

But, yes like Whatever the big brother does the little brothers follow it.

Isn’t it?

But, I’m sorry to say.

The present situation is very different.

Today, the youth in America is indulging in so called liberalism.

Drugs. Alcohol. Gaming Addictions. Sexual Activities. Junk Food.


What is really happening?

You have individuals who are not really cared for, everyone is busy in desiring something.


That’s quite evident with the amount of psychological issues the people there have.

Shootings in School. Homicides. Early Divorces. Teen age pregnancies. Drug Addictions.

These all are psychological issues, nothing more.


What’s the cause of these issues?

Too much affection for Materialistic ideas and Individualistic Mindset.

Really, what I observed in even TV series and News and all. (maybe I know that they don’t depict reality, but still)

So, okay. Yeah.

We know what’s the problem with America.

But, How can India help?

Well. I said that Ancient Knowledge and Indian Philosophy will help.

Still, How?

Yoga. Vedanta. Upanishads.

Does it wring a bell?


But, I’m not talking about Yogic Poses.

Those postures .

I know that those seem to be quite glamorous.

Well. Yes. They are.

But, do most of you know, what yoga means?

I may get low statistics here.

Just because. The Americans really didn’t learned what yoga is.

They just got fascinated with Physical Yoga.

But, this physical yoga is just 20% of actual yoga.

Rest is mental.

So, if you’re doing just physical and leaving the mental behind.

Then you can be called a person who’s good in doing postures.

But, you won’t certainly be called a Yogi.

Yoga in actual means Union.

The Union of mind,Body, spirit.

It teaches about, how to handle your desires. Your thoughts. Your emotions.

To sum it up.

In actual it deals with your life and how can you be happy.


How you can be at peace?

Well. My this post is specifically for Americans.

So, Many years of every materialistic indulgence.

Are you at peace?


That’s why you turned up to India.

That’s why you come to India just to learn physical yoga.

But, that’s physical.

Why don’t you come for mental and physical yoga both ?

Okay. You don’t want to come.

But, internet.

You can search online.

Read. Read. And just think. Think why I’m not happy. Why I’m not content.

Raise Questions.


Yes. You’ll get all your answers in Indian philosophy.

Just type Vedanta or Bhagvad Gita or Yoga (your favourite one) on internet.

Okay. But,

Why I’m so concerned about America?

You know.

I’m concerned about the World.

If tomorrow America follows something really good.

If she becomes a storehouse of knowledge, Wisdom and Peace.


The World will follow it.

The Whole World will buy books, read about scriptures and become wise.

There will be so much good that can be done.


If one country follows it.

Today so many countries hate America because of its foreign policy, Trade policy and World Domination.

Middle East hates you.

Many Countries in Asia hates you.

Russia hates you. (that’s old one)

Europe has started to hate you (subconsciously :P)

You’re still living in Cold War era.

But, has it done anything good?

Countries have got destroyed in war.

Millions in hunger.

That’s not the way to lead the world.

Isn’t it?


The reason for all this is just because of American Citizens not doing what’s right.

If they had protested.

If they had selected leaders which have right policy and who are wise and caring.

Then these events would have never occurred.


Reason for this is your Ignorance.

For what the whole world suffers.

So, yes.

India is ready to give all her ancient knowledge and Wisdom.

So that you all become wise and take better decisions.


Are you willing to embrace it ?

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